About Me

Not really much to it, I am a full-time CAP2 associate at Walmart. I enjoy(or at least try to enjoy) video games. I've played minecraft on and off for about 8 years, starting with a little whitelisted server known as The Mirage, which has since been shut down, then moved over to a server that we called Atlas SMP, and now I play on a whitelisted server called Casual-Craft. It's been a fun journey. My main game right now is League of Legends, where I sit at hardstuck Plat.


- Video games

- Music

- Movies

- Netflix

- Animals

- Nudes

Location United States

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Minecraft VeryTechnical PSN JamesLemmerJr Steam VeryTechnical Twitch VeryTechnical

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Skype Don't have one anymore (Discord is VeryTechnical#0729)