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    I drove 14 hours for Minecon. If you want to do something, make it happen. No excuses.
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    Quote from I am Robo_Taco

    Willifolts: WOO RED SOX!

    capSAR273: Poor baby. Do you need a hug? Do you need a tissue for your sad tears? I know you are hoping people will feel bad for you. Many have beaten you to it posting their woes. And from what it sounds like, you would not go unless it was in NY anyway.

    I got tickets. And I am so happy. I can't wait! Are you happy for me? I am flying down because it is not near Boston. The two in my party and I were on our computers and one of us got in for tickets in the first queue. It was awesome! We were so happy and I was just beaming with joy. Does that make you feel better?

    What a jerk off. And a brony? I thought the general concept of bronies is that they weren't complete dnozzles like this...
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    Quote from sebastian404

    At MineCon 2012, there was definably more boys than girls, but I was quite surprised at how many females did show up, tho I really got the feeling there was more 'parents' than 'players'...

    I never really heard any kinda of problems between the gender divide, if you watch the Costume contest there seemed to be a lot more girls than boys taking part in that.

    The big surprise for me tho was I really got the feeling there was more 'parents' than 'players'. Or maybe just as someone at the older end of the Demographic I was just surprised at how many 'adults' had shown up, specialy when all the public servers I've been on seem to be full of 'kids'..

    Adults have access to "disposable income" on a much more frequent basis. Most adults look for private servers removed from the typical public nonsense I believe.
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    We run our own dedicated 16GB server, it has very small hiccups and little to no lag, even for our guys in Australia. I only tolerate the small little hiccups(End of Stream DC every rare once in a while) because the price is unbeatable and enables us to do multiple servers for our community. This whole community is funded solely by me, I have a full time job and I take this minecraft server on at my own cost. I do accept donations but the only reward for them is a very nice thank you, and maybe a building surprise/statue on the server. D

    Vanilla (Created Nov/2012)
    This server is our primary server. We run bukkit to help with server management and such, but the gameplay is still vanilla. We have a decent amount of members and are definitely interested in adding some from Europe region and Asia/Australia as well. We have a strong North American core of players but are willing to add more if we find the right people. Definitely have interest in people with some YouTube presence, really would like to start getting more videos of our server out there and this would be an added incentive to add you, but it is NOT a requirement. This server is built on huge projects and just really making epic farm systems. You can actually see some of it in these captures. Some of the images are actually out of date now and I will be updating soon, but our website has all the images on a slider as well. We also have a DynMap running on there as well. We are very proud of our work here and our end is a one of a kind signature piece. There is no creative mode here, pure survival.

    Short Video of our End

    Creative (Created May/2013)
    Here we run spigot and multiverse. Each member who needs to do building on this server is given a world of their own to work with. We have some really good creative builders which help get us ideas of what to build in our survival world. It is also highly useful for translating complex builds to the survival world as well.

    Hexxit (Created Sept/2013)
    SMP style play, more for a time buyer until 1.7 reset, but overall just a little more relaxed/fun way to play Minecraft without having to grind so much. I imagine more to come and hopefully some fun YT content!

    Future Servers
    We are looking to open another SMP server around September 7th. Right now the discussion is between Hexxit, FTB Unleashed, or Better Than Wolves. The race is really close between Hexxit and BTW, but the adventure options of Hexxit are really hard to deny and it seems our members are a bit more interested in that.

    1. No griefing or stealing. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.
    2. Pranking is permitted but lava and TNT are not okay. Obsidian can be used but only in sensible/sparing manners.
    3. If you Zisteaunian prank a player, and they request help cleaning up, you have to help with clean up.
    4. Must be able to follow directions and help with community projects. Here's the test: include bacon inside your additional information section. Extra points for making it look seemless.
    5. You must be willing to be an active player. I don't expect you to spend your life on the server, but there are expectations of some playtime/effort. I'm not interested in being a time nazi, but our community thrives by having active members.
    6. Must be able to use TeamSpeak/headset/mic. We require interview on this medium before accepting as a new member.
    Social Media:

    YouTube: VibeRaider
    Twitter: VibeRaider

    Reddit: VibeCraft
    Facebook: VibeCraft

    Application: (Currently Not Accepting Applications)
    These need to be filled out entirely, if you cannot fill this out, it will be pointless to submit.

    In Game Name:
    Location/Time Zone:
    Servers of Interest:
    Pictures of Builds:
    You do have a mic, right?:
    Additional Information:

    If we are interested in you then we will ask you to come on TS and talk to me. TS address: vibecraft.teamspeak3.com

    Thank you for taking the time to read everything!
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    Poaching off Max's MC Servers owners(like me).
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