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    Quote from lttlbt1442

    Hey Vancouver,
    Vanilla Valley may be of interest to you. It's a semi-vanilla, with a few mods for security, antigrief, and lockette. We are fairly new with a lot of unexplored land! We have about 10-12 players on at peak hours (usually towards later part of the day). We are a mature server, 18+. We have a small economy to allow for fair trade, but anything sold is legitimately gathered, no creative even for admin. There are two owners, myself and Onionbro. We strive to make Vanilla Valley a great playing experience for everyone. We are not PVP, we are reliable and will not be closing, and there are always opportunities for everyone on the server.

    If you want some more information, you can PM me or you can check out our post on the minecraft forum, here or if you'd like to apply via our forum, you can do so here instead.

    Thank you for your post! I noticed the server is about a month old but I will apply.
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    A user named risk777 was using some sort of invisibility hack at 7 CST tonight. Multiple players can bear witness to this.
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    Love closing cases
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    That doesn't make any sense. Don't use your age as an excuse.
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    I've reformatted the thread, application, name, and etc.
    The new thread can be found here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1520500-looking-for-members-for-faction-pvp-friendly-mature-small/
    Please fill out the application at the above link instead of on this thread.

    About the Faction

    Mojave is an elite group of talented and efficient Minecrafters. We pride ourselves on fighting, dealing, building, and communicating strategically. We maintain strong unity and teamwork in all projects. We share materials because we are a cohesive unit.

    We are a non-military clan in which equality is central. Veteran players do have more input than other players, but they do not have power over new members. There are no ranks, other than Leader and Co-Leaders (if the need arises). I encourage everyone to have a speciality, whether it be excellence with a bow or excellence in mining.

    Due to some feedback and discussion, each player may keep his own enchanted armor and weapons in a private chest. This encourages each member to develop mcmmo and spend time grinding.

    We have each other's backs, whether it be for a battle or a building project we're working on.

    We currently have about 5 members.

    What We Do
    The server revolves around leveling up mcmmo, acquiring awesome gear, and then fighting it out either at the spawn arena or in the world. I'd like to be able to do pvp fights as a faction against other factions on a fairly regular basis, because I (and hopefully you) enjoy a bit of pvp here and there. Other than that, you can feel free to mine, farm, build, hunt for chests (cool treasure hunt plugin), gain money, talk with others, and many more things.

    We're very relaxed. If you just want to log on for a few minutes and talk to other members, that's perfectly fine. If you just want to log on for a quick pvp battle, that's cool too.

    About the Server

    We've been playing on a large faction + mcmmo server for the past few months. However, I have just recently began anew with an entirely new and more secure faction base, as well as new recruits.

    Almost everyone knows each other since it's been online for a while. There's an average of 10-30 people on during the day. Most players are in factions, and there's about 10 or so powerful ones. This is a serious, hardcore pvp server. It's incredibly reliable, and will continue to run after the updates and beyond, so don't worry at all about that; it's financially well-off.

    There are donator ranks from five to fifty dollars, but that's absolutely not required nor does it give donors a huge advantage. I only mention this if you're the kind of person who likes having an edge over others and has some cash to spare. Ranks give daily obsidian, diamonds, and experience bottles.


    About Me

    As leader, I have a pretty laid-back approach to most things, but like everything to be organized and structured (no just tossing things in unorganized chests or making security risk-houses). I'm 18, and American. I like making jokes, am a bit sarcastic at times, but am very nice to people who are nice to me. I am willing to help anyone with anything, and do my best to treat others how I want to be treated. I love ideas from members and like leading and working with others.

    I am not good with redstone and potions, so would like a few people who specialize in that.

    Who We're Looking For

    I would like you to play for about two hours a day, but I understand if you can't for certain reasons. I would like you to have knowledge of mcmmo and factions, as well. I would like you to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, thrifty, and brave. Bonus points if you get the reference.

    I'm looking for the best of the best. Please use good grammar and put effort into your app. Your acceptance or denial is 75% based on how much effort you put in to your application. Feel free to look up answers and use your resources. Age is not a factor; some of my most trusted friends and members have been 11-12, and I think I work well with people older than me, too.

    Make your application stand out from the rest if you want to get in.

