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    Hello citizens, Nobles, merchants, and the like of Argandia,

    It seems that our realm has not gained it's fame and fortune as it should be and we call that you bring all you know to our land. We have only one village and a single wandering town. The main city is still in construction but I assure you all that the village of Oira-Eledhwen is the perfect village to begin your journey. The village leader is kind and just as is the rulers of the kingdom itself.

    What is your destiny in our land, you may ask? Your destiny is your own my friends. You choose what to be. May it be as a simple traveler, humble farmer or miner, a merchant, a mage, a village leader, or even as a blessed Noble. There are many possibilities in the kingdom of Argandia.

    May I see you all in Court!


    Selena Croxus-SKecox, Queen of Argandia
    Loxford Skecox, King of Argandia,
    Ciel Undomiel, Village Leader of Oira-Eledhwen

    (( Off the topic of the letter, SKmedieval is a medieval roleplay where you can play out whatever role you wish to act as. Think of it as some sort of improvised script writing. Remember, high ranks are not just given out to ordinary people. We don't take kindly to whinners. Our rules are general and hopefully would be written down soon. Roleplay rules are also in the form of general roleplay that has been used for a long time so use common sense. We don't have a whitelist currently so come and join and enjoy and don't be an **** and grief everything we have a way finding out who griefs and we will band you accordingly. Remember it's not a pure pvp server and we look down on pure pvpers who join and goof.

    Here's the server IP:

    Come on and enjoy all the Medieval fancies you crave! See you on!

    -Violent Vampiri/ Queen ))
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