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Hello there and welcome to my profile.

I am Valtiel. I was a Sectional Moderator for the Support section for some time. I have since retired due to inactivity caused by lack of access to internet.

If you need any help, please post in the according sub-forum in the Support section. If it is a personal query, feel free to PM me. I may not always respond, so make sure it is of importance.

If you want me to respond to you in a post, quote me.

I had a forum display name change on October 21st, 2012 from GmZ to Valtiel.

If you are wondering who Valtiel is, he is a monster in the video game series Silent Hill, more specifically Silent Hill 3. His name means "attendant" by way of the French word "valet"; his existence as an angel is derived from suffixing "-el". Thus, he is "Attendant of God."

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