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    posted a message on Will this work on bedrock realms?

    OK, so, There is a quick project I want to complete that's really super long but its gonna take me weeks to do it in survival, but basically my plan is to copy the realm into single player, turn on cheats and complete the game there, then turn off cheats and then replace my realm with that new game file without losing the ability to earn acheivements on my realm or any of the other vital information like locations, items in chests etc.. Will this method work?

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    posted a message on Cherry Biome Improvements and Biome Starting Point choice.

    the locate biome only works with cheats enabled.

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    posted a message on Cherry Biome Improvements and Biome Starting Point choice.

    Cherry Biome Improvements:

    I have made 4 different seeds and traveled a whole 3000x3000 block in each one and cherry biomes are extremly rare. They are not as rare as a mushroom biome of which I have only ever seen 1 in...well, my entire time playing but I feel like they need to be at least a little more common.

    Also, What would the chances of us getting a Cherry Biome village? Maybe an asian themed villages?

    Biome Starting Choice

    So, some of us know more about seeds than others but sometimes you just want your starting area to be a specific type of biome. Would it be possible, that since this game already knows the exact configuration of every possible 20 trillion seeds or whatever the number is that we can have an option in the settings to choose from the list of all biomes and have that as your starting point. It would be fairly easy to do I imagine. The game would, instead of randomly generating a seed number, it would scan all possible seeds that have your biome as the starting point and then randomly select one.

    So, let's say I want to start off in a mushroom biome because I hate my life. The game would scan through all seeds with starting 0,0,0 having mushroom biome on it and then randomly pick one of them and that is where I start.

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    posted a message on More Basalt Items

    More Tuff and Basalt building options would be nice. Especially for roads. I think both would make good roads.

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    posted a message on Need new consistent players for my realm.

    I have a few players who have joined before. But most of them either don't play anymore or I just never get to see them around. The realm is mainly a survival realm. Some of us have creative mode as a result of my realm having open invites and people coming in and destroying everything and realm nuking us. In fact, the first 6 people who joined my realm immediately did that. 3 of them realm nuked us lol. But everyone else since then has been good. Our realm only has three rules. Don't destroy, build on, modify or generally mess with stuff you didn't build. Don't steal from chests. We have a main office that has lots of stuff to get you started and they get added to all the time. Then just "be excellent to each other". If you are interested then gimme a dm or respond here, I can invite you over to our discord and once you agree with da rulez I can send you a invite link.

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    posted a message on Infused Fires, infused dyes, infused woods and better lighting colorations.

    OK. So, I want fire sources in minecraft that we can already craft with the help of dyes to be able to be dyed in two tone colors. The way the dye works is a lot like adding minerals and stuff to a fire like Sulphur or iodine etc.

    Basically, the items that are the lanturn, the torch and the campfire now have the ability to at a crafting station to be made into a infused torch or infused campfire or infused lantern.

    First off you get your dyes ready and with the aide of the brewing station we can now create a new kind of dye called the "infused" dye. These dyes can be added to all sorts of things to change the color.

    Let's say you want to create a better looking campfire, You want a purple campfire that will emit a purple like light. So, after making, let's say a infused purple dye and an infused light purple or maybe a pink dye you then set off to a new workstation that is now the station where you dye everything.

    Included in this post is a picture I made to give you an idea of how the dye station would work.

    We could make different colors of planks, fires. And when you light up the inside of a cave or a base with a purple fire, it adds a very slight purple color. Whatever the primary color of the fire is would be the slight tint of color added to the surrounding areas. Doing it to lanterns however adds a LOT of that color of light to the room.

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    posted a message on More Basalt Items

    Here is what I want for Basalt.

    1. Basalt Slabs

    2. Basalt Stairs

    3. Basalt Wall

    4. Basalt Bricks

    5. Basalt Brick Slab

    6. Basalt Brick Wall

    7. Basalt Tiles

    8. Basalt Tile Stairs

    9. Basalt Tile Wall

    10. Basalt Tile Slab

    11. Chiseled Basalt

    12. Chiseled Basalt Stairs

    13. Chiseled Basalt Wall

    14. Chiseled Basalt Slab

    15. Smooth Basalt- Everything.

    I also want this for Bedrock Edition.

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    posted a message on Can Bedrock get Fill biome command too?

