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    I really like the idea of this, the only thing I would suggest is because you upped the drops a lot you might make the time between when you can bread animals longer, and also the time it takes them to grow up. Maybe 2 or even 3 x longer because your going to get 4-5x more drops from then any ways then it would be pretty well balanced.

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    Recommended Resource Packs.
    You can add them right in the Curse Launcher, then enable them in the game in listed order. These will give you an amazing sky box, some shader like shadowing, and a pretty complete looking texture pack.

    Dramatic Skys
    Pixel Reality - Luminance
    (Unity can be replaced with any other Texture Resource Pack, but it has some mod resources and blends well with every thing plus it looks pretty good)

    Also added to Op.
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    Quote from bloodyraoul»

    Thank you for new version, it works better, good job

    however, the paxel and other tools that can be in axe and pickaxe section still only work as axe and not as pickaxe

    also, it doesnt work with thaumcraft wands with excavation focus

    If you add
    to the list of picks wands will dig with a focus, only it will also make it so if you break a block with the wand in your hand by punching you do not take damage and the block breaks but nothing is dropped. And it will not work on logs, tho this could be fixed if adding things to both lists works in later visions. Note this is only tested in 1.7.10, the item name might have changed in 1.8. You would also have to add wands from other mods as well.

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    Is the camp fire only working while there is food in it to cook meant to make it so you can not use it as a permanent light, as long as you can keep fuel in it, light source? Or is it a bug? It really confused me at first I thought I had a bug were I could not light my camp fire because it wont light with out food in it. Kind of odd and not all that realistic tho.

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    A small request, could you make it so crafting your crafting table, triggers the achievement?

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    I love this mod, And the show xD

    For some reason when your mod is installed with Endercore it seems to stop being able to fire and change weapon modes.

    I also have a suggestion, Ruby often uses the Crescent Rose to launch her self, you could make it if you shift fire the Crescent Rose it fires backwards and launches you ahead. That would be amazing to fast attack some one. I guess you could just shoot them but if its some one in armor a single shot might not do it but a few smacks to the face after a blast style dash would be awesome xD

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    Ill see if I can figure out what is wrong.

    Hrm how odd XD Not even sure how you launched the game, There was a error in the pack. Try deleting PowerSuitsAddon.jar and relaunch.

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    The Lost Engineer

    See the end of the main post for tldr.

    Link to Perms. Note not all mods on list are used. All perms are gathered and listed!

    You are a simple Engineer. Today you have to go fix a power station out in the middle of nowhere. So you pack up your gear, pack a lunch and head out. As your driving you run into a HUGE storm. You are slipping and sliding all over the road and with a flash of lighting you crash into a tree. The next morning you wake up. But there is no car or road. Your lost and the world is not the same as it was before! The massive buildings of the present are gone. In there place are small villages full of strange people you do not understand and many enemies out to get you!

    Wake up in a world of magic. With nothing but a back pack of simple gear you must hide at first then fight and build to survive! Good luck! Build awesome machines, or delve deep into the magic of this new world.

    The Lost Engineer uses Immersive Engineering, Flaxbeard Steam Power, and Minefactory Reloaded to allow you to make awesome builds, how ever some normal mods like AE are left out to make automation a larger project. One of the main themes I wanted to base the pack around was multi block builds. You will notice that single block power gen is disabled in the pack. As well as some other things to add a little more difficulty. There are also magic mods such as Botania, Thaumcraft, and Witchery for those who like magic. Thaumcraft also has a lot of add-ons! Thirst is also a part of the pack. All the drinks from Jaffas and more will give you thirst! How ever you will need a Juicer to get most of them, so you might want to start with water. You will also find a lot of other mods to make the game even more fun! Note: the pack is made to run with the RWG World Type!

    Good luck and enjoy! If you like the pack please let me know in this forum!

    Known Bugs and Fixes
    Please Report all bugs here! I will check them out, see if its my fault or a mod bug then fix it if I can or repost the bug in the right places!

    Jaffa Counter Tops will cause a crash if you put a powered Jaffa Machine on top while there is power in the counter.
    Fix - Put the Machine on first then give the counter power.


    Download can be found here, through the Technic Launcher. Please leave a like if you enjoy the pack!
    The Lost Engineer
    Click! xD
    TL DR
    Hunger and thirst challenges. Like Spice of Life and animals needing feed.
    RWG world type.
    Harder automation tell pretty late game.
    Multi block power and ore double only.
    Lots of mobs. Good and Bad.
    Start with gear but harder gear progression.
    Fancy stone and ore gen.
    Fishing with seeds.
    Lots of magic. Thaumcraft, witchery, flower magic, ect.
    Defenses like turrets.
    Explore and Loot dungeons.
    Ride Chocobos.
    Twilight Forest.
    Multi block teck. Immersive Engineering and Flaxbeard Steam.
    Auto farming.
    Big Reactors.
    and MOREEEE!
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    Is it possible to make other blocks, such as the Cray Fish Furniture Mod Fridge act like Esky or Freeze?

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    Quote from DEATH8888»

    hey is there any way with other mods to become completely immune to the sun, i even accept one that takes killing 20 withers

    You can use Sync to ether have a clone that you then cure of vampire or have a clone you then turn into a vampire, then you can have one normal clone and one vampire and switch between. Just make sure you make back ups or your clones so you don't die and loss one. Also note that a new clone is what ever you are the first time you take control of it, ie if your a vampire when you take control of that clone it will be the vampire as well.

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