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With the Emperor bound to the homeworld of humanity- its conditions completely inhospitable for anyone but the Emperor himself, whose body had become the planet itself- and the loss of magic among humankind due to a hereditary curse placed upon the generation that came after that of the Emperor, the scientists of the Empire turned to cloning the Emperor when he requested they attempt to restore magic in humanity. A brief, and highly dangerous, expedition into the dangerous conditions of the human homeworld allowed a team to gather samples of DNA from the skeleton that remained of the Emperor's former human body, and these samples were sent to various facilities through the Empire, in which the scientists stationed there would attempt to reconstruct a suitable DNA sequence from the Emperor's own genes, corrupted by prolonged exposure to intense magic energy.

Half a century later, on the obscure, frozen world of Dagon Alpha, a team of Adrican scientists made the first series of breakthroughs in deciphering the corrupted genes of the Emperor, and within a decade they had successfully produced a human child from its sequence, a perfect clone of the Emperor. Embedded into the surface of his chest, placed in the opposite location as his heart, was a gemstone, the surface patterned with swirling bands of varying shades of red. Extracting the gemstone, they determined it to be a phylactery; he was a lich, just as the one he was cloned from had been. They named this child Regon.

Regon was raised by the Adricans, who set him through rigorous training mentally, physically, and magically, such that they would have a human in peak condition to present to the Emperor. Regon took well to this training, but it was not long, however, before he began to encounter the limitations of his human body, and he questioned if the science or magic of the Adricans could overcome these; presented with such an opportunity, the Adricans took to augmenting the young boy, who at this time was thirteen years of age.

Virtually anything that could be augmented by the Adricans was; improved senses, biometallic mesh and cores integrated into his skin and bones, air recycling systems into his respiratory tract, filtration systems for neutralizing poisons and diseases, mechanized joints with increased range and flexibility, enhancements to his muscular system, computerized improvements to his brain's capacity, recall ability, and processing speed, gravitational manipulators, and more. Through science and magic, Regon had been utterly "perfected"; to push his new capabilities, his training would become exponentially more intense until the Adricans were satisfied with what they had created, and Regon relished in his superhuman capabilities.

Shortly after Regon had reached the age of 21, the Adricans felt satisfied with what they had created. Regon, along with two of the Adricans- the lead scientist and lead engineer of the facility in which Regon had been created and raised- brought him to the Empire's capital on the world of Syntarus III, presenting Regon to the Emperor's prime avatar. The Emperor, sensing the great power Regon held, questioned how he felt his capabilities would best be demonstrated. Regon answered that, as they had passed through the capital, Regon had overheard whispers of concerns about the status of the front; he wished to demonstrate his abilities by assisting the Imperial military in the areas that they were suffering losses.

The Emperor, amused by the young man's confidence in his abilities but aware of the power he held, agreed. Regon was taken to the south-easternmost regions of the front, equipped with standard issue weapons and equipment, and briefed on the status of the battle they approached and the goals of the Empire. If he were to succeed in assisting with this battle, he would then move on to the next battle north along the front, and so on.

Regon successfully brought swift victory at each battle, clearing the front of troubles it had been facing for over a year in the span of a fortnight.

Impressed with his capabilities and display of power and talent, the Emperor asked Regon if he wished to continue to assist the Empire in its military endeavors. Regon replied yes, with no sign of hesitation or fear; pleased with the answer, the Emperor commissioned a specialized, accelerated military training regime for Regon, and upon its completion Regon entered the Dragon Lancers via the Emperor's personal recommendation, the only individual in the history of the unit to enter in such a manner. While the others of the unit were wary of the young superhuman at first, he quickly acclimated into the company's ground assault unit.

Over the course of the next century, he would become known as one of the most powerful members of the Dragon Lancers, rising through its ranks- a rare feat in itself- until he would eventually become the captain of the unit at the age of 120. By then, his reputation had spread throughout not only the Empire, but throughout the neighboring nations as well, feared and respected as the greatest warrior in the galaxy. Infamous for ending battles he participated in within hours of his arrival, his presence alone was often enough to conquer entire worlds, and with the Dragon Lancers under his command the Empire gained vast new territories through his exploits.

After the course of about four decades of leading the Dragon Lancers, however, there was little left that required his attention in the military, and as such he returned to the Empire. He retained his rank as Captain of the Dragon Lancers, but left the unit to its own devices; large-scale military battles that required their attention were exceedingly rare, and with the standard troops of the Empire more than capable of handling whatever did crop up Regon felt that his abilities- along with those of the other Dragon Lancers- could serve the Empire better through other means.

It was during this time that Regon founded the RedSmith company, a research and development firm that specialized in industrial and non-vessel transportation technology. His reputation gathered the curiosity of both experienced and upcoming scientists and engineers alike, and the company's technology soon became known as the standard for high-quality equipment throughout the empire.

It was also during this time that he, at the suggestion of the Emperor, fathered several children. As per the Emperor's hopes, all of them displayed the ability to use magic, like their father. Regon's two eldest sons, Zelek and Jalis- half-brothers born the same day, named after the supreme ruler of the Humans and the Adricans, respectively- would, like their father, join the military and assist in a brief but dangerous moment of need when a relatively small but powerful threat arose to face the Empire, inevitably becoming part of the Dragon Lancers and serving as their father's lieutenants; Zelek in command of the defense fleet of the Dragon Lancers, and Jalis heading the Dragon Lancer's covert operations and reconnaissance division, the Shadow Dragons.