    I would like it if you were pretty quiet/reserved, as I tend to play that way. I don't like starting trouble or "raiding" although I will help out my allies if they need it. I'm mostly looking for people who would like to mine/farm/build/make an awesome faction base instead of go on killing sprees. Occasionally, we pvp at spawn, but only if we have the advantage. I like fighting intelligently.

    If you can only play an hour a night or something, that's perfectly fine. I understand if you have work or school or other commitments.

    There will be a question something alone the lines of did you read the whole thread in the application. For this I want you to just reply 'yeah, of course' so I know you did. Capitalize the y in yeah though, please.

    Skype is now required (however, some exceptions may apply). You do not have to voice chat at all--it's just a useful tool for privately discussing faction matters and staying in touch. Most of our decision-making and planning will be done in a skype group. If you have any sort of problem whatsoever, put it in the skype group chat and it'll be discussed and solved.

    Main Rules

    1. Leave chests covered with a dirt block at all times.
    (Prevents theft if an enemy gets in)

    2. Leave all doors and trapdoors locked. As well, don't make any holes in the base for any reason.
    (Prevents them from getting in in the first place and restricts movement if they manage to get in)

    3. Do not tp anyone into the base (or close to the base) no matter what. Even if they're allies or your personal friend.
    (Better safe than sorry)

    4. Do not give away our coordinates to anyone.
    (If they can't find us, they can't attempt to raid us)

    5. Be civil to everyone on the server, regardless of faction.
    (Treat others how you want to be treated)

    6. Obey all the server /rules.

    7. Don't carry out something without talking first with me or the other leaders i.e. don't tear down an obsidian wall to build a swimming pool unless the faction has decided that's okay. Wait for me to give you the go ahead, because I probably will if it makes sense.

    8. We expect you to work hard. It's a commune, so don't take more than what you put in. Our faction relies on each other to get ahead.

    9. Other common sense things.


    Everyone gets their own /f title and it will not showcase rank, but instead will showcase what you're best at i.e. Miner, Fighter, Redstoner, or something to that degree. As well, if you'd just like a silly title like SirPolah, that's fine too. I originally planned to use a variation of military ranks, but that suggests that some have dominance over others, and I don't think that's a good idea for a cohesive team.

    Leadership Opportunities

    If you're interested in eventually becoming a co-leader in Mojave, be active on faction skype chats, be a good role model, and prove that you can handle responsibility. It's easier to get a leadership role if you have had previous leadership in life (like in scouting or the military).


    Shortening of IGN:

    Location (country is enough):
    Did you read the whole thread?:
    Do you have a skype and if so, are you willing to undergo an interview process on it?:
    How'd you find this thread?:
    What's the name of the server we play on?:
    Are you currently playing on this server? If so, what faction are you currently in and why are you interested in Mojave?:
    Are you anyone's alternate account from the server (in which case you would have to disclose that per the server rules)?:
    Description of yourself (paragraph):

    Do you work or have school:
    Are you or have you ever been involved in scouting?:
    Are you a follower or leader and why? (paragraph):

    How many previous clans have you been in and why aren't you still in them?:

    How many hours a day can you give to Mojave on average?:

    What do you think of the rules? Give me a suggestion for one you would add if you were me:

    List these in order from favorite to least favorite Mining, PvPing, Farming, Building, Helping, Scouting, Raiding:

    What do you want your /f title to be?:
    What sort of job would you like to do in the faction?:
    Are you good with redstone or potions?:
    Do you know how the mcmmo and faction plugins work?:

    Mojave is under siege by a faction of 5 players. They are outside of our obsidian walls, armed in protection 4, enchanted weapons, and potions in their inventory. There are 4 Mojavians online, myself and yourself included. What do you do?:

    I'm offline, and you're chilling in our base when you see another recruit punch a hole in our obsidian wall. He then types, "It doesn't matter, nobody can get through a 1x1 hole without hacking." How do you respond to this situation:

    I'm offline, and a veteran member of Mojave has been hogging the grinder for the last thirty minutes, claiming he has to finish enchanting a set of armor. You've seen him already enchant two sets, though. How do you respond to this situation:

    I'm offline, and another recruit has teleported his younger sister into the base. How do you respond to this situation:

