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    Quote from Jawiae»

    It's over a year, are there any news?

    Hey! Unfortunately I don't think anyone is continuing this pack. I'd love to but I don't think I'm both skilled enough or have enough dedication. I honestly shouldn't of tried in the first place. I have about 7 texture packs I started making and never finished so I guess that just kinda happened to then when I tried to continue it. I may one day mess around with it again, but today is not that day sadly.

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    Quote from ruyan»

    Is there any progress?

    I just released an update. Plan on working on it more.
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    Quote from mischajay»

    Hey, just wanted to say how thankful I am that someone is updating my absolute favorite texturepack! Keep us updated when you find the time to work on it again.

    Also, unfortunately I also have problems with getting Minecraft to recognice the resourcepack... can someone explain to me how to unpack the zip-file correctly?

    I just uploaded a fix that should make it work fine now. Currently all the MC Patcher data isn't working for 1.11 so I'll need to fix that. Other than that there's only about 60 textures that need to be made, which isn't really a lot. I plan working on this during the week and hopefully releasing a few textures in a new version this weekend.
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    Hey I'll fix the zipping problem today. I didn't zip it properly. I'm working on my own texture pack right not that's not released, but it's going slow and is similar to this one so I may merge my new textures into this one. I'll see what I can do :)

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    Quote from ruyan»

    Is there any progress?

    I haven't had time to work on it as I'm starting a different pack and I have other more important things to do. I could maybe work on it in the future.
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    posted a message on LAST DAYS-[A LOT+ downloads!] [Merry H.I.V.E.-fest!]

    For some reason only the download for the music is working. The other links for 1.10 are all broken. Actually 1.9 is broken too. Only 1.8 works.

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    Quote from JonnnLeee»

    Hi Vicarious129,

    I want to thank you for your efforts on this pack. It's so nice to be able to use it again after all this time.

    The zip file you are providing has the following issue: if you right click the folder that you want to zip, and select Compress (on a Mac) or Add to Archive (on Windows), then the zip file will contain a folder (named like the folder you're zipping), which in turn contains the pack.mcmeta file and all the rest.This "feature" has been part of many compression utilities (like WinZip, WinRAR and the Apple compression utility) for quite some time.

    Minecraft does not expect this superfluous level inside the zip file, and the resource pack does not even appear in the list.

    That means everyone that wants to use your pack currently needs to unzip it, which is cumbersome (provided they know the trick).

    The proper way to create the zip file is to select pack.mcmeta, pack.png and the assets folder, right click and select Compress (on a Mac) or Add to Archive (on Windows).

    Hope this helps. ;)

    I would be very grateful if you changed the sand texture so that it would not randomly rotate, by the way. The original texture was supposed to only tile, and it really looks awkward right now. That can be fixed using block metadata, if I'm not mistaken.

    Edit: Same for netherrack, too. :P

    Many thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the tips on compressing the files. I personally always unzip everything so I didn't know there was a difference and I thought that's how everyone does it. I haven't updated this pack in a long time because I'm waiting for my new computer I'm getting for Christmas.
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    This is my new version of an old texture pack I made called Quiet One. Since 2 years ago when I made the original pack my direction and inspiration has completely changed including the name. I decided to re name this pack to folk craft since I will be changing a lot of these textures and I will be making this pack a hybrid between 16x16 and 32x32 resolutions. My goal with this resource pack to to make a nice and warm feeling resource pack with a hint of darkness. I hope to actively update this pack at least once a week or sooner until it's complete. We'll see how well I can do that. I just made a

    completely new font for this pack and I like it so far.

    Download Here

    This pack is inspired a lot from Jolicraft and Goodmorning craft, which I suggest to look up if you don’t’ know them. It's also heavily inspired of of LOSM Craft too.

    I'm currently working on 1.7 before I start the newer versions.

    No one is allowed to use my textures in their packs without asking.
    You are allowed to use it in a youtube video, but it would be great if you could leave a link to this post or say the name.
    If you use it in an adventuremap link the download to this pack, but don't include it with the map file.

    Disclaimer: Before anyone flags this, all of the textures are my work. I know they are similar in color and looks to Jolicraft but if you were to compare them you would see they aren't the same. The water and lava are from Jolicraft and were credited and allowed to be used. Thanks.