    I have a realm right now and I REALLY want to change my acadia and nearby oak forest biome, or just a portion of it into mangrove and swamp. I mean, I REALLY want to do this because I am building this awesome warpwood and deepstone wizard tower from a tutorial online and I found the perfect spot for it in my town. I played lots of mangroves everywhere but It just isn't the same without the biome sphere around it making the colors and mud or water etc.

    Do you think it's reasonable to have bedrock have the fill biome command too? I think it is. Especially if you are in creative and just wanna change the theme of your town without having to move it or make a new one.

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    posted a message on Pool Table not working?

    I am trying to build a pool table. I have tried three different builds but the green carpet goes over the sign tops and the sign doesn't poke up out of the carpet.

    I have tried it with just trap doors on the side, with wool and polished diorite underneath. What am I doing wrong? It just doesn't look like a pool table without the sticks.

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    posted a message on A few new blocks I have ideas for.

    I would like to see "stone" doors.

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    posted a message on Using creative mode to recreate The End.

    I want to build underground a space that uses black concreate for all the walls and ceiling, then dig out the entire bottom with the entire bedrock bottom of the world to simulate "The End". I would use all The End blocks for the whole world and then the bottom would be the void.

    But the thing is, what happens if one of my friends on the realm this will be on.....accidently falls in?"

    Is there a way they can recover if they don't have creative mode or cheats?

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    posted a message on Oceania, expanded sea life, sea monsters and a functioning ship!

    Since all of these are related then I will cram them all together.

    Ocean itself - Deepen the ocean by like....A LOT. No more in the middle of an Ocean that is like 1000 blocks wide in some areas and seeing ground directly below you that you can stand on. Also extend the oeean further down in some areas, even up to like -100 blocks.

    Tree: Palm Trees. Coconuts...On beach sand only. That is all.

    New Sea Life:
    1.Killer Whale " Hostile mob only when attacked.
    2. Blue Whale - 20 block long Whale found only in very deep parts of the ocean.
    3. Humpback Whale
    4. Jelly Fish. They mostly float around and hurt you just like a sweetberry bush does. Maybe add in a poison status effect.
    5. Sword Fish
    6. Tube Worm
    7. Angler Fish
    8. Riftia pachyptila
    9. Rock fish
    10. Colossal Squid - only in abyssal zones.

    Functioning ships
    A recipe that requires a large portion of materials to make the initial build. It first gives you the block item. Can only be deployed on an area with at least 30 blocks of water and it takes up 20. We could do a smaller one that is half that size. But once the ship is deployed then you have to craft the rest of the ship like the sails and stuff. Large ship could have like 6 canons, a crows nest and two lower decks. Smaller ship could just have one lower deck.
    Also, this ship would come with the "Hammock" item which needs to be connected to two blocks, one on each side that is up space up from the floor at min. One person pilots the ship. Everyone else is free to ride on it. Your whole realm or server could be riding on it. When a person uses a canon it is a functioning canon that can destroy blocks, literally blow them away and kill other players and a large ship let's say can take 5 shots before all the blocks explode and falls into the ocean along with the players. When you use a canon it zooms out from the canon point of view. Canon Balls need to be crafted with Iron. Let's say 2 iron = canon ball. You can also blow apart other items in the game like stone, dirt, gravel, sand, trees, animals etc. Each canon explosion would do maybe like a 6x6 area if like, lets say you fire on a cliff.

    This is important because if you had like a realm or server with like 10 people then 5 of you could Roleplay as Navy Marines and 5 others could RolePlay as Pirates.

    The LOOM could be used to create flags. Pirate Flag could be a default flag you can just make. Symbols like crowns, tridents and other things could be an option for flag making.

    One person could also be in the crows nest with a spyglass. We could Roleplay as PIRATES!

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    posted a message on A few new blocks I have ideas for.


    I wanna see barn doors and other large door options. Like, We could have the option to make those double doors. And not just double doors but large double doors made of stones or terracotta or whatever so when you walk through them it's like those giant temple ritual room doors that could be like, up to 10 blocks up,

    One of my roommates has this mod that gave them a lot of "castle" related items. Like a torch inside of a stone holder that you can click on just like a lever and it is like the Secret passage button. Also important to note, there is an identical looking torch that isn't a secret passage but just a normal torch in a stone holder just like in cliché' castles. These would be cool!

    Chests are boring. So why not redo them entirely? Why not? This game isn't new and in Beta anymore so why not?

