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Outdated Signatures

March 2013 Edition

This one never made it to my signature. I made it in March as a project when almost all of my old links became discontinued. I kept adding to it and eventually finished it. I wasn't exactly happy with the outcome, so I scrapped it and around 3 months forward, I would make a new one.

2012 Edition

Just some info about the signature.

This was my first animated sig. I made it after the forums decided that you could only have one photo and link. I got the idea when I saw another user who had a similar type signature, going to his about me section which contained his links. (forgot the user's name, sorry!) It replaced my old signature of 5 pictures, I only remember three of them, "More Stairs", "Smile! Your on camera!" and, of course, "AssassinCraft". I thought it was a pretty good start into the basics of Photoshop animation Most of these links are to posts that have been discontinued. If you're a modder/texturer looking to pick up someones old and amazing work, here you go. In the 2012 Edition of my signature you can see that I failed to grasp the idea of "NO TRANSPERENCY" on gif files (seen in the MR.COOKIE> frame) I also did not understand the concept of looping smoothly. Meh.

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