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    Hi :)

    I love minecraft, and you might say my life revolves around it. I have recently been brainstorming many creative and unique ideas for interesting minecraft mods, however I am not the best coder. Therefore I'm looking for someone who might be interested in making mods with me.

    My general ideas for mods are mods that adds something new and simple to the traditional gameplay experience, without being too interfering or imbalanced. They create a traditional minecraft game instance with something new and exciting.

    This is not a hired position, but a request for a partnership. All potential profits will be split exactly 50/50. My main responsibilities will be to create, design, market and look into healthy ways of monetization e.g. through youtube and eventually minecraft marketplace. Your main responsibilities will be to create the actual mods both for minecraft java and bedrock if possible. However, there is no hindrance for sharing the responsibilities in different ways as we see fit.

    If this seems interesting to you, feel free to send me a message. If you prefer chatting or calling, feel free to ask for my Discord in the message directly.

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