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    posted a message on How To Fix Corrupt Chunks/Chunk Errors
    Well, you could hace just regenerated the chunks using MCEdit. That usually fix it.

    But if you don't want to do that, then, the only thing you have to do is to create a new world (with the same seed, if possible, to avoid biome problems), go to the folder of that new world, copy the "level.dat" file in there, and then paste that file in your corrupted world.
    Sure, you can do everything you said, too, but... isn't this easier and faster?
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    posted a message on undead dog?
    I read "undead fog" in the tittle, and I was like... "whaaaaaaaaat?"

    Then I read the rest of the post, and thought "wait, this doesn't make any sense!"
    And then I realized.

    Anyway, on topic now... are you COMPLETELY sure your dog was actually dead? Like... did you actually see the smoke?
    Because dogs have a tendency to "teleport" to random places, like to a cave, or to the top of a tree, or just somewhere where you can't see them.
    Maybe he was just somewhere, minding his own bussines, and, in the morning, decided to teleport back to you?

    That, or now you have a new undead buddy. Try cutting one of his limbs. If he gets a new one, then you have a vampire dog. If he does not, then you have a 3 legged zombie dog. In any case, your dog is now 200% cooler.
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    posted a message on Minecraft at School
    First thing, it is hard to sign anything, if you don't give us a link.

    Second thing... NO!
    I won't help you to get games in your school! That is not what you go to school for, and loosing time playing is definitely NOT going to help you at all, in any way, shape or form.
    So, why would I sign something that is going to hurt you in the future?
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    posted a message on can you help me ?
    First thing, buy the game. It is cheap, and amazing, and the developing tema sure deserves the money.

    Second thing, if you already have pirated Minecraft before, then you should know where to find a different version of that pirate version... right?

    And third, and most important thing... google is your best friend. We are not. Go ask him, instead of asking in the official forums how you can "steal" from them.
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    posted a message on Just lost all my trapped chests + contents
    As a side note, things like this (even if this one was probably just the OP's fault) is why I give the new updates a few weeks before updating.

    The second thing being, of course... 62 mods at this moment that are not yet updated to 1.5 :P

    But... yeah, in Minecraft, bugs happen. In a few minor updates things will get better.
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    posted a message on Have you ever wanted to increase max health?
    Wow... in a game like this one, where most of the good things come from the community, it is amazing how little people know about even the most famous things made by said community.

    There is a mod that does EXACTLY what you said in your first post. And it is a very, very well known mod.
    Anyway, here is the link, in case you (or anybody else) are interested
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    posted a message on Custom Crafting?
    There is already a mod that lets you create your own crafting recipes.
    It was one of the first things to be moded, like... 3 years ago.

    And I am sure a few more have been made over that time.
    Right now, we have the "custom recipes mod" (
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    posted a message on New way to make a SECRET DOOR!
    In case someon is really interested in secret doors, minecraftpg5 has A LOT of very cool designs. Lots of different redstone machines, too, but most of the videos he creates are about how to make secret rooms.
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    posted a message on Minecraft crashes due forge
    No no, NEI is not the problem. 1.4.5 is the NEI version, which happens to be the name of the version that works in MC 1.4.6. Actually, NEI 1.4.4 is the one that works with 1.4.6. It is unfortunate that the version of NEI and the version of MC are this close, because it creates a lot of confusion.

    The problem is not there. The problem is that Forge needs to download a few files from their site the first time you start MC, and sometimes, it fails to do so.
    If you download those files yourself (this, this, this, and this ) and you place them in the "lib" folder inside your ".minecraft" folder, you will fix the problem yourself. Or you could wait till forge is able to download the files itself, but you have to know that the process might take a very long time.
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    posted a message on So I just lost the only version of my lets play
    Well, maybe this panic attack has taught you something, and in the future, you will keep a personal back up of everything that you consider important.
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    posted a message on Water in the Nether WITHOUT mods
    Well, yeah, but if you are going to use an external program anyway, why not just use the cheating mode of NEI, and give you a water block?
    Way easier, and you can do it ingame.
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    posted a message on movement in flight mode PC
    Yes, there are a few flying mods. Take a look at the mod section.
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    posted a message on Trapdoor glitch
    This has been like that since trapdoors were introduced, actually :P

    I remember this happening in a world I made when I used Better than Wolves for the first time... and that was in early beta, I think, when wolves were introduced in the game, or soon after.

    Apparently, it is not important enough to be fixed, although everytime I try to make a street lamp of some sort, and I use trapdoors, this bug is VERY annoying...
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    posted a message on Can I run minecraft?
    Well, my sister has a vaio laptop too, about two years old, and with 4Gb of RAM, and she can run Minecraft with 60 mods installed (literally) and a 256 texture pack at 30 / 40 FPS.

    So I would guess that a similar but newer laptop would let you play just fine.
    Be sure to adjust your settings, though (both ingame and the laptop settings) since Minecraft can be a little "special" sometimes...
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    posted a message on Skeletons have had a huge buff!?
    Or you could try to... you know, NOT charge wildly versus an enemy using a ranged weapon, and instead, use your brain and tactics.

    You know, is not like you have to prepare a war meeting to decide how to kill a skelleton. Just use your own bow and/or wear some protection, and that's it, the skelleton won't stand a chance, even if he has company.

    And if for some reason you can't just kill the skelleton, (first nights, or not well equiped in that moment) just run away, and you will be safe. I know using RL examples in Minecraft is kind of stupid, but I am sure that if I had to fight an undead monster able to use ranged weapons IRL, my only chance of surviving would include a shameless run for my life...

    I like this buff. Mobs in Minecraft have become just something else to farm. A little more "danger" is always good. That is one of the good things in the good old alpha days. The night was really dangerous. Like... if you walked 10 blocks from your last torch, you would be dead in 5 seconds. And everything was darker too.

    I loved every single time I had to stay inside at night.
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