    I tell you that obsidian can be broken with an iron pick, and I keep on insisting on it. How do you respond to this situation:

    What is your favorite mcmmo skill and why?:

    If I was a bad faction leader, would you leave?:

    How would you describe Mojave in three adjectives?:

    How do you feel about pooling resources and sharing chests?:

    How do you gain faction power?:

    What's the best way to infiltrate a faction and betray them?:

    Would you prefer to live in your own house, share a house with others, or not have a house, and why?:

    What are you most looking forward to doing in this faction?:

    What can I expect of you?:

    What can you expect of me?:

    What do you expect of this faction?:

    Why do you feel you can be a good part of Mojave? (this is an important part of the application):

    Thanks, and have a good day! I check this thread regularly.

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    Quote from Silead

    Thanks for all the replys but i still havent found a clan that has fit my needs. is there anyone else who has a clan in need of members?

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    Quote from SGTliger

    Let us all sit back and laugh at this statement with Vancouver.

    Stop trying to fit in; you sound ridiculous
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    Imagine being dropped into a maximum-security prison with not even a pickaxe. You start off on your own, constantly aware of the threats all around you. As you go through your days as an inmate, you begin to notice a few odd things: a couple misplaced blocks here, a sewer tunnel there--and you begin to plot your escape. But a rival gang has threatened you--they know you're on to something--and they want in. Do you fight them off or do you try to lay low? Do you plot your escape or do you smooth-talk the guards to try to get protection? Do you form your own gang and try to take over the yard, or do you join an existing one and work your way up? Do you dominate the mine or is trading your expertise? It's all possible and more--in a prison server done right.

    When I first started playing Minecraft multiplayer, I was very interested in playing on a prison server. However, when I tried a few, I discovered two things: first, almost all prison servers are the same; and second, the goal is almost always buying your freedom, instead of escaping.

    I was thoroughly disappointed by these two facts. I expected to be able to use my intellect and creativity to try to escape from the prison. Instead, I had to mine for money to buy my freedom. Maybe that’s fun for some people, but I would much rather have a realistic way of beating the scenario and coming out on top.

    Therefore, about nine months ago, I posted a thread asking for people to help build and run a different kind of prison server—one where the goal was escape, not pointless ranks and bribery. As well, I aimed to provide a much more realistic environment in which to hold the scenario.

    After a couple failed starts, I finally found an owner that I worked well with and we built an awesome, unique, and successful prison server that ran a good few weeks without a hitch and was incredibly fun for all involved—guards and prisoners. Unfortunately, he has quit Minecraft since then.

    I’d like to bring this idea back into the Minecraft world because it was a very successful project and it was a whole lot of fun for everyone. As well, I think the prison/minecraft genre could use a unique idea like this.

    Server Aspects

    The main goal should be ultimately escape, like it is in real life for most inmates in high-security prisons. However, since we are limited to the minecraft world and its physics, some things will have to be skewed a bit. First, there will be multiple ways to escape (5+ at least) that will either be very difficult to pull off and/or require a lot of intelligence. As well, guards will be the primary deterrent to stop criminals from escaping, just like in the real world.


    Realism will be key, because I believe realism provides a good base to look upon in case of writer’s (or in this case innovator’s) block. Also, I think realism makes it more fun for those involved in the scenario. Everything will be as realistic as possible, from the prisoners’ daily schedule, to the guards’ methods in dealing with prisoners, to the prison layout.

    On Cells:

    Unfortunately on most prison servers, inmates either have to buy chests or don’t get one at all. This is a difficult problem to fix because prisons in real life have a constant inmate population, whereas in Minecraft there is a fluctuating group of people on the server. Some may stay for weeks, while others may only log in a couple of times. I think the best way to solve this problem is to have inmates apply for cells on the server thread if they want one. However, since they are quite limited (maybe 25-50 cells is a reasonable number), inmates will be two to a cell. As well, to help make things less confusing, a sign will be placed above the cell to declare whose cell it is. Inactive players will lose their cells and their items.

    To protect individual chests, lockette will be used.

    Cells will be opened and closed by a lever on the outside of the cell + an iron door. This way anyone can get in, but only guards or other prisoners outside the cells can let you out. So in this case, the lever is representative of a real-world key and lock.


