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    MapWriter Mod

    this is the continued version of mapwriter. oldThread


    In game mini map mode (circular map mode enabled in map GUI -> options menu)

    In game full screen GUI.

    Zooming out to see the world.

    The new newmarker dialog and the markerlist.

    Inworld markers with colored beam

    • In game mini-map for multiplayer and singleplayer.
    • Client side (server does not need to have the mod installed).
    • The areas you explore are saved and can be viewed by scrolling or zooming the map, even when you are in a completely different part of the world.
    • Full screen map GUI. Set waypoints by right clicking, pan map by click dragging, zoom with the mouse wheel.
    • Rotating circular mini map mode. Can be enabled in the options GUI.
    • Colours for blocks automatically generated from the block's texture.
    • Support for custom texture packs.
    • Support for blocks added by mods.
    • Biomes now coloured appropriately.
    • Entire map can be written to a PNG image.
    • When in the Nether the mini map shows your effective location in the Overworld. This makes placing portals easier.
    • Underground map mode (vastly improved in 2.0.14).
    • All block colours configurable
    • Inworld marker beam + label (can be disabled in config Default is off)

    If you can't resist walking to every corner of the world in games for no other purpose than filling your map, then this is the mod for you.
    It functions like the maps in many RPG's, not only showing your immediate surroundings, but also everywhere you've been before.

    Another feature is that once you are done exploring for the day you can press 'm' then 'p' to create a PNG image of everywhere you have explored!


    Source Code (GitHub)


      • The 'MapWriter-.jar' goes into the mods folder at:'%APPDATA%\.minecraft\mods
      • Forge is required. Download Forge from minecraftforge.

    In Game Key Bindings:

    • 'n' toggles mini-map between normal mode, large mode, and hidden.
    • 'm' opens/closes the interactive map GUI.
    • ',' toggles which marker group is shown.
    • '.' teleports to nearest visible marker in the direction you are facing.
    • 'page up' zooms out.
    • 'page down' zooms in.
    • 'u' toggles underground mode.

    In game key bindings can be changed via the normal Minecraft controls menu:

    Press Escape -> Options... -> Controls...

    Map GUI Key Bindings:

    • 'M' opens/closes the interactive map GUI.
    • 'Spacebar' cycles through marker groups.
    • 'Delete' deletes the selected marker.
    • 'Home' centers map on the player.
    • 'End' centers the map on the selected marker.
    • 'N' selects next marker in current group.
    • 'C' changes colour of the selected marker.
    • 'P' write currently displayed area of map to PNG.
    • 'T' teleport to selected marker or to cursor position.
    • 'L' opens the marker list.
    • 'R' regenerates the currently displayed area of the map. Use after changing texture packs.
    • 'Page up' zooms out.
    • 'Page down' zooms in.
    • Left click dragging the map pans the view.
    • Mouse wheel zooms the map view.
    • Right clicking the map sets a new marker.
    • Right clicking the selected marker opens the edit marker screen.
    • Left clicking a marker selects it.
    • Left click dragging a selected marker moves it.
    • Mouse wheel on the selected marker cycles the marker colour.
    • Arrow keys pan the map.
    • Left clicking marker in the marker list selects the marker
    • right clicking marker in the marker list opens the edit screen for that marker
    • double clicking a marker in the marker list centers the map on that marker

    Configuration file options:

    Settings can be changed from ingame.

    in the main menu > Mods > Select Mapwriter > config

    ingame fullsceen map > options (not all options are availible here)

    Information on files created and used:

    As you explore your world MapWriter will write PNG images for each region to:

    For singleplayer and multiplayer worlds respectively.

    MapWriter will also save the chunk data in standard Anvil format to:

    MapWriter stores map configuration options in the file:

    Markers are stored in the 'mapwriter.cfg' file in the world directory of each world:

    If you have a large number of markers to copy/convert it's probably
    easiest to edit the config files rather than editing the markers in

    Customizing Block Colours:

    You can customize the colour displayed on the map for each block ID by adding an override entry in the MapWriterBlockColourOverrides.txt configuration file.

