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    So I have recently got a Bukkit MC server.
    My one friend can get on it, and so can I.

    But 2 other friends can't. They don't have legit Minecraft accounts.
    I turned the online-mode to false, then they try to log in, and it doesn't work. They get the "cannot log in Bad login" error. So I went back to the properties folder , and it was changed back to true. I did this a few more times, and all times it switched back. I was positive I hit save. CTRL+S, saved manually, and even save as. It just keeps changing back, and I don't know what to do.
    Any help would be much appriciated! c:
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    posted a message on My friend's can't connect to my Hamachi Bukkit Server
    Yeah, the same thing with me. With mine, if I recall correctly, he just got a "cannot reach server" message.
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    Quote from fireeagle121

    I'm having this problem aswell. Have you tried port forwarding that helps in most cases. If anyone can answer this it would be great!

    I've tried port forwarding in the past, but I always got confused, and my friend even tried to help and it turned out I needed some kind of log-in that I nor my parents knew >.<
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    Hi guys. So, for the past.. maybe month, I've been hosting a server for my friends to play on. We all (2 of us. Then another friend joined. And another was about to before I closed my server to write this) decided to hop on and play it today, and at first it was fine.
    Then it got super laggy for my friends, not so much for me, but they could barely walk and such. I took the server down and restarted it a few times, and that did nothing. I took it down one last time, disabled something in the properties file (the snooper thing) after reading that it might help reduce lag, and put it up, and to no avail.

    All the other times I've played with them on the server, it's been fine.
    • Normally there's 3-4 people on at a time.
    • 3 of them have a cracked version of Minecraft so my server is in offline mode
    • The rest of us (3) have a paid for version
    • Yes, I said there's normally 3-4 people on, but said 6 people. 1 plays when he's bored. 1 has only played with us once.
    • There are no server mods. It's just vanilla Minecraft with the commands
    • There isn't a server texture pack
    • The only person who uses mods is me, and I've been using the same ones ever since the beginning of this server. (I use Rei's MiniMap, BackTools, CraftGuide, ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionsHUD, and StatusEffectsHUD)
    I checked the Hamachi of all the users on the server to see if there was a relayed tunnel, and there wasn't. All was fine.
    Any ideas of what I can do to fix this?

    Also. The server is running on Minecraft 1.5.2
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    Ok so i was trying to get onto my friends' server (Multiplayer) and it froze up so i exited out of the game. The i just went on my single-player game and it froze up again. then i couldn't get on it. So i deleted the BIN folder and replaced it with a backup i had (and still have) and now i log into the game and it goes the the Mojang screen then it doesnt respond and just closes out. What should I do!? I cant even find the un-install thing to re-download the Game!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP!!!
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