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    Quote from Zachd4321

    Age: 13

    IGN: Zachd4321

    Country: USA

    How long have you played minecraft?: About 2 years

    How long have you played Feed The Beast?: About a year

    What's your favorite part of minecraft?: Adventuring and Building

    Why do you want to join the server?: I have been looking for a mature whitelisted FTB server where I'm not so restricted with the things I can create

    Tell me about yourself: I'm just a guy looking to play some Minecraft with others :)

    Sorry, Declined.

    Quote from VickyVickerson

    Age: 23

    IGN: LadyVictorian

    Country: USA

    How long have you played minecraft?: Ha, 4 days, I'm pretty new to it and need some folks to take me under their wing.

    How long have you played Feed The Beast?: 3 days, was always a fan of Challenge Accepted on youtube and wanted to download FTB right after I got Minecraft for my birthday.

    What's your favorite part of minecraft?: Building, exploring, killing mobs, taming animals, crafting, just about everything you can do in FTB.

    Why do you want to join the server?: Looking to have adventures with others, learn from others, and put our heads together to build bigger and better things. Plus killing monsters alone at night is pretty freaky without someone to watch your back (has been sneak blown up by too many creepers already)

    Tell me about yourself: I'm a gamer and pretty much a fanatic, love horror survivals and finally decided to give Minecraft a go after seeing it played on Challenge Accepted. I have to say I am very impressed and loving the current texture pack I downloaded today. I'm generally very friendly and joke around a lot but most of I like getting right down and dirty and powering up my characters. I did a lot of MMO's in the past but have quick for the reasons of being overwhelmed by the amount of people online at a time. I like smaller communities where everyone knows everyone and their is less drama than the large guild and faction MMO's offer.

    Accepted but read my PM please.
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    hey guys, I just wanted to spread the word about my new creation, i made a way to have a railway so its mob proof for my nether rail system, now this doesn't sound to complicated, until you start with going up and down. BUT I solved this issue with some creative use of pistons, redstone, and detector rails!

    Check out my video on how to build it here:
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    • What is your in game name?: victorgoober
    • What is your real name? *: Victor Julin
    • How old are you? *: 15
    • Where are you from? *: Oklahoma, USA
    • How long do you play minecraft?: I've played since Alpha. I usually play 2-6 hours a day, sometimes more.
    • How would you describe your redstone knowledge? *: On a scale of 1 to 10 i'd say im a 7. I have made some redstone contraptions in the past, some alot more complicated then others. I really enjoy experimenting with redstone to make stuff work.
    • What skill are u good in? [eg: mining/building] *: I am good with building, ive been told by serveral people on numerous servers that i have a very good attention for detail in my builds, and I like making big towns/citys and overall just big projects.
    • Why do you think players should not grief or steal?: People shouldn't grief or steal because if you've ever been on the receving end of it, it plain sucks. When you grief someone your not only going to make them mad at you, but your also taking all their hard work and making it look like trash, which isn't cool at all.
    • Have you got a youtube channel? * : No.
    • Have you got some pictures of projects/works you did? * I don't take pictures often, i do have one of a build i did awhile back which was the first "big" building project i did, All the photo's of that finish build are here : http://s1187.photobu...2/victorgoober/
    • (yes i noticed the arm as it comes off of the main body is alittle thin, shortly after i took these photos i fixed that, i would upload updated photos but the map this was build on is long gone.
    • Who created the server?: Stabpoke on Aug. 22nd 2012
    • What do you think you can do for the server?: I think i can be a nice addition to the community because im a friendly person. I also think I could contribute to large builds on the server.
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