    This file is found at (on Windows):

    There will be lines like:

    block minecraft:yellow_flower * 60ffff00    # make dandelions more yellow
    block minecraft:red_flower 0 60ff0000 # make poppy more red
    blocktype minecraft:grass * grass # grass block
    blocktype minecraft:water * water # still water block

    Lines beginning with "block" set the colour of a block. The second field
    is the block name (normaly: modname:blockname) best way to get the names is to let mapwriter generate the block colours for you, the third the metadata value, and the fourth the
    colour code in hex (ARGB format).

    The wildcard "*" can be used for metadata fields to specify all possible meta values for a block ID.

    Lines beginning with "blocktype" configure how a block is shaded.
    Each biome has a separate shading colour for grass, foliage, and water.
    Setting the block type makes MapWriter use that shading colour in addition to the texture colour when rendering the block.

    Another blocktype is "leaves" which forces the block to be opaque. If
    this is not set for leaf blocks then trees look weird and flattened.

    There are example block colour overrides for some popular mods already
    in the override file, but if you do add more then please post the
    changes here and I will add them to the standard release.




    • Update to minecraft 1.8.9
    • Fixed NPE when connecting to realms, only 1 realm can have a map becouse it's imposible for me to know what realm you are connected to.
    • Fixed bug that cordinates didnt stay in position under minimap.
    • Added Chinese languadge, translation by Muink.
    • Added accepted minecraft version.
    • Fixed bug that settings didnt generate with default value.
    • Fix for markers not reloading properly when loading world.
    • Allow all unicode letters in marker names (makes it posible to use accented letters or non latin letters)


    • Update to minecraft 1.8.8



    • Fixed bug that cordinates didnt stay in position under minimap.
    • Added Chinese languadge, translation by Muink.
    • Added accepted minecraft version.
    • Fixed bug that settings didnt generate with default value.
    • Fix for markers not reloading properly when loading world.
    • Allow all unicode letters in marker names (makes it posible to use accented letters or non latin letters)


    • Forge version check suport.
    • Save markers after edit, add or delete.
    • Fixed bug that marker groups kept special characters.
    • Stop saving tileentities, this only gives errors and bugs and isnt realy needed.
    • Fixes to localization.
    • Added option to show current biome under the minimap.
    • Dont do anything with blocks that have a rendertype of -1 (blocks that cant be seen in the world).
    • Added version number to blockcolour files. will regenerate a new one if mapwriter is updated


    • Do a force reload of the blockcolours when skip first texture pass is enabled in forge.


    • Added inworld marker, label is visable from all distances, beam only from renderdistance.
    • Options to disable the ingame markers. different options to disable the beam, the label and the distance to marker
    • updated the savechunk task and the updatechunk task to have less task run in the background by just updating the data in the current task


    • added a marker list in the fullscreen map
    • if you type "L" you get a list with all the markers in the curently selected group.
      left click on the marker in the list selects the marker
      right click on the marker in the list opens the gui to edit the marker
      double click on a marker in the list centers the map on the marker.
    • on the newmarkergui (can be enabled in the options) there is a color selector for the marker color.
    • you can scroll tru the pre difined colors by clicking on the outer arrows.
      you can also insert a RGB color.
    • i added suport for version-checker-auto-update-mods-and-clean
    • if version checker is not installed a label will be added on the fullscreen map if there is a new version availible.


    • bugfixes
    • made pieces of code more generic
    • refactoring


    • switch to block names instead of id's


    • bugfixes


    • fix lots of rendering bugs
    • added option for a more realistic mapview


    • bug/crash fixing
    • refactoring
    • moved the config handeling to the build in forge one


    • Updated to 1.8



    • updated the NEK api. should fix the gui looping


    • added curseforge publishing to my script
    • Bug/crash fixing


    • Bug/crash fixing
    • readded localization files


    • Bug/crash fixing


    • Bug/crash fixing


    • Bug/crash fixing


    • Bug/crash fixing


    • Added suport for forgeMultiPart and carpenter Blocks
    • made the world saving the same as minecraft
    • Added pullrequest #30 for a new newmarker dialog
    • Added twothe fix for marker names
    • only reload the texture pack when it actually changes
    • Added Noth enough keys suport
    • and alot of bugfixing


