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    I wouldn't trust an Admin on a server I ran who spells "want" like that.
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    That's all up to your imagination. You could have the classic medieval city with a huge wall surrounding the central bustling area (includes residential districts, market and of course the head castle) while having parks, farms or suburbs outside of the walls. That's what I would do at least, if I was going for medieval.
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    posted a message on Villagers Despawning in SMP - Quick Question
    Villagers are friendly mobs (Being that they don't attack back even when provoked), and as far as I know do not despawn even if you're not in the area.

    However, even if you lock them away they can still be attacked through the walls by zombies if the walls are only one block thick, that could have been the problem. Otherwise, maybe they do despawn, but I never saw one despawn myself (I was once down to 2 villagers and took careful precautions on him but of course he ended up dying)
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    The earliest I can remember is punching a wolf because it was attacking a sheep I was attacking lol.

    Suddenly "ohshi-" 5 wolves and poof.
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    There are so many fabulous names for this. I can't think of any more that might be good, there's already too big a list; I wouldn't wanna impede on your choices :P

    The city is looking incredible though, I love it!
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