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Hey you! What are you looking for on this page? Ah right... Who am I...

You can still stop reading here, don't say that I didn't warn you!
Long story short, I don't think that it matters. It only matters what I do because knowing too much about one just makes it complicated. One thing maybe: If you like to contact me for whatever reason, I am from germany so if you can speak german, feel free to do it in german in case it's easier for you.

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So what am I doing?

I play Minecraft since beta 1.7.3 and I was really blown away by it. It was different than every other game that I had played before. I always tend to be creative and to be really ****ed off by every limitation that a game has and which hinders me on doing what I want to do. So Minecraft was like the THE perfect game for me.
It wasn't long though that the limitation of block types and the lack of being able to create actually useful contraptions prevented me from playing it. Until I found IC2 and that is where the story begins...

Until now I have not played Minecraft without mods anymore. It just doesn't work when I'm trying to find copper in my caves and the only thing there is is coal, iron and useless gold. How cruel.

It was around 1.2.5 when I actually got into modding the first time. You don't guess it: It was ModLoader. Shame on me. I actually learned java that way too. After a few bumps in the road and a little bit of messing around with all kinds of useless mod concepts I started my first big project: AgeCraft (RIP 2011). It was inspired by "better then wolves" (Is that mod still around? I kinda liked it back in the days) and totally over my abilities. But that's just how I do it: Starting new silly projects to drop them after a few months.

So the next one was ChemicalCraft (RIP 2012). You might be familiar with this idea: Everything in Minecraft should be made of molecules and all that... Was even worse than the first one but hey: Trial and error must work some day.

Then I didn't really play much Minecraft anymore. I was playing on a good tekkitlike server for quite long actually. (Hehe, ads, if you are german, you should defenetly check this one out if it is still around)
And after that the track wipes and is getting blurred. One of the main reason was that RedPower got abandoned and so I had no reason to keep playing Minecraft and I eventually discontinued every mod I was working on to create another project that blows the first away in terms of silliness and it's still alive (sorta): (I always would appreciate some help with this one really...)

Recently, things have changed: Eloraam shows signs of being alive and that made me hope again. And I started thinking about the ideas that I lost in the ether. So I began searching a little bit and I found this one: (That thread is by me but I don't lead it) ChemiCraft. It's dead now too. Bad influence I guess.

And of course, there is, what is most likely the reason for you reading this, BetterStorage! I will continue this mod until I decide to do otherwise. Feel free to help copygirl and me implementing new features, it is open source.

I recently started two new projects, one of them being vChat, a server-side chat mod and the other one is called "Integrated Circuits" and will be an addon for Project:RED that adds, well, integrated circuits, you guessed it.

Contact me:

I also play GW2 in my spare time (which means not really much lately and sadly) by the name of Shyir Nightfall. Go ahead and poke me if you find me around. Playing on RoS but that doesn't change much because of multiserver. I am always open for some dungeon/ fractal run.

I idle on #obsidian and #LadyDev, both on, I case there is something that you want to let me know.


That should be it,
Modding, Coding in general, Games, Some private stuff you don't need to know, EDM (xKito in particular).
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