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    Hi guys, Vechs here! I started making custom stuff for Minecraft back in 2010, and the Super Hostile series is my best-known contribution to Minecraft fans everywhere!

    The main objective of my maps (aka custom Minecraft worlds) is to find and complete the Victory Monument. This is a structure with slots on it for blocks. To win a Super Hostile map, you must place each of the requested blocks in the appropriate slot on the Victory Monument. There are 16 colors of wool blocks to find, and also in older maps, the 3 material blocks, of iron, gold, and diamond.

    CTM stands for Complete the Monument, which is the genre my Super Hostile series created. Unlike Adventure maps, which typically have very rigid rules and restrictions, CTM maps are about playing Minecraft in a mostly normal fashion, but with a goal to work towards.

    For the most part, Super Hostile is like playing Minecraft normally, but it's more difficult and you have a long-term goal to work towards. Also you may find yourself in some unusual terrain. Oh, and the map is designed to kill you, so keep that in mind.

    Going forward, Super Hostile maps made after 2020 now also require a custom modpack, which can be found here:


    Currently Under Construction:

    Super Hostile: Vexelvania (working title)

    Latest Release:

    Super Hostile: Spellbound Caves II



    The new official home of Super Hostile is here! Download the maps at:



    Support Super Hostile directly here!


    And lastly, here is a bunch of legal stuff. The short version is: feel free to make videos about my maps, watching people play helps me make better maps; please don't rip-off my work and claim it as your own; and please don't upload my work to other websites.

    Users are free (and encouraged) to create videos of the MAPS and share the videos online, using websites such as YouTube. Users are also free to include advertisements and monetize their videos of my maps. Watching people play my maps is by far the best way for me to learn how to make better maps. If you have made video's or LP's (Let's Play series) of my maps, then thank you very much!


    MAP (MAPS, plural) - Data that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove game content.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - , Original author(s) of the MAP. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MAP despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the map, person installing the map.


    Use of these MAPS to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    These MAPS may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of these MAPS must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of these MAPS (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    These MAPS are provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of these MAPS require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.

    "Super Hostile", "Victory Monument", "Super Docile", "Hostile Trails", the "Vechs'" brand and "Race for Wool" are Trademarked ™(2011) by the author. The MAPS herein and the character "Vechs" are Copyright ?(2011) and are the intellectual property of the author (Vechs)

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    Quote from Seven71
    It looks like this build by the way, but this one is even better

    That's not a build, that's just the far lands, which is a land generation glitch or phenomena caused because of the limitations of computer memory.
    You're posting in a thread where a map author has made a custom world for Minecraft.
    Quote from mowse98»

    ... and welcome to MInecraft mapping! I hope you have fun with the work-- and it is a lot of work!
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    Super Hostile Videos and LPs

    This section is being rewritten, and will be back full of brand new stuff!

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    Quote from AxelFer

    Actually,because I always get viruses and re-install the windows,I dont place my MC saves on your maps on a cd/dvd and I always download your maps,and well,I guess I downloaded every map at least 5 times

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    Quote from HunterEris

    So, Sexy Vexy, I've been planning a CTM map for quite a while now (working on it on and off, I'm fickle and keep scrapping what I have only to start over and do it all over again, but this time I plan on sticking with it).

    Anyway, I have plenty of things planned and I want to name an item after you, but I can't decide what. Any preferences? :D

    A bow or .... yeah, a bow. :)
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    Quote from alluremm

    Just wanted to say thank you to Vechs for yet another masterpiece. The use of the new mobs drops to continuously provide basic items such as sword, armor etc as we know the death rates will be high is simiply brilliant.

    To me, the map feels like an 80's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure over the typical CTM maps. I Love It!!

    I did think it was a bit evil to give a warm and cozy false sense of hope by offering up white wool so easily. LOL

    ... Your hard work is appreciated!!

    Thank you :)

    One of my goals on IM was to reduce the resource grind a little bit, so you find a lot more items in chests instead of having to craft them yourself.
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    Quote from Icelate

    Why would Vaks let us kill him? ;p

    It would be a Vaks. Kind of like the Zistykins. They're not the actual person, just a cheap copy that has some of their traits.

    Skeleton riding a bat with a flame bow, IMHO.
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    Quote from TheEpic5MC

    CTM's: Capture the Moument

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    Quote from LULZ180

    IKR. BTW, who wants to guess what THIS is for?
    I restarted IM to see the new stuff, I was only at I2 anyways, and I realized something. Spawner that spawns minecarts filled with awesome loot towards me + Hoppers sending the loot to a system of chests = GG, Vechs. GG.

    About time someone figured that out. I was waiting long enough...
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    Updated Inferno Mines to version 3.1.

    - Took Rock's suggestion and added support beams to Lower Mines
    - Added (some of) the thingies I had been wanting to add to Wilhelm. I decided to leave out one feature.
    - Changed base block to 43:9 (I think it looks delicious)
    - Added alternate black wool area for people with slow computers
    - Modified the XP Blaster to better function with the new redstone rules
    - Added a seekret
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