    Link to PMC Post

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    Quote from TS19»

    I'm very excited about the potential of this rebirth. I downloaded the pack, and I have a couple of issues:

    1. The zip file is zipped up wrong. I had to extract the zip file and move the folder a layer up in order for Minecraft to recognize it.

    2. I'm using 1.10.02 and it's telling me that the resource pack is from an incompatible version of Minecraft.

    Thanks! I don't know what your problem is with the zip file, but it should be working fine. I'll look into it. Also it should work fine on 1.10. The textures are currently only semi updated for 1.8 though. I'll look and see if I'm having problems using the pack on 1.10. The next update I'm probably going to do though is fixing the colored parts of the potions so I'll look into the problems you're having then.
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    All ctm in this pack is now fixed! Please redownload for the ctm support.

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    I just figured out how to use CTM and I'm currently in the middle of getting all the original ctm working

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    Quote from Imonobor»

    It seems (atleast from the screenshots you have uploaded) that the pack's CTM isn't working. I haven't downloaded it yet to check ingame, but the CTM is a huge part of this pack and I'd suggest fixing it.

    I don't know how ctm works. There is a lot of it and it's all broken. I need someone who knows how to fix it to help me.

    Edit - I do have all of the ctm textures and they are in the files with the pack.

    Edit 2 - I have just fixed all the ctm after figuring out how it works by looking at other packs with ctm.

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    Everyone come here to see my new continuation of this pack http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/2711447-32x-derivation-rpg-reborn Jetstorm, Do I have your permission to use any of your textures?

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    Quote from RadioactivFly»

    I sure do hope this pack will indeed be continued. It is perhaps my favorite texture pack of all time, and I don't quite understand why this pack hasn't received the same continuation attention that packs like DokuCraft and John Smith have.

    Here's my upload of the pack http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/2711447-32x-derivation-rpg-reborn

    Everyone come here for an updated version of the pack! http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/2711447-32x-derivation-rpg-reborn

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    Levaunt's Derivation RPG is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

    Derivation RPG - Reborn is a community continuation of Levaunt's Derivation RPG pack. Permission to create this continuation thread is here.

    This is not a continuation of JetStorm's continuation.

    Currently all the mc patcher information seems to not be working on 1.11. I will work on fixing that, but there's only about 60 blocks not textured. I wont be able to perfectly match Levaunt's style, but I'll try to base them off previously existing textures so they will match.

    I am looking to continue this pack as a community and I currently have the pack updated for full 1.7.10 support other than horses and the ender dragon. I have also updated it to have a few 1.8 blocks that are listed below. I plan on updating this pack by each Minecraft update so I will be working on 1.8, then 1.9, then 1.10. If you would like to submit a texture that you'd like to add then send it to me at my email: [email protected] along with your forum link so I can credit you.

    Thank you Levaunt for creating this resource pack originally and letting other continue it.

    I just fixed all of the ctm textures in this pack. They all work now. Mcpatcher or Optifine are required to see the ctm textures.

    Update Log is at the bottom of the page.

    Current Version:

    Download Here

    Images: I will update these as soon as I have time to take pictures with the fixed CTM

    Latest Update:

    Fixed zipping problem.

    Previous Update:

    Fixed CTM support for the following blocks:






    Oak Wood Planks



    Birch Logs


    Lapis Lazuli Block


    Ornate Sandstone


    Tall Grass

    Dead Shrub

    Diamond Block



    Brown Mushroom

    Red Mushroom

    Gold Block

    Stone Slab



    Moss Stone

    Stone Pressure Plate

    Wood Pressure Plate

    Glowing Resdstone Ore

    Stone Button

    Sugar cane

    Oak Fence

    Soul Sand

    Stone Bricks

    Oak Gate


    Nether Brick Fence

    Redstone Lamp Turned Off

    Redstone Lamp Turned On

    Cobblestone Wall

    Moss Stone Wall

    Wood Button

    Gold Pressyre Plate

    Iron Pressure Plate

    Quartz Stairs

    Quartz Pillar











    Last Update:


    Daylight Detector: Turned Off
    Red Sandstone: Smooth, Rough, and Ornate
    Andesite: Smooth, Rough

    Diorite: Smooth, Rough

    Granite: Smooth Rough

    Flowing Water Animation
    Nether Portal Animation

    Thank you for coming down this far.

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