About Me

I am female, even though everyone assumes I am a dude.

I have a terrible sleeping schedule, I might be going to bed one day at 10PM and 7AM the next. My posts almost always have typos and errors, which annoys me to no end. I have a habit of writing posts that are waaaay too long. Yes, I am aware of that.

Fun fact: I made my forum account the day I bought Minecraft.

I speak Spanish to an extent. I am Japanese-English bilingual. In case someone cares for some reason, I have a twitter, but most of my posts are in Japanese. Just search "VampArcher" and you'll find it.

Anyone who wants to be friends, discuss something or ask me a question, don't be shy and send me a message. I always reply to people who quote me (unless it's for something stupid or I don't care to continue the conversation), I will always respond to messages sent to me or comments. I check my notifications and keep up with the general off-topic, recent updates and snapshots, and the discussion section.

When I am in a back and forth argument online, I usually stop responding after the 3rd reply. There is no topic I care enough about to continue replying about for that long.


I spend a lot of my day reading books, studying and going for walks. I stay in shape despite the fact I spend a lot of time at my computer. My record is walking for 3 hours straight. I am interested in news, politics, psychology, history, forensic science, and linguistics. I love cartoons, pretty much all of the shows I watch are aimed at 5-12 year-old's. I hate modern cable television, the only reason I turn it on is to play my old VHS tapes, I still like all the shows I watched as a kid, when VHS was still a popular thing.

I love netflix. I love RPGs and sandbox games like minecraft. I like watching YouTube.

Location In the Milky Way Galaxy

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Minecraft VampArcher