For the next few centuries, the Empire would thrive, expanding its territories through non-military means and becoming known as a prosperous, expansive nation ruled by a powerful yet generous emperor and protected by some of the most fearsome individuals the galaxy had known. During this period of expansion, an uninhabited world containing a highly anomalous region on its surface was discovered, attracting the attention of the transportation division of the RedSmith company when it was discovered that the anomaly was warp-based. The company, through Regon's connections to the Emperor, received exclusive research rights to the planet, and a project to study the anomaly began shortly thereafter.

Within the course of three decades and numerous failed attempts, the scientists of RedSmith- working with a set of suggestions from an anonymous source- finally managed to establish a semi-stable connection with the warp, briefly opening a portal to an unknown location; through what they had learned from this experiment, they initiated work on refining the equipment and methods they had used in their previous experiment. Regon, at this point, had taken some interest in the project, and decided to oversee the second attempt himself, in the event that the portal was successfully opened and stabilized and something at the other end threatened those conducting the experiment.

He was not alone in this; a few other members of the Dragon Lancers decided to join in, including his son Zelek and a descendant of his named Christopher Shendon, who told Regon that he was there on Jalis's behalf.

When the experiment began, it seemed initially the second attempt to open the warp would fail; however, a functional connection was established on the final attempt, and the portal was successfully opened and stabilized. Chris approached the portal, withdrawing and activating a device he believed to be a beacon, tossing it into the portal in an attempt to determine the location it led to.

The device imploded as it passed through, destabilizing the portal and turning it into a powerful gravitational well. It drew everyone and everything in the surrounding area into its fluctuating gateway, including everyone who was involved in the experiment and the equipment used in it. As Regon passed through, he felt a surge of pain unlike any he had before, rendering him unconscious as he passed through the Rift.

He later awoke to find himself alone, stranded in another universe.

General Information

Age: 550
Height: 7 ft [approx 2.13 m]
Weight: True weight is 750 lb [approx 340 kg], 250 lb [approx 109 kg] with gravitational manipulators in effect
Weapon(s) of choice: Red-Bladed Ion Warsaw, Vertical Double-Barrel HMR [Heavy Machine Railgun], Standard Issue Laser-Shotgun

On the eastern world of Kael IX, approximately a millennium and a half prior to the foundation of the West Band Empire, an Adrican was born in the vast series of caverns that stretched under the scorched and frozen surface of that world. Like all other young Adricans, he would spend the next twenty years fending for himself in the form of what might appear to be a large, 20-limbed beetle, thriving off the magic energy that flowed within the multitude of naturally-formed spires of Mana Crystal that filled the underground of Kael IX. Upon reaching physical maturity at the age of 20, obtaining his true humanoid form, he- as with any other Adrican of his age- sought out the nearest point of Adrican civilization, drawn to it by a powerful natural social instinct inherent in all Adricans during the beginning of their adulthood.

The city he would eventually find his way to would serve as the setting for the next two and a half centuries of his life. Like most Adricans he was drawn to the study of science and magic, and while he studied- and excelled in- a variety of topics, ranging from bio-engineering and general applications of magitech to elemental and spacial magic, he quickly rose above all others in the field of alchemy. The art, while complex and at higher levels even esoteric, almost came to him naturally, as if he had gone into it with a full understanding and was simply reviewing what he had known. His successful creation of the first three-dimensional transmutation array, something he dubbed the Alchemical Matrix, was what earned him fame among the alchemical community, as it solved a multitude of issues inherent to two-dimensional arrays that had for a long time limited the overall efficiency of transmutation, the primary application of alchemical principles.

From there, his ambitions only grew. He refined the matrix until he had perfected it, creating a matrix capable of performing material transmutations with 100% efficiency. These matrices, however, did require large amounts of power to serve as a catalyst and had to be constructed within sizable infrastructure. Rumor had it that he had a personal matrix that could operate without requiring a power draw, and was small enough to be portable; this has never been confirmed, however. He would go on to use his alchemical prowess in his research into several other fields, the most notable being an attempted study of the surface of Kael IX; his requests for permission to access the surface, however, were denied by the leader of the Adricans, Jalis, who had monitored Andire's research with caution and had suspicions about the intent of this research.

It wasn't long, though, before he decided to take matters into his own hands, setting out and bypassing the security forces and systems of one of the vault-like hatches that were used to seal off the connections between the surface world. He emerged onto the surface in the middle band between the scorched and frozen hemispheres of Kael IX, the only area with conditions that could be survived for more than a few minutes; by the time the security forces caught up with Andire, he was already in a space-faring vessel, having left the surface of Kael IX and traveling into space.

At the age of 265, he became the first Adrican to leave the home world, and despite the efforts of Jalis he wouldn't be the last.

Continuing his journey out of his home system, he would spend the next thousand years travelling the galaxy. He would begin this journey with little more of a goal than mapping out the stars and worlds of the galaxy, but before long before he made contact with other sapient races; he immediately set himself on a new mission, to discover as many intelligent forms of life as he possibly could. In his travels, he discovered a total of 15 intelligent races other than his own, the final race he would encounter being the Xzenians- or, as they are now known, the Humans.

With each encounter he would use mind-altering magic to instantaneously teach the members of the race he encountered how to speak the language of the Adricans- he wasn't interested in spending a great deal of time translating other languages, after all, and teaching everyone else to speak your own language is obviously simpler than learning everyone else's languages- and as a byproduct of this laziness- or as he would put it, efficiency- Adrican became the common language of the Red Rings Galaxy. In each race, he would end up inspiring the pursuit of space-faring; the intended goal of this differed for each one, but nonetheless he had put into place the seeds of an interstellar community.

The only race he neglected to communicate or interact with was a species of massive wasp-like arachnids known as the Tychians, mostly because upon arrival to their home world they attempted to assimilate him into their hive. They too would learn the Adrican language and of space-faring through this encounter, however, as their attempted psychic grip on Andire's mind, while unsuccessful, penetrated deep enough to