    This refers to either attacking the guards or attacking a rival group in the prison. I believe that riots are an important aspect of prisons, so they should be included. Riots should be planned attacks from one group of prisoners onto another or against the guards, in order to either establish dominance, get revenge, gain items, or as a distraction. The guards should react accordingly and suppress the riots with tear gas grenades (splash potions of weakness and splash potions of poison) and lockdowns.


    Lockdowns will occur on two occasions: during riots or during attempted escapes. During either of these two things, a warden or a senior guard will announce that the prison is now in lockdown. Prisoners must immediately head toward the cell blocks (even if they don’t own a cell). Any prisoner not in the cell block or heading on a direct path to the cell block will be killed on sight by the guards. If the riot takes place in the cell block area, chaos will certainly erupt, in which the guards will have to swiftly put an end to the fight. If they are unable to establish dominance and take heavy losses, they will isolate the cell block until reinforcements can arrive or the fight dies down on its own. After a lockdown, the parties who attempted to escape or started the fight will be put in solitary confinement.

    Solitary Confinement:

    The server punishments will resemble the real-world punishments except they will be much less severe. Guards will use /jail to put prisoners in solitary confinement for certain amounts of time depending on the action. Petty actions may be any time between one minute and five minutes. If a prisoner attacked another prisoner, the punishment would be about 5-10 minutes of solitary. If a prisoner attacked a guard, the punishment may be 10-20 minutes of solitary depending on the degree of the attack and if a guard was killed or not. If a prisoner attempts to escape and is caught, they’re looking at at least 30 minutes in solitary or maybe more. Solitary is a dark room with no visible contact with the outside world. Players in solitary must be online for the full-time (they can’t log off for their sentence then log back on and be back in the general population) but can serve it in multiple sessions. Prisoners in solitary can do nothing other than chat with other prisoners. They should use this time to create alliances, gain intel, or plot their next move with their gang. After their time is up, they will be able to re-enter the population.

    The Prison Itself:

    The prison will contain a cell block area, a solitary confinement room, a cafeteria, an outside courtyard, a farm, a mine, multiple guard areas and towers, a dump, and other assorted rooms and areas.

    The cafeteria will serve one meal a day, breakfast, and will only serve it for a short while. It’s recommended that the prisoners stock up on their supply of food if they don’t want to die of hunger. Food will serve as a sort of currency.

    The outside courtyard will be the main hub of the prison. Prisoners can hang out here, trade with their gangs, stare down their competition, and plot their schemes.

    The farm will be prisoner-run and will serve as a secondary food source. Every so often the seeds, eggs, and bonemeal will be restocked for prisoners interested in gaining control of another food source. Gangs can camp out here to try to establish dominance.

    Their will be a small mine, refilled each morning for prisoners looking to gain access to some materials for breaking or attacking their way out. Perhaps there’s some interesting treasure hidden deep in the mine as well too?

    The guard network will be virtually secure, with no way in to it but ways out. Guards will have access to towers that can serve as secure points to hold back riots or just keep an eye on the prisoners.

    The dump will contain random items that prisoners or guards don’t want. Prisoners should check it frequently if they want to obtain items they cannot get in another way.


    Guards will be hand-picked from the applicants. Only the best and most trustworthy people will be chosen. Guards should be fairly active, follow the guidelines, and not be susceptible to bribes. They can use a kit to gain their materials (an iron armor set, a powerful bow, arrows, and an iron sword). Riot-control potions will be kept in a secure room in the guard network and will have to be retrieved.


    Bribery, both from guards to prisoners and from prisoners to guards will be expected. If a guard is caught receiving bribes, he will be fired from his position. Prisoners (snitches) may be bribed (with food, wood, leather, or miscellaneous other items) by guards to gain critical information on escape attempts, contraband, and prisoner dynamics. However, the snitches could be lying to the guards in an attempt to feed false information to them. If this is the case, the snitch may be sent to solitary.


    Prisoners are allowed to wear leather armor (if they can find or somehow acquire leather), but may not wear higher forms of armor. As well, they may not have swords or bows. Random contraband checks may be done by the guards on prisoners’ chests to see if they have any illegal items. If they do, they may be sent to solitary, and they will lose the items. Therefore, it may be best for prisoners to carry contraband items on their persons or give them to a gang member for safe keeping.