    • Update to 1.7.10

    Pre 1.7.10

    2.1.2 - 2.1.10

    • various bugfixes


    • Allow waypoint names to have spaces and other special characters (all characters except ":").
    • If the teleportCommand in the MapWriter.cfg is set to "warp" teleporting to a waypoint will run the command "/warp " rather than "/warp ".
    • Hide waypoints set in a different dimension.
    • Fix grey rectangles on nether map (caused by mushrooms growing above the ceiling bedrock!)
    • Changing the dimension in the full screen GUI now causes the minimap to also display that dimension.
    • Fix the overlays not working with the circular map mode.
    • Fix mini map disappearing when chat is opened (jk-5).
    • Slime chunk overlay now uses the "/seed" command to determine world seed (jk-5).


    • Support for Minecraft 1.7.2 (thanks jk-5!).


    • Added underground mode message under mini map when in underground mode.
    • Back to the basic black border textures.


    • Added minimap textures by LoneStar144.
    • Fixed flickering block bug.
    • Fixed blocks above 127 being rendered incorrectly.
    • Port number in world name option should now work (not tested).


    • Support for textures (borders, arrows, and background)
    • Fix underground map mode crash in The End dimension (thanks to tterrag1098)
    • Fix RuntimeException in BlockColourGen when used in combination with some mods


    • Improved underground map mode, smoother updating, shading for
    • regions too far below position, circular update area around player.
    • Added key bind for underground mode ("U" by default).
    • Added
    • config file options regionFileOutputEnabledSP and
      regionFileOutputEnabledMP for disabling region file (MCA file) output in
      single player and multiplayer respectively.


    • Fixed greyed chunks in the nether (and maybe in overworld as well?)
    • Fixed help message overflowing width


    • Merged ProfMobius's overlay API.
    • Fixed extra utilities compatibility issue (thanks to taelnia).
    • Added north arrow.
    • Smaller coords font size (configurable in GUI->options menu).
    • Started
    • working on a replacement underground map (very buggy at the moment).
      Can be accessed by pressing 'u' in the map GUI. Only visible when zoomed
    • Region files are now only used for regenerating the map.


    • Death markers now work again (thanks to Christian Ehrhardt for the code).
    • Added GUI option to configure max number of death markers (0-10).
    • Death markers are now named the date that you died (e.g. 20130926_0956 for 26/09/2013 09:56).


    • Fixed zoom level changing when entering/leaving Nether dimension.
    • Now the zoom level will only change autmatically when you switch
      dimensions in the full screen mode.
    • Made the map snap to the nearest pixel to prevent blurring.
    • Added an option in the GUI to disable snapping to nearest pixel.
    • Fixed map position option not changing underground map position.


    • Added a configurable max chunk draw distance to limit the area
    • around the player that is mapped. Can be changed through the Map GUI
      -> Options menu.
    • Added options in the Map GUI -> Options
    • Menu for configuring the map size and screen position. Now you don't
      have to edit the config file to move the map to a different corner.
    • Fixed crash with Torch Levers mod (hopefully, haven't tested yet).
    • Fixed freeze map colours button not regenerating block colours when required.


    • Add support to 'freeze' the current map colours, so that you can change texture packs without the map colours changing.
    • Fix the 'r' key for regenerating regions in the map GUI not working properly.
    • Fix region file bug that caused non-empty sectors to be overwritten.


    • Fixed dimensions other than overworld not being displayed.
    • Fixed scaling problem with the large circular map mode.
    • Changed the way chunks are loaded, hopefully it is more efficient.


    • Support for Minecraft 1.6.2
    • Added in game hot key for creating a marker (defaults to 'Insert').
    • Restructured region code and added custom region file read/write implementation.
    • Changed the location mapwriter saves marker configuration and explored map data for single player worlds.
    • Map now tries to match the map view size in blocks to the map size in pixels.
    • Added dimension field to markers.
    • Disabled teleporting to markers that were set in another dimension.


    • Fixed disabling maps in the config file.
    • Fixed current map mode not being saved.
    • Fixed texture scaling mode not being saved.
    • Right clicking the player in the map GUI now creates a marker at the players exact location.


