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Hello. My name is Topaz Quartz. I was born in Turkey, Istanbul at the year of 2002. Yes I know my 8WAYRUN profile says 1998 as I have known to message Byros about mistyping of 1998 as 2002. It was Venom who did it I have figured. Anyway. My true name was Yavuz Ege Şensoylar but was changed to Topaz M. Quartz at 2009 by my own request. My interest in computers have arrived at 2005 when I was 3, My brother was using a vintage Vestel with Windows XP on it. When I, knowing how to write and read, started tinkering with it, my love for computers have begun! When I was around 5 or 6, I have started to play video games and strangely... I've learned English! Yup! After 7 years, My English knowledge was rated "Native Speaker" by the Istanbul Technical University. Anyway, Another thing I have is my love for Music and Coding. They both stroked me in 2010 when I was introduced to a piano. My sister was a Maestro at the time ans she showed both Me and my sister how to play it. My sister didn't liked it but I was in love with the idea of the music from that day. In 2015 I have started coding, but my interest like I said, started at 2010. I just chickened out every time I tried to code.

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