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    So, we all know that putting half slabs down everywhere prevents mobs from spawning on top of them, but if you use half slabs for the floor boards on your base, it causes many odd things to happen such as placing a chest on a half slab will cause it to "float" along with... . Well, pretty much anything.

    Even you float while walking on half slabs, which I find quite annoying.

    So, my suggestion is this...

    Make half slabs so that items, when placed upon them, will appear as of they are actually on the half slab, and not floating.

    I don't know much about coding, but I do t think it would be too difficult to do this.
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    posted a message on Use Magical Crops with the Mfr Harvester

    Will this run for the MFR and Magical crops for 1.7.10? If so, please let me know, if not, then oh well.
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    posted a message on What should mods should I add to my modded survival?
    Try tinkers construct. It allows customization of powerful weapons and tools.

    If you want a battle type mod there are a few I know.

    1: Battle towers. Adds towers that you can fight to the top in, and topple them to the ground when you beat them.

    2: Better dungeons. Adds more dungeons to the game.

    3: Midevil warfare. It allows you too basically make an army of your own, and attack other armies. I think it will go well with your theme.

    There is also millenair (I think that's it's spelling.). It adds more villages to the world, and you can trade with them, fight the villagers, do quests for them and more. They even will expand them selves, farm, and mine even. It's a good mod if Minecraft seems too dead.
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    posted a message on Inventory

    In those chest, we will also put chest, in those chest again also chest. This way, you have have nearly infinite inventory !

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    posted a message on Mods Folder.
    Same suggestion, a folder called mods.

    Can download any mod, and place it in that folder. Once placed there, it will allow you to enable/disable them in game.

    That would get rid of the need for forge, or anything of the sort. All the confusion caused by needing to delete files, add in files, copy and paste will be simply gone. As soon as you place a mod in that folder, instantly it will allow you to enable or disable it in game.

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    posted a message on Do you think that there should be more weapons and/or tools in Minecraft?
    I like the idea of Staves, and magic, but as stated before, it probably won't get added to the game.

    However, I have always thought "Why is Steve's left hand never used?"

    Why is that? Is it lame, and does it just sit there or something? Why not add shields or two handed weapons. There may be a mod out there that does that. But, I don't know of any of them.
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