Interests Well, I'm an avid musician for starters. I thoroughly enjoy composing/writing my own songs, however I myself also play a large variety of instruments ranging from the piano to the Euphonium. Obviously in addition to these I absolutely love listening to music, particularly of the Classical and Rock Genres. Another thing I like to delve a little into is world affairs and a little bit of politics. I won't bother to speak with you in matters regarding Republicans and Democrats, but if you want to widen your spectrum we'll have a fine debate. I suppose the only interest that makes me like the lot is well... Minecraft! I love gaming in general, and I've always loved it. The idea of entering a whole new world has always been fascinating to me. As such, sandbox games have always been very appealing to me. I stumbled upon Minecraft a few years back, in the beta days. I played and played, until eventually I grew bored of it. However, in this hiatus away from Minecraft I did obtain quite a few skills, such as the ability to read and create basic code, the ability to compose, and much more! I'm now back with my new-found skills to see what I can do for the Minecraft community!

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Minecraft CoherentBass Xbox Dburch111

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Skype Jigglypuff the MeeM