    PvP will be enabled in all areas except the spawn zone. This is because in prison in real-life you could be shanked almost anywhere. You have to either start defending yourself or stay close to the guards’ watch if you don’t want to end up dead.


    Gangs will be created with the help of the faction plugin, although land will not be a factor. The guards will be in their own “gang” called Guards, and each prisoner may choose to form a gang, join an existing one, or not make one at all. Joining a gang has pros and cons. By joining one, you gain several allies, but you may also gain several enemies, eager to take out a new enemy recruit. This will make it easier for someone to do /f list and see the top gangs. As well, they can see how many guards are on and if it would be a good time to riot or attempt escape.


    As mentioned, the main goal will be to escape the prison confines. There will be several ways implemented, and new ones will be put in frequently. These may range from brute force fist mining through 100 obsidian to finding a secret passageway to freedom to bribing a guard to let you into a restricted area. However, they will be difficult to complete without getting caught. If a prisoner successfully escapes, he will have his IGN posted on the server thread for bragging rights and will be able to post a guard application. If he chooses, he can rejoin the prisoners and search for new ways to escape. There will be no outside-the-prison fugitive hunts.

    Destructive Blocks:

    Almost everything will be bedrock so that the prisoners can’t go around destroying the prison. However, a few areas will be able to be manipulated, namely the farm and the mine. Some decorative and functional blocks will be made non-destructive like lights, iron bars, glass, grass, buttons, doors, bookcases, and so on. Instead of making certain zones non-interactive with prisoners, rules will be enforced to stop prisoners from acting non-realistically (block jumping, griefing, etc.)

    Possible Server Rules:

    These will be enforced very strictly with kicks and bans since the server will rely on them to function.
    1. No hacking, cheating
    2. No destroying or placing blocks in the prison
    3. Only do something if it would realistically happen in a prison
    4. If you escape, keep it to yourself so that others can use the same way you did
    5. Listen to guards; they have the final say (if a guard is not doing a reasonable job, feel free to report him, however)
    6. Don’t go overboard with cussing. No racist, sexist, inflammatory, or personal remarks.
    7. Report glitches to the OPs so they can deal with the problem and fix it.
    8. Other common sense things.

    How You Can Help:

    —I’m looking for a server owner that I can easily work with and has a lot of time to give to the server. As well, I’d like it if they didn’t cancel the server for at least a few months at least. I think optional donations would generate some cash, because people like to give to servers that they greatly enjoy. I need the owner to be skilled in various plugins and creation of servers, as I’m clueless in those aspects.
    —I’m looking for people with questions, insights, ideas, and proposals who can help come up with things that need work on or could be added to this idea. All comments are welcome.
    —Builders positions may be possible, but I’d have to be very selective
    —Please generate exposure for this thread so this project can take off running.
    —When it’s built and ready, play on the server!

    About Me:

    I’m 18 from the USA. I’m attending college but still have a lot of free time. I like coming up with unique ideas and carrying them out. I like watching tv and movies and drinking grape slushies. I think I’m fairly easy to work with, so please give me a reply if you can help in any way!

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    Quote from OMGOSH1911

    Alright. Well thanks for the somewhat not helpful advice. But alright. So does that mean I'm not in? Also I made jokes to make the reviewing process a little less painful. And if you guys don't roleplay why is there questions about mcmmo, which is about roleplaying (RPG)? Also in my experience the Best of the best would give anyone a chance even if they didn't/couldn't do well on an application.

    Mcmmo is not about roleplaying. Mcmmo is an rpg plugin, yes, but it doesn't go past leveling up skills. We don't go around talking like we're in 14th century Britain or whatever.

    Best of the best means best of the best. Yes, I give everyone a chance (everyone can put as much effort as they want into their application) but I only accept the best applications and people who I feel comfortable with after skype interviews.
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    posted a message on [NEW!] ♛ Onslaught ♛ ||HARDCORE FACTION PVP|| - ||TREASUREHUNT|| - ||MOB ARENA|| - ||MCMMO|| - ||250 SLOT|| - ||NO WHITELIST|| -
    Well I know that no one in the community likes you. Maybe you should make more of an effort to not do that.
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