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    Glad to see the clouds are back by default now. I'm one of the few that actually would manually place them back each update.

    Quote from Koolwitak
    To anyone who uses my texture pack, I appologize for being gone for such a long time. I was very busy over the past two months and had to take a break from minecraft for a while. I should be able to continue updating from now on. Thank you all for your patience.

    So, how far are you in Skyrim? :wink.gif:
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    Quote from MrQuizzles


    Memory leaks! He's got memory leaks! Memory leaks can only, only, only be caused by bad programming. He is putting stuff into memory without ever releasing it. He apparently can't perform proper memory management within his program. This is pretty basic stuff. It shouldn't happen.

    Yeah, that too. If someone can seriously tell me how any of these 1.6 "updates" are actually better than 1.5_01's stability, I'd love to hear it.
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    Can't we just ban/lock topics of those whining about the apparent whiners such as you're doing by making this thread? No, I don't believe in forum intervention just because someone doesn't like something else. Like I just said, this thread is no better than the ones it is criticizing.
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    Quote from Rowsdower

    Thanks for comparing your oranges to my apples.

    You can call an orange an apple, but he still compared your apple to his apple.

    Quote from Rowsdower
    See, now you guys are bringing up something completely different. This went from, "hurp durrr now it take too long 4 me to climb from my mine 2 da surface" to, "Every water ladder is a marvel of minecraft engineering that was only used to make magnificant contraptions and NOBODY ever just copy-pasted the same water-ladder design from a youtube tutorial".

    ********. Anyone can make a ladder, and yeah they are painfully boring and slow. Not only did making a water elevator take more time, it did take some understanding of how to build one. You actually had to think about how things worked. Compared to a regular ladder, which is just clicking your way up to place them, the water elevators were a godsend. And don't try telling me you can create an amusement park using ladders.

    Quote from Rowsdower
    It's not like i hated water ladders. I built one myself a few times actually, but I saw this fix coming a long way off so it just baffles me that you guys were all completely caught off guard by 1.6's fix to an obvious bug in boat behavior. If anything, the minecart boosting fix should have tipped you off that the days of the water ladder were numbered.

    Well, I kind of always thought it made sense. Go hold a balloon underwater and see how fast it shoots up. Maybe a wooden boat shouldn't have that kind of buoyancy, but then again, no one plays minecraft wanting the next havok physics engine. Not to mention, no would suffered from the glitch existing.

    Quote from WardenWolf

    What about this coaster I built that no longer works?

    just use a powered minecart an stop complaining

    No, but seriously, that is exactly what I'm talking about!


    Quote from iteration2

    If everything that can be done has already been imagined and intended by the devs, then there is no longer anything special or creative about Minecraft, and just because some people are content to build castles and ladders doesn't mean it's best for the continued appeal of the game that those of us who have set our sights a little higher be senselessly limited.

    Really, it's going to come to the point where mods will become a necessity, all just to do what we were doing to begin with. This 1.6 is indeed a redflag. I really wish at times he would have simply added on to Infiniminer, which is open source. Oh wait, he wouldn't have had full control and all his money if he went open source, my bad.
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