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    Quick info about me:

    Age: 41

    Gender: Male

    Platform: Nintendo Switch

    Playtime: 1-3 hours a night CST

    Looking for:

    1) multiplayer server (PVE) building and enjoying other peoples designs

    2) allows Red Stone, I don't necessarily need giant "hermitcraft farms" but mini farms to help with some of the ingredients and food

    Mainly looking for people to chat with and build with. It's interesting to build and practice alone but it gets boring when you can't share your builds with other people. Would love to also enjoy others builds while testing out new things, like redstone doors and mini farms.

    Switch Code : SW-2115-5992-7998

    Discord: SIkowanalize#7421

    Xbox: calivp

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    posted a message on (Closed, please refer to new thread.)

    Hi Maddie!

    My name is Viet and I’m a 40 male. I started when the Nintendo version started I really enjoy the technical aspect and redstoning but thinking of unique builds around the redstone has been exciting too. Outside of the game I have a gf so most weekends I probably won’t be on, but I do okay MC every night during the week after work. I played a bunch of games but was always awful at multiplayer PvP so I pretty much avoid it. I am looking for a server to join to do some grand builds but also to admire the creativity of others. Single player has a lot of freedom but it gets pretty boring. Let me know if there is any other information you need!

    my gamer tag is: calivp

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    posted a message on Pocket edition realm

    40, male would love to join.

    gamertag: calivp

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    posted a message on Looking for a Bedrock Realm to join

    Hey there,

    I am looking for a bedrock realm to join! I play on the switch and really enjoy the game. I started when the switch version of Minecraft came out, so I am a relative noob. But I have been messing around with Red stone and builds of varying size. The creativity is fun but it’s boring playing by yourself. I want to find a realm to ply on and build (no pvp). And also have a chance to enjoy other people’s builds. I got interested just watching what the hermits do in HC.

    a bit about me. I’m 40 and play each night after work and pretty laid back, hence the no pvp. I live in the US in central standard time. Again still a relative noob, so learning a lot but really enjoying the technical side but also love building.

    my gamer tag is: calivp

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