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I first started playing Minecraft about two, three years ago but I wasn't into it much because it was one o those things that a lot of the kids in my middle school played so I wanted to play it and I knew absolutely nothing about it and since I am a big, big scaredy cat I was afraid of the monsters that spawned at night so I had my eldest brother turn it to Peaceful. Now I can play and not mind the monsters except the Endermen or when I download a texture pack and it's beautiful but the monsters are terrifying then I mind. Anyways I play Softball, in fact it's my life almost and it makes me sad whenever it ends but that means I'll be even more eager to play it again next time. The position I play is first base and I was the starter first baseman on the High school Varsity team as a freshman and lettered. I now play for an Elite competitive softball team so I play in the early spring before school ball starts and after school ball and through summer and fall. One of my things that I always try to do every practice or game is hustle because to me if someone doesn't hustle then it seems like they don't even want to be playing so then why be in the league? So I'm known for that especially even if it's above 100 degrees or really cold out I at least try to jog, run or sprint in instead of walking in because to me that's lazy. Any who I have a cat named Jake who's around 8 years old and a puppy who is 4 months 1 week and 5 days old and we got him when he was 7 weeks so almost 2 months old we got him, his name is Zeus as in the Greek God Zeus.
My interest is playing Softball, that is my passion, what I live for basically and I love every moment o it especially practices because I see myself getting better everyday and I feel so proud to know that I'm doing something that's going to benefit me. Another interest of mine is animals, I love animals!! In fact I want to be a Veterinarian when I go to college and attempt to get a Doctorates Degree in the fields needed. I love fantasy things such as books, games, movies etc especially if they have dragons in them. I also love playing games succh as Minecraft, Runescape, League Of Legends, Gears of War, and some other minor games.

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Minecraft Vallay