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    posted a message on Best trolling moment?

    Here's one of my proudest, on these forums


    Worth the read. I lol'd even more at the mod comments. I got a 7 day ban for my first offense :3

    I troll


    all the time. Don't ever take pictures, though.

    And I troll 4chan frequently.

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    posted a message on I am going to watch this movie called "Paul"
    Quote from unkownfire27

    and this has wut to do wit minecraft?

    ****ing ****, I don't know why people think the Off Topic section involves Minecraft. Seriously, how the **** did you get here, anyway?
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    posted a message on The current protest in Israel! (HUGE!)
    Quote from IXIArblargIXI »

    There are far more things that could be changed due to protest rather than just removing Obabo for whatever reason you believe is necessary. Remember, Obabo is a representative, a mere puppet, compared to congress he really cannot do **** alone. It is within our constitutional right to peaceful protest, and standing in the way of members of congress' path of egress|Their cars for days should do it plenty fine. They don't leave until they actually do their ****ing job for once. The best thing would be to get all things such as police involved on the side of the protestors. The military would never fire upon their own people if they're not being violent. I'm sure there are also a lot of things that members of the armed forces would like to see in return for their services. Like actually getting what they were promised.

    Like those flying cars from WWII.
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    posted a message on Awkward
    Quote from indigo »

    I start petting my dong and keep my eyes on the dong.
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    posted a message on America vs Russia?
    Quote from Trexmaster

    America is a continent.
    Sheeesh! I guess New Zealand is in France, huh?


    Sadly, I vote with 'em yankees 'cause both eyes of the pyramids have their bases there.

    Tell me you aren't talking about that Illuminati ********...
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    posted a message on Your favorite survivalist?
    Quote from Mustaeki

    I like both shows but Les Stroud is a way smarter person. If you actually lived in a survival situation like Bear does, you'd be dead within the first day. He does extremely dangerous things, has a crew carry all his things and schedules helicopters to get him at the end.

    Now Stroud is just "Alright I'm going to go in the middle of nowhere for a week all by myself and not die"

    And that's the whole show.

    I remember, Bear drank his own ****. Now Les isn't stupid. He put **** into a cup, and put plastic wrap over it. It evaporated and he drank the condensation.

    What I'm saying is if I was with Les, we'd go hunt some animal and sit around at the campfire waiting for very talented search and rescue teams, while Les tells stories of his utter badassery and all the chicks he gets to **** because of his amazing survival skills.

    If I was with Bear, he would make me drink the moisture from elephant **** (Yes, he did this before)and run around for hours acting like I'm Ezio Auditore with nothing to drink, as a group of cameramen eat candy bars and drink CokaCola behind us.

    Pick your poison

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    posted a message on Germanic vs. Romance Languages
    Quote from The_Questioner

    I'd rather speak in the tongue of the people who built the original European empire rather then the people who destroyed it.

    Oh, and it makes you sound suave and educated, so that's always nice.

    And it gets bitches.

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    posted a message on Pride in your race/ethnicity/heritage/etc

    Why do people take pride in something as random as their ethnicity, or the place they were born? It doesn't make much sense to me.

    When people make comments like "Proud to be American," or "Black Pride," or "White Pride," I just don't understand why someone takes pride in something

    1) As random as their birth place or race, which they have no control over whatsoever.
    2) Taking pride in accomplishments they didn't help in the least. I applaud and definitely respect those who have done things like build countries, or help spread equality, but I don't feel any "prouder" than everyone else should about them. Just because they were the same race as me, or lived in the same state as me, I don't feel any reason to take pride in the fact that they DID live in the same area as me, or were the same color as me. I respect their accomplishments, not their similarities to me.

    I think the sooner people stop taking pride in pointless things, and building unnecessary social and racial barriers around things, the sooner we can all accomplish as humans, and not just accomplish as Americans, or blacks, or whites, or Hungarians, or whatever.

    If you have a different opinion on the matter, I'd love to hear it.
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    posted a message on Post your Picture
    Quote from Hutchens

    KK Slider is a pretty cool dude but Booker is so funny!!!

    There is nothing funny about the mentally challenged (unless they are falling down.)

    I can't believe the mayor hires such incompetent soldiers to patrol the gate. Hell, he even let me steal **** from the lost and found, the dopey idiot.

    The mayor is too lax on border-control. I voted for a re-election.
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    posted a message on Another FR---SATURDAY night

    Why do bitches cost so much money, bro?

    **** sucks.

    Don't have any money for booze.

    Don't have any money for weed.

    Don't have any money to take a girl out.

    Being broke sucks ****.

    I need a girl who'd rather sit around and watch TV than go out to a fancy restaurant every Friday.

    Brb, gonna go ask this Down-Syndrome chick out on a date.
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