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    posted a message on [ADDED TO THE GAME]-Better design to the launcher
    Deonyi's launcher looks really good, it feels minecraft-ey, while being slick and simple. However, I feel that the tabs at the top are a bit too small for my liking, but no matter, it's just a small thing.
    (you see what i did there?)
    But anyway, support :)
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    posted a message on Collars - A Way Of Pacifying Hostile Mobs
    Quote from Hero_vader

    Enchanting the collar and equiping it to a mob, will give the mob the enchantment. Let's say you want a rocking chuck norris zombie, so you put power IV and punch IV Protection IV and Feather Falling IV on the collar and equip it. It's quite self explanatory.

    Support! But then again, we could just drop some armor for zombies & skellies, but spiders and stuff cant have armor so its a good idea. Also, does the collar count as an armor piece or is it different?
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    posted a message on Arkham 4
    Quote from Steeliosis

    I quite like the sound of Arkham Universe...makes the game sound kind of like a huge RPG world. A Batman RPG where you can play as any one of your favourite characters, or even design your own...imagine...

    Yeah, also, Arkham Universe had like 5 domain names linked to it.

    The same thing happened with Arkham City, they bought a bunch of names, and Arkham City was the most used one.

    Quote from Frog81

    Just going to throw it out there but the easter eggs and secrets in Arkham City (MASSIVESPOILERSAHEADSTOPREADINGNOWIFYOUHAVENOTFINISHEDIT) have basically confirmed that the main villains of the next non-prequel Arkham game will be either Harley Quinn (Plus possibly the baby confirmed by a pregnancy test found on the floor and the credits on New Game + having her sing an anti-batman version of "Hush Little Baby") and the Scarecrow (A whole lot of varied things on this one. Not going to explain them all.)

    Yeah, I didn't see what happened in Harley Quinn's revenge or any of the other DLC, but I saw the pregnancy test and heard Hush Little baby. I want to see Hush return, as well as the prophecy that Azrael was talking about (People have been saying that it's based on the Knightfall comic, but I haven't read that) Scarecrow had loads of stuff linking to him, so I think he's definitley going to be in the sequel.
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    posted a message on Arkham 4
    As you may have heard, Batman: Arkham Origins is being developed by WB Games. Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy (Joker and Batman) are not voice actors for the game, but Conroy said at Comicon or something that he was working on a new Arkham game. When Origins was announced, everybody thought that Origins was what Conroy was talking about, but he released a tweet saying that it was NOT ARKHAM ORIGINS, but another Arkham game.

    Earlier this year, a lot of domain names were registered by WB games that were related to Batman & Arkham. The names were:
    Arkham Universe
    Arkham Arises
    Arkham Begins
    Arkham Dark Knight
    Arkham (K)night
    Arkham Legend(s)
    Arkham Stories
    Dark Knight: Arkham

    So all of this has led to a lot of speculation from the Arkham Community. Personally, I like Arkham Arises and Arkham Legends the most out of the domain names, but thats just me.

    Twinkle twinkle little bat, watch me kill your favorite cat!
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    posted a message on What games have you completed in one day?
    Arkham Asylum (I started 8pm and finished 5pm the next day)
    Halo 4 Legendary (co-op)

    Kinect Adventures
    that was a joke
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    posted a message on /allowMovement-helping out our servers
    /effect @a 2 10 200

    In other words, give slowness effect to all players for ten seconds, with the amplifier of 200 (you cant move at all)
    If you want only certain people to get the effect, you could use scoreboards/teams or r=<number>

    I don't really support, as it is already possible in game. Sorry :(
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    posted a message on The next poster is ...

    Next poster hates house music.
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    posted a message on Watch_Dogs
    "Watch Dogs (stylised as WATCH_DOGS) is an upcoming open world action-adventure stealth video game, developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4,Wii U,Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Watch Dogs centers on the player's ability to hack into various electronic systems, either to obtain and control information or to destroy those devices completely at specific times."
    keeping it e-rated is pretty hard, excuse my weird choice of words, my vocabulary is explicit.