    What do I mean? OK, so if a chest is made of Mangrove then it's an oak chest with no oak wood grain texture.
    If a chest is made of Jungle wood it's the same. If it's made of Acadia than it's still the same as an oak wood chest with no wood grains or color. I think we should change that. Adding in the wood grain texture instead of the flat color to the boats too would be a good idea and we already use the colors for boats. It's basically just adding in a few textures and redoing colors. Add in a few extra sprites. I am 100% sure Mojang could make this happen in like a single weekend. Heck, This is basically a single day work probably.

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    posted a message on Food ideas
    I wanna see a major expansion into cooking and baking. I want to see Carrot Cake since we have carrots, and Chocolate. There is no reason that in my bedrock realm that I cannot combine Cocao beans and sugar into chocolate which I cannot because that item doesn't exist. I also want the ability to place food items just like....on surfaces. Like, let's say I have made a table or have a trap door as a countertop or just, well, anything. I wanna be able to place a cake or an apple or muffin on it.

    I want to be able to make it so that I can make a machine that gives you a Muffin when you push a button. Push a button, get a muffin.

    I also want to see fruit. Like Fruit trees. apple, Orange, Banana, Coconut Palm Trees, and Pineapples added to the game.

    Also would be nice if I could leave fruit ontop of trap doors, pressure plates, and other blocks.
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    posted a message on I am looking for some good, respectful and honest people for a survival realm

    Backstory ( Please Read ) - I just started a realm for the first time ever. I have been playing Minecraft on and off for a while but it's a lot more fun with other people. When I first started this, I have had 16 people sign up for my realm in total. In that time I learned what REALM NUKING was by 6 of them causing me to reset the entire realm several times. 2 people left because of this because their work was undone and we were being raided constantly. The last Ars Hole, named Bitghost suddenly showed up, even logged onto the discord server and started threatening physical violence to my remaining members, one of which was just a child. So, 6 people realm nuked my realm, one even logged onto our discord and threatened people and 5 people logged onto my realm and immediately Smashed our Realm's Main Base, the community base and immediately left after wiping out everything including my animals. They even filled in the basement and probably used spectator mode to find the hidden locations. Stole all of the items and then left.

    What I want: Look I just want members who will not steal, realm nuke us or destroy other people's buildings. A cool fun place for people to build whatever they want and have fun playing the game without disrupting other people's stuff and maybe even work together on community projects.

    What we have: With all that destruction and realm nuking, It left me with no choice but to block almost all but the members I knew I could trust. Currently I have 3 members and myself. But I want at least 3 others who won't destroy my realm or steal things or be disruptive just because they think they are "joking". None of us seriously get why anyone would even think realm nuking someone or joining something like that with the intent on hurting them is any fun at all.

    BUT, with that, I have rebuilt everything in creative since then and more so. Starting off we have a really nice small building with everything you need to get started. Chests are labeled to what they have. The Main Base has beds to sleep in, a nice stock of building materials to get you started. We have a lot of diamonds and everything in the community base is leave what you don't need ( hopefully in the right places ) and take what you need. There is also most of the other crafting blocks you could need. I have a mob masher ocean side for grinding up exp and gun powder. We have an auto pig farm, a normal farm and plenty of chickens and sheep for wool. I have also set aside areas in the main base for anyone to build just about anything they want. Generally we all stay away from each others "territories" but close enough by to where we all can easily reach each other. Basically, we wanna build a cool world together. Something we can all look at together and say that this is really cool. That's it.

    I don't want to pay real life dollars for a subscription

    I have also started constructing a swamp base, the ground level is mine but

    Who we have:

    We may have cheats enabled as a result, and only the result of being bullied for no reason but we all generally strive to stay in survival. One of our members just refuses to use it in any way and they have built a REALLY cool castle that they have been working really hard on for the last two weeks. So we have been donating stone to them and other materials like steel and gold for the rail ways they are also working on. One of my members already found the nether, beat the dragon and gave me a Shulker box. I never owned one before in game because combat and the nether just never really interested to me.

    Another member has a whole near by village near by they have walled off, I really like rebuilding roads in villages so to repay them for kindness I built a road from our main base which is next to a village and a rail system is also going there. I also used a bit of creative mode to fix up the villages. Not sure if you guys noticed but villagers are terrible at building roads. Incomplete roads, roads that lead to a cliff, roads that lead to nowhere. LOL. SO I fixed them all in both places.

    There is another member, But I have no idea what they are working on to be honest. They are somewhere far off but are always really helpful.

    So, please let me know if you are interested. I will PM you with just a few simple questions and then hopefully together we can play together, have fun and just build cool stuff without anyone griefing us.

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