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    posted a message on ◊ Endeavour ◊ [Relaxed Mature (18+)] [Vanilla Server] [Whitelist] [1.13.2]

    IGN: Quimito

    Your age (must be 18+): 18

    How long have you been playing Mimecraft? I don't remember what year it was, but I've been playing since beta 1.7 was out.

    Tell us why you would like to join Endeavour?I've wanted to join a friendly community server for some time now, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to start afresh with a new community :D

    What will you bring to the community? I can build decently and I love to hang out and help people in the game ^-^

    Have you ever been banned from a server? Nope

    Tell us about yourself? I'm an 18 year old Spanish guy. I study on mornings and work afternoon, so from monday to friday my time's pretty limited, but I atill try to squeeze in a few hours of games!

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    posted a message on ✨ AURORA 18+ Survival Multiplayer Server ✨ Whitelist - Community - Active Discord - 1.13.1 - Started August 8th 2018

    IGN: Quimito

    What You'd Like Us To Call You: "Quim" or "Quimito", whatever it's easier to you.

    Preffered Pronouns: He

    Age: 18

    Time Zone: CEST

    Do You Agree With The Rules?: Yes.

    Do You Participate in Voice Chat?: For sure, I have a strong Spanish accent though, but my English level is good!

    How Would You Describe Your MineCraft Play Style?: I mostly like to build. I can build pretty good stuff, mostly underground constructions, but I'm trying to expand my knowledge and always try new stuff. I like to chill with people and visit their builds as well.

    What's Your MineCraft Petpeeve?: If I had to choose one, I'd say the Wither Boss.

    Tell Us A Bit About Yourself: Hey! My name's Quim and I'm from Spain! I get on as much as I can in the little free time I have between monday and friday. Plans for weekend are usually playing games, so I expect to be more active those days :p`I've been looking for an active community for a while and found out about Aurora. I so want to start fresh and get to see other people builds!

    Anything Else?: My Discord Tag is Quimito#5540 .(I got so focused writing that my brain ommited this, but Let me in!)

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    So... I saw a certain someone's trailer for coming back to making youtube videos again, and SP03 was in the trailer. It must be coming real soon... The hype is Giganormous!!!

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