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    Welcome to Vantania!

    A Minecraft adventure map balanced for 2 players, but accommodates 1-4.

    This map is an epic adventure inspired by legendary games like The Legend of Zelda series and The Elder Scrolls games.

    You begin as the Lord of Hightower, a small village in the Valkoth countryside. You have just returned from an unsuccessful hunting trip and found your home destroyed. As everything you know and love is now gone you must begin retracing the steps on what has happened and why the lands are infested with undead creatures. Your character will develop as you specialize your playstyle through both the gear and weaponry you choose to wield. As you travel to new regions you will be introduced to new currencies and local goods. Keep an eye on what is available in your area, as things can change and prices can vary depending on the local economies.

    This map includes:

    -3 Kingdoms

    -18 Dungeons

    -Many quests, with more added in each patch

    -several custom bosses

    -Over 10 hours of content (It takes us this long as the creators but it will probably take you longer... :D )

    -Customizable Playstyle Depending on what equipment you use

    -Price Variations between towns to allow you to make a profit

    -mining and farming as a way to make a profit or create food for travel

    -A customizable castle in adventure mode that you can furnish and keep your treasure in

    -hundreds of secrets scattered throughout the world

    -Many updates and patches to come in the future with more content!

    This map is still constantly being updated by the creators, and hope that you will contact us via email or twitter with any ideas, bugs, interest in getting involved, or if you just want to say hey! We have worked on this map for over a decade across many versions of Minecraft starting in Alpha, the map was originally our survival world that continued to expand until we eventually decided to transform it into a functioning and playable game (although we started working in creative mode on this thing around 2010).

    This is our Beta version so we apologize for any bugs you may encounter during play, however at this point they should be minor and a full playthrough is possible on the current build!





    twitter: @VantaniaMine

    email: [email protected]

    Thank you for playing!!

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