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    posted a message on Since Oct 2011 - EU & US - 100% Uptime - Free trial - SSD! - Free Multicraft Control Panel - Starting at $3.29 - Bukkit & MC - F

    Quote from bwcf99

    really great service, fast support replies and no lag and no downtime! really great service!

    Quote from Thecoolman1199

    I have a server there ! Awsome Things. Nice Support. Eazy to Mange your server. Lot of slots for the money. If you need help just call the support they are verry nice and help you ! I really like Veloxservers and i am 13 and have a server for 15 players ! Every thing start here www.veloxservers.com :rolleyes:

    Quote from WizardInABox

    The server I had for a month ran great! It was virtually lag-free although I still never got to try out those new SSD's. You should all consider VeloxServers as your minecraft host.

    Quote from UnholyZephyr

    I've been searching around for a perfect host and I gotta tell you VeloxServers is the BEST host around. There's rarely any lag, good FTP, add plugins with a click, and rollback your server in an instant. I'm not typing a good report JUST so I can win a month of hosting, I'm serious. Best host I've ever used. I'll be using VeloxServers for a long, long time.

    -Anne Madden

    Quote from shabooma

    -Great Service! I've been using Velox for about a month now, and all my support questions have been answered quickly (under 24hr).
    -Am currently only using their smallest server size, yet haven't experienced any lag, even while using TnT
    -Pretty efficient control panel

    Definatly planing to upgrade within a week or two!

    Quote from mass12power12

    I decided to rent a server yesterday, and i went with veloxservers because they looked like they had an easy to use controlpanel and still gave me the ability to control the server and form it after my liking.
    After sending my order i received my confirmation email and login information right away. I was able to log on to the control panel instantly and find the IP for the minecraft server, which was already up and running. I joined the server and took a look around the world i spawned in, i seemed to have no lag at all even spawning 100s of chickens the server didn't seem to stress the slightest, the same goes for TNT.
    Later i logged on to the veloxserver test server, as i had it added from earlier so i could try it before buying. One of the staff members at veloxservers came on to the test server, and we talked a little, very nice and helpful staff.

    On the server i rented:
    Lag has been = 0
    Support has been = great!
    Easy to use = yes very :biggrin.gif:

    If you're looking to rent a server i recommend you consider veloxserver, their servers are awesome! :laugh.gif:
    Here's my rating: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:


    Quote from smashervt

    Best hosting service ever. The help is awesome. He helps with every problem! I have been using this host for a while and may i say this is the best one out there! I really enjoy the fact that the price is great! All other sites charge like $10 for 1gb of ram and thats probably not the dedicated. The server never lags and 100% uptime! btw
    Visit my server to see how awesome it is.(servers in beta mode btw)


    BTW they are the same one some people prefer the other one.

    Quote from JCGrant

    Velox Servers are a pleasure to work with. They respond to live chat requests extremely fast and are extremely polite and helpful. Despite only having two people in company, they are more helpful than some other companies with much larger teams.

    Thanks Velox!

    Quote from BigKyle

    I won't lie i was a little hesitant at first because the prices where the lowest i have seen! But i took the gamble, and i couldn't be any more happy with them.

    They are great! quick to reply back despite I'm in USA and they are in Europe. They seamlessly updated my server to 1.0 the day it came out! and then again for me after i screwed something up :sad.gif:

    you can't be the prices, there is no lag in my server, it's never down, everything exceeds my expectations 100%
    I would defiantly recommend Velox!


    Quote from sazezal

    I have to say, VeloxServers are amazing!
    Not only are they ridiculously cheap, but their staff are unimaginably helpful.
    When i bought it, the server was up, but i had a few problems, so i contacted them and within minutes they got straigh back to me to help me multiple times :biggrin.gif: They even went ingame to fix some of my issues.
    Definitely the best MC server out there!


    Quote from itskempy

    Service: Excellent
    Lag: 0 on the USA servers the best ever. But on the EU 1% tiny lag but not that bad.
    Location: USA
    Price: The price is good for what you get and is set at a reasonable price for what you want.

    I would 100% Recommend this hoster to anyone I have had the best experience with them and and there support is outstanding and they are there for you when you have any problems and they will try there best to get the problem fixed.

    I had one problem but it was fixed within my request.

    I say come and support theses guys on there hosting.

    Oh and there prices there are just the right prices set to your needs.

    Quote from EliTeCC4

    Omg VeloxServers are beast! Right when i pressed the paid button I got the email to my cp info. Right away i was into this 100% no lag server in less then 2 mins. This is just amazing. And for the price of this. Just wow, Im so amazed. Thanks!! (:

    Quote from sMog.

    I have server from there ! No problems at all (was some sort but not host problems) support is BEST!. Really i get support really fast. No if they put MultiCraft it makes it mutch better. Prices is too cheap and now even 50% down ?

    What are u waiting for go and get YOUR server :smile.gif:
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    Tyler knows his stuff. Best of luck with your sales.
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    I know I am bumping an old post, and this issue might of been already resolved, but for the ones who still have this problem and are using Linux:

    If you are using Linux, go inside the world folder, open terminal and type:
    chmod 777 session.lock
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