    • Added an options GUI for configuring the map.
    • Made it possible to change the map texture size at runtime.
    • Added trail markers that show the path you have traveled in the last few minutes. Can be enabled in the new options GUI.
    • Attempt
    • at fixing conflict with shader mods. It appears that some shader mods
      expect GL depth testing to be enabled and don't enable it themselves, so
      now it is enabled after the map is rendered. Also changed the circular
      map stenciling code to not wipe the depth buffer every frame.


    • Added rotating circular map mode. Press '2' in the Map GUI to activate.
    • Fixed PNG "area too large" errors.


    • Fixed chunks on borders of regions not updating.
    • Fixed map regeneration not working.


    • Fixed coordinate display (was broken in 2.0).
    • Improved region management code.
    • Fixed empty regions being loaded continuously.
    • Regions
    • now use SoftReferences for pixel data, so that loaded regions are kept
      in memory until the Java garbage collector closes them. This means that
      regions will be loaded from disk less often, and also reduce the risk of
      running out of memory for large texture sizes.


    • Support for more zoom out levels ("zoomOutLevels" in config file).
    • Support for increased map resolution ("maxTextureSize" in config file).
    • Major code restructure and clean up.
    • Regions and map texture now updated from background thread.
    • Changed overlay size and position configuration options.
    • Buffer for terrain texture now dynamically allocated.


    • Fixed biome shading problem for biomes with ID greater than 127.
    • The last teleport height entered is now used as the default height for future teleports.
    • Removed blockalpha config file section, and added the 'opaque' block type instead.
    • Added block type entries for some Biomes O Plenty block ID's to improve how leaves and foliage appear on the map.


    • Updated for 1.5.2.
    • Stopped using OpenGL FBO's for colour generation and zoom level scaling.
    • Removed block generation exceptions.
    • Added "teleportCommand" config option.


    • Updated for 1.5.1
    • Started modifying code in preparation for moving everything but rendering to background thread


    • Map now generated directly from Anvil region files. Base level PNG images no longer needed. Images still used for zoom levels.
    • Added code for chunk NBT decoding/encoding.
    • Added map regeneration key.
    • Added
    • configurable block types so Biome colouring can be performed without
      using Minecraft code. This is so that the map can be generated from
      chunks not loaded into the world.
    • Fixed coord display using incorrect texture.
    • Fixed chunks not saving on exit.


    • Fixed bug causing mini map to become tiny.


    • Changed block colour generation and zoom level code to use drawing methods from Minecraft's Tesselator class.
    • Made zoom level change when you switch between nether and overworld to match the scaling factor.


    • Added square brackets around dimension selection box.
    • Added group selection box in map GUI.


    • Preliminary support for dimensions other than the overworld. Only tested with the Nether at this stage.
    • Changed chunksPerTick default from 1 to 3.
    • Added debugging info for block colour generation.
    • Regression: Death markers no longer work. Need to find a different way to capture entity death events that works in multiplayer.
    • Unfixed: Different overworld dimensions on multiverse servers write to the same map.


    • Support for Minecraft 1.5.
    • Changed from coremod to mod. Chunks now polled constantly rather than using a bytecode injection to hook the chunk fill method.
    • Block colours now automatically generated from in game texture.
    • Biome colouring.
    • Improved region loading and rendering (regions now copied to large wrapped texture).
    • Map now refreshes periodically and tries to detect modified blocks.
    • Unfixed: Different overworld dimensions on multiverse servers write to the same map.


    • Fixed crash on zoom level recreation due to concurrent file IO in different threads.
    • Fixed crash upon selecting delete world after a death in hardcore mode.
    • Mouseover box in GUI now scales with marker name length.
    • Added help description for Page Up and Page Down keys.
    • Right clicking a non selected marker now no longer creates a new marker on top of the old marker.
    • Fixed large map borders not being configurable.
    • Unfixed: Different overworld dimensions on multiverse servers write to the same map.