    Watch Dogs hasn't even been realeased and I'm asking for a mod of it? Yeah thats right. Deal with it. #yolo

    The main point of a Watch Dogs mod would be your cellphone, just as it is in the game. For the cellphones to even be useful, villages would need an upgrade. (Village < City). I'm not asking for high rise skyscrapers in a booming metropolis (although that would be nice), all that is needed is more houses per village, more villager inhabitants and maybe throw in some things from a server called Real Life. (server IP: localhost). These things from "Real Life" include criminals, law and order, civilians that don't give you a very rare gem for 3 fish, super soldiers, really smart guys that fly around in red and yellow suits, billionares that dress up like animals and save the world, you get the point. In the game, Without things like that, you'd be running around with your cellphone, doing nothing.

    The cellphone can turn out lights, short circuit redstone, open doors, you know, anything that has to do with redstone. Now, the only thing that you pretty much can do in SSP is blackout a village, right? WRONG. VILLAGE EXPANSION REMEMBER? The criminals and police force rely on REDSTONE (magicical red powder) to operate. Are the police closing in on your target or slowing you down? HACK THEIR COMMUNICATIONS. Criminal getting away? Why dont you use a CELLPHONE to hack their CELLPHONE so that they cant use their CELLPHONE to call another CELLPHONE to request help against the guy with a CELLPHONE (lots of cellphones)

    By now, you have probably seen that mail mod thats in like every FTB video. (if you don't know what FTB is, you've been living under a rock its a modpack that contains a bunch of cool mods, IC2 TC3 BC) The cellphone improves on that, without, you know, sending hot dates and puke [1] [2] [3] You can send texts (no calls, I dont want 8 year olds screaming in my ears) The cellphone would be way more useful in SMP because lots of people would be using redstone... (oh wait, just realized this could be a griefing tool. #swag)

    Nah, no baton or gun in this mod. plez eye beg yu, no bahtun or jun, plez. seriously, there are like a thousand weapon mods. Ahhhhhh I'll make a list of other stuff I'd like
    • No additional weapons (guns, batons)
    • Villagers go cray cray crazy when their lights go out (only at night time)
    • Criminals become more frequent and powerful at midnight
    • Criminals get guns, but no, you cant pick em up. Throw you phone at them, it hurts [4]
    • Villages get some new building types, idek.
    • No canine species included in this mod.
    And as always, please give me your feedback (make it sound like I'm in a microsoft voice [GIVE ME YOUR MONEY]) and as always, thanks for watching wasting a few minutes of your life tl;dr-ing reading

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    posted a message on The next poster is ...
    You got me there, im probably not though :33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

    Next poster has an electronic device.
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    posted a message on The Vending Machine
    out comes a mine turtle

    I put in a grPad
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    posted a message on The Nightmare World Dimension Mod Idea (Hiring Coders , Texturers , And Modelers
    IGN: VeteranCookie
    Specialty: Texture Artist or Primitive Modeler (I will only model if nobody else will because I am not skilled)
    Why I Want to Help: I've participated in the making of only one mod that actually made it into the community
    If I've Helped in Other Mods: Check out AssassinCraft by castielq or something. I was the old texture artist.
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    posted a message on Message bubbles
    Just add an option for "Chat Bubbles" in the chat settings page in options. Nobody is forced to use it, those who want it can have it, those who dont can just disable it. Maybe you could change the opacity in the options.
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    posted a message on I think Minecraft should bring back "Nightmares" (with a twist)
    I wasn't even aware nightmares were removed, because I mostly play creative, or when I do play survival, I really make sure that mobs cant get me because of nightmares. I personally thought that nightmares were a good addition to the game, because it punishes you for not setting up your bed properly. I thought it was better than the "You cannot sleep now because monsters are nearby" which is just like saying "You cant sleep now, because you'd get beaten up and killed because you put your bed in the open :/"
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    posted a message on Techne for Mac?
    Please don't make this a OS War. The rules specificaly prohibit it.
    But yes, there is MCModeler and Zeux is working on the browser version for Techne, which Mac users will be able to access.
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    posted a message on [Original] Listener Block / 653+ supporters!
    Support, could be useful for preventing swearing on family friendly servers, although some plugins do that.
    Quote from StrangeOne101

    This way you could have custom commands.

    This too. Great idea
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