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    posted a message on Your top 5 of most hated misspells
    It's pronunciation, not pronounciation, dammit.
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    posted a message on Zomb-ECraft
    Server is not for faint-hearted. I'll give you a warning.

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    posted a message on What's your favorite mob in MineCraft?
    Congratulations! You are the 9,001th person to post a topic that is named "What's your favorite mob?"!

    No really, unoriginal much?

    OT: I like Enderdragons, they're pretty epic.
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    posted a message on [RP] Supernatural [Recruiting] - Serious RP
    Faint memories went through your head, unbeknownst what had happened to you. Your eyes opened slowly to see what had happened.

    In front of your eyes, a city. A city that is devastated, it seems. You are lying down at the centermost part of a road. But in the distance, you see a figure. You bawled, "What happened?". No answer. The dark, mysterious figure gradually disappeared in the mist. You decided to stand up and try to remember
    what has happened. And then, it hit you.

    The government has coincidentally released a chemical bomb actually made for soldiers for WWIII.

    The bomb exploded a monstrous radius and hit the city, New York city. Most of the civilians died, and a very, very few, well, became 'freaks'. You became one of them, unknowing how powerful your power is.

    You are Supernatural.

    Name: Your character's name. Full name please.

    Age: Your character's age. Between 14-40 please.

    Personality: What your character is feeling most of the time.

    Appearance: Describe your character. Make every single thing detailed. I highly suggest you put the brands of your shirt/pants/etc.

    Powers: Powers that your characters possesses. Look further below for the list of powers. ONLY 2 POWERS. [ Except for me. I will have 3-4. HURR HURR.]

    History: What happened to your character before the event? This needs to be detailed.

    Notes: Anything you would like to add?


    1. No overpowered actions.

    2. No swearing. [Words like damn, crap, etc. is allowed.]

    3. Romance is recommended, but do not go too far. We got children roleplaying, you know.

    4. Put the name of your favorite animal in the notes.

    5. In dialogue, put "Apostrophes" between your sentence.

    6. Changed my mind, put what musical instrument you best play in.

    7. Be nice to others. Well, except your enemies, but be nice to them in OOC.

    8. This isn't really a rule, but you can change the color of the questions in your app if you don't like green.

    You can only use your power 2 times a whole forum page.


    To move time so fast it stands still.

    Body Snatch:

    To take someone's mind and body that is weaker than yours.


    Ability to look 360 degrees, without having the creepy-whole-head-turn-around-like-an-owl thing.


    The ability to fly. Speed is like a hawk, by the way. No arm-flapping required.

    Ultimate Speed:

    The ability to move as fast as a fighter plane on maximum speed.


    The ability to persuade someone less smarter than you.

    Ultimate Strength:

    Ability to carry objects humans cannot carry. Maximum object you can carry is a medium-sized house.

    CTRL + Z:

    The ability to undo the action you have done. You can only undo the action you have done before the action you are doing now.


    The ability to have flamethrower hands. Human hands, but can shoot out flames.


    The ability to predict the NEXT action you/your enemy/etc. is going to do.

    Aquatic Power:

    Ability to use water-like powers. No giant floods and sinking ferries.


    Ability to morph into any animal. Only can morph into animals that are currently
    existing in the present days.


    Lucas McDowell [Vimerius]


    Ultimate Roleplayer Leader [Vimerius]

    Supernatural Moderator [N/A]

    Supernatural Acceptor [Vimerius]

    Supernatural Member [Vimerius]

    Forbidden [N/A]

    Example application

    Name: Lucas Justin McDowell

    Age: 22

    Personality: Lucas is looks on the bright side of things most of the time. He's a bit gullible but he's very trustworthy.

    Befriends people really easily and he is the one that you would want on your team. He also has a very good sense of humor.

    Appearance: Dark brown semi-mohawk hair. Bright-colored skin. Emerald green eyes and has a medium-long scar across his left eye.

    Wears a very-dark-grey hoodie and inside a dark-brown polo t-shirt. Wears a rubber lime green watch and wears baggy black jeans.

    Wears a mid-cut dark peacock blue Converse® skate shoes. Has a lime green and black sling bag.

    Powers: Hypertime, Flight, CTRL + Z

    History: Lucas was born in a rich family. His father always travels because of his work and his mother was an architect. His parents use all of their free time on him and his sister, so they were raised well. He was alot smarter than average and he studied to London. He was popular at school and respected but he just remained studying very hard.

    By the time he returned, both of his parents were murdered in cold blood. He was full of rage and he left home. His sister left him because of her job and Lucas was now living with his friends.

    When the Event occurred, he remembered nothing of his family. His grief was totally gone and he was in a happy state, despite the devastated city. Now he finds team-mates to survive with.

    Notes: I play the guitar. Woot.

    Have fun!
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    Don't use caps lock in your whole sentence. PLEASE. IT BURNS.

    • Wool Slabs
    • White Fine Marble Blocks
    • Carpets (Very thin wool blocks)
    • Doors that are colored from the made wood. (Birch-wood door, Jungle-wood door, etc.)
    • Different colored-icing cakes from the different dye.
    • More hues of wool

    I could name more.
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    posted a message on Cool usernames
    I suggest XxM3gaU1tim8Ki11a69Xx_.
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    posted a message on Anyone else tired of seeing stuff like this?
    I deactivated my Facebook because of this stuff.

    That's why I have so much free time.
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    posted a message on Most droll and stupid death you've had ingame?
    There was a time my 'shift' key wasn't working well all the time. I said, "Oh well, I don't really care." I went deep cave spelunking with my diamond kit and iron armor. The cave I saw was so huge, I can't explain how big it was. For me, it was like the top 10 biggest Minecraft caves of all time and I am playing Minecraft since Infdev.

    When I saw 2 diamonds near a lava pool, I immediately went there. There was water that was making me struggle to get to the diamonds. I currently had a stack of iron ore, 16 diamonds, a stack of redstone and more than two stacks of coal that time.

    At the perfect timing when I just finished mining the diamonds, MY SHIFT KEY WAS BROKEN AGAIN. The two seconds of me being dragged to lava was like hell. I was practically shouting "NOOO" while my character was getting dragged. To make matters worse, I pushed the W button the strongest I can when I skeleton shot me straight to the lava.

    I was crying inside and I deleted the world. And that's why there is no Survival world on my Minecraft client.

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    posted a message on The Story Of Minecraft
    Please put it in paragraphs.

    I can't read 1/9000 of it because of no paragraphs.
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    posted a message on If you were on an island...
    1. A dead horse to sleep inside of.
    2. 200 big jars with **** inside
    3. Bear Grylls Voice
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