    • Increased zoom out distance by 16 times. This required adding 4
    • levels of scaled images for each world. The scaled images should be
      generated automatically upon login.
    • Z key in Map GUI now forces recreation of scaled images.
    • Map size now scales directly with the screen resolution.
    • Modified the code to support viewing the map in a rectangular window.
    • Made the map GUI display a full screen map.
    • Implemented
    • better marker direction calculations when markers are outside of the
      map area. They should no longer group so tightly in corners.
    • Home key now centres map on player, end key centres on selected marker.
    • Added help messages for the new key binds.
    • Made waypoints larger by default in the large and full screen map modes.
    • Added border to small and large map modes.
    • Added 'all' marker group which displays all markers.
    • Death marker system changed, now only the 3 most recent deaths are marked.
    • All waypoints are now stored in the world directory. The main configuration file only configures map options now.
    • Added separate configuration options for large and small map modes.
    • Marker size and player arrow size can now be configured.
    • Map borders can be configured or disabled.
    • Any or all of the small, large and underground map modes can be disabled in the config file.
    • Removed creative mode check on teleport.
    • Zoom level no longer shared between GUI and mini map.
    • Unfixed: Different overworld dimensions on multiverse servers write to the same map.
    • Unfixed: Null pointer exception on hardcore death when the player chooses to delete the world.


    • Added interactive map GUI for marker management.
    • Added configuration options for mini map size and position.
    • Removed all chat commands (superseded by map GUI).


    • Added /mwmerge and /mwmergearea commands.


    • Images are now saved to the Minecraft saves directory rather than
    • the 'mapwriter' folder in the executable directory. Users will need to
      move images they want to keep to the new folder.
    • Multiplayer worlds are now saved to 'saves\mapwriter_mp_worlds\'.
    • World
    • names are now stripped of invalid characters to prevent mapwriter
      saving to e.g. '..\..\..\Windows' or similar. Users may need to manually
      rename their world folders.
    • Restructured code to prevent some null pointer exceptions when components don't load in the expected sequence.
    • Added death markers.
    • Added black border around all markers to increase visibility.
    • Added '/mwdelgroup' command.
    • Made Glowstone and Giant Mushroom blocks show up on the map.


    • Fixed map panning increment not scaling with zoom level.
    • Zooming while map is panned now zooms to the centre of the view rather than to the top left corner.
    • Fixed teleporting to waypoints created in the Overworld when the player is in the Nether.
    • Fixed null pointer exception when the player is disconnected before the login packet is processed.


    • Added key binds for zooming the map.
    • Fixed an issue causing
    • the map to flicker when used in combination with the Seasons mod. The GL
      colour was not being reset by mapwriter before drawing.


    • Added configurable block colours in the '.minecraft\config\MapWriter.cfg' file.


    • Fixed array out of bounds exception when switching to underground view mode in a map with extended block ID's.


    • Added confirmation messages for commands and better error output.
    • Updated class transformer for 1.4.6 obfuscation.
    • Fixed '/mwcolor' command not working.


    • Restructured class transformation code to allow for bytecode insertion into multiple base classes.
    • Added chat commands.
    • Markers now stored in a Forge configuration file rather than in markers.txt.
    • Markers now have a settable name and group.
    • Changed key functionality (comma changes marker group, period teleports).


    • Single player worlds are now saved in directories with the correct world name, rather than using the default 'sp_world'.
    • Image
    • naming convention changed to match the Anvil region name convention, so
      '2.1.png' is the image for region 'r.2.1.mca'. Previously '2.1.png'
      would have been named '1024.512.png'.
    • Mod can now be tested with
    • the 'startclient.bat' script in MCP. Previously it would not work due
      to the ASM class transformer only working with obfuscated code.
    • Commented some debugging lines that I accidentally left in 1.1.


    • Converted mod to use the Forge API


    • Daveyliam The original author of this mod
    • Chrixian for the code to get death markers working.
    • ProfMobius for the overlay API.
    • taelnia for extrautils compatibility patch.
    • Ebayle for a lot of helpful suggestions early on in development.
    • LoneStar144 for minimap arrow and border textures.

    AnvilMapper Tool

    i'm not updating this (yet?)

