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    This texture pack looks good, but are you sure you want to make another one? A resource pack takes A LOT of time (You should know it).
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    Hello! After almost one year i'm OFFICIALLY dropping this. It's a work nobody liked, and after some time, I didn't as well. Will I quit doing resource packs? No. I'm going to do a new resource pack called "Contempo", it looks great right now and it will feature this resource pack's UI. I hope you enjoy the new one and let this older die. Without further of do,


    Welcome to Vthebeast's Simple Pack! Below is the index to navigate through the post. So start discovering a new Minecraft experience through the thread and keep crafting!


    VTheBeast's Simple Pack is based on simplicity. You will experience Minecraft like you never expected. Future is based on simple, make your future in Minecraft the same way. Currently, the resource pack is on beta testing, so any issue let me know.


    Beta 5 (1.7.x)


    Beta 4 (1.7.x)

    Beta 3 (1.7.x)

    Beta 2 (1.7.x)

    Beta 1 (1.7.x)

    How to download:

    1- Download the file from MediaFire

    2-Unzip the file (Double click the file) and drag out the folder
    (win)/Put the folder apart (mac)

    3-Copy the folder or drag it to your resourcepacks folder (You
    can find it if you go to the Minecraft main menu, Options,
    Resource Packs and Open Resource Pack Folder)

    If this didn't help you should find some video tutorials of

    resource pack installation. (The unziping step must be done
    since the resource pack doesn't work if compressed)


    The structure of the pic below was made with ItsJustJumby's 3D Printer. Check him out: http://goo.gl/wRWupD



    Beta 1:

    -Changed Chest Layout

    -Changed all wool blocks

    Beta 2:

    -Changed main title background panorama

    -Changed buttons layout

    -Changed block selection layout

    -Changed grass block (Snowy/Normal)

    -Changed dirt block

    -Changed options background

    -Changed spruce and oak log block

    -Changed water

    -Changed achievement background

    -Changed lever

    -Changed mycelium block

    Beta 3:

    -Changed TNT block

    -Changed Flint and Steel

    -Changed Gold and Iron Ingot

    -Changed Diamond

    -Changed Sandstone (All types)

    -Changed Sand Block

    -Changed Iron, Gold and Diamond Block

    -Changed Tallgrass

    -Changed Oak, Birch, Jungle and Spruce sapling

    -Changed Stone block

    -Changed SoulSand block

    -Changed Sponge Block

    -Changed Snow block

    -Changed Stone Slab

    -Changed Torch

    -Changed Trapdoor

    -Changed Stone Brick (All types)

    -Changed Steve's Skin

    -Changed Oak and Birch Leaves (All types)

    Beta 4:

    -Changed pig, cow, chicken and zombie

    -Changed most of the paintings

    -Changed lava

    -Changed glass

    -Changed buckets

    Beta 5:

    Changed water (Again)
    Changed Resource Pack’s Name
    Changed netherrack
    Changed quartz ore
    Changed diamond sword, axe, shovel, hoe and pickaxe
    Changed iron, golden and diamond armor
    Changed survival inventory (Also survival inventory of creative mode)
    Changed obsidian
    Changed ghast
    Changed pumpkin and Jack o Lantern
    Changed Jungle and Birch Leaves and Log
    Changed boss life meter
    Changed EXP Meter
    Changed Vine
    Changed Nether Portal
    Changed nether brick
    Changed Crafting Table
    Changed Diamond horse armor
    Changed end sky
    Changed Enderman’s Eyes
    Changed Shadow and Vingette
    Changed Chest (Double and Single)
    Changed Minecraft title
    Changed Redstone, Gold, Lapis, Diamond, Emerald and Iron ores
    Changed Iron Bars
    Added Changelog to Resource Pack

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    I like it, it's simple and beautiful like iOS 7.
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