    Both MapWriter and AnvilMapper are open-source. Use the code from each
    in your own mods indiscriminately. You may also redistribute either in
    your own Mod Packs. I don't care about credit

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    Quote from AU518987077»

    i do not wish to impose but has mapwriter fallen by the wayside as of late? or is it still being worked on but this author or another?

    i'm still working on it, actually i'm doing a full rewrite atm but its a bit hard with my daytime job,
    Quote from LanosoGaming»

    I think this map writer is in the CosmicPvP modpack. I go to the hub while going to the server which is the same as the spawn coordinants. I am trying to map out the warzone, but now the hub is in the map so i cant finish it. How do i only use the map from the world im actually playing in?

    there is no way to diferentiate in multiverse servers (that i know of) so as far as the client knows you didnt change worlds and it will just map out every thing it sees
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    New version for 1.8 is out.

    added inworld markers with config to disable/enable them -> off by default

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    Quote from prendolin»

    Can I get a hell yeah? I like your thinking. However, it may be confusing to those on mutliplayer relying on beacons to find their mining spots(just as an example. If a server has a resource world it's not unlikely that people will throw down temporary buffs to speed up mining). It's a good idea for SP, I think that it may be good to have a simpler, less intrusive visual (Like a dot-thing that can be seen through blocks? Even just the text would be good) as an option. I would definitely want the beacon-esque option for single player to mark major landmarks.

    it's all optional, you can disable the beacon, the text note and the distance in the general options.
    and the color of the beacon beam is the same as the marker color to keep them apart
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    what do you guys think of this as a addition?


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    Quote from ItsOntvlambaar»

    I'm experiencing some issues while using Mapwriter and shadersmod together.

    The Shadermod and optifine work fine together, but when I add Mapwriter 1.0-2.2.9 (Beta version), my dialog gets flooded with "OpenGL error 1281: Invalid Value".

    I tried different versions of Mapwriter and the shadersmod together, but this keeps happening. Is this error something on my end? I only seem to get it when using Mapwriter and Shadersmod together, when using them separately they work just fine.

    I'm on Minecraft 1.8, using Forge version

    Mods used are:

    • Shadersmod v2.4.12
    • Optifine 1.8.0 HD_U_D5
    • DamageIndicators 3.3.3
    • BetterFoliage 1.1.7
    • CodeChickenCore
    • CustomBackgrounds 1.0
    • CustomMainMenu 1.8
    • DurabilityShow 2.0
    • FullScreenWindowed 1.2.2
    • InvTweaks 1.59
    • ItemPhysic Lite 1.1.3
    • Mapwriter 2.2.9
    • MusicChoices 1.2
    • PlayerAPI 1.8-1.5
    • Resourceloader
    • Screenshots Enhanced 1.0.0
    • SmartRender 1.8-2.1
    • Soundfilters-0.8

    i't might be that something doesnt work nice with shadersmod, will see if i can reproduce this weekend.

    (as a side node, didnt optifine get shader suport in the latest version?)
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    Quote from GamerCorey7»

    Thats the version I was using and thats when i got the 4120 tasks

    that shouldnt be posible....

    did you change the amounth of chuncks per tick in the config by any chance? (default should be 5)

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    Quote from GamerCorey7»

    [14:50:13] [Client thread/INFO]: Client settings have been reset.
    [14:50:13] [Client thread/INFO]: Mw.close: closing...
    [14:50:13] [Client thread/INFO]: waiting for 4120 tasks to finish...
    [14:50:24] [Client thread/INFO]: done

    that are a lot of tasks to finish....
    i uploaded a beta version (2.2.9-Beta) to curse a few days ago, with a new way of handling the background task. try this version and see if it fixes your problem.
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    Quote from GamerCorey7»

    If you could instruct me on where to look for the tasks I can do that. I checked .minecraft logs and didnt see anything about it.

    Edit: This is my log output. The memory leak happens at the end of the log. I alt f4'd as soon as the memory leak accored. http://pastebin.com/ULBih00e

    i mean if you exit the world normaly tru the menu. then there should be some thing like this in the log/console:

    [21:06:22] [Client thread/INFO] [MapWriter/]: Mw.close: closing...
    [21:06:22] [Client thread/INFO] [MapWriter/]: waiting for 206 tasks to finish...

    it might be helpfull to have the console open when your playing, this will also show you have there are ticking problems/lag.

    if you're using the minecraft launcher then there is a setting to always show the console when playing.

    third party launchers normaly always show the console.

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    I updated 1.7.10 version.


    • updated the NEK api. should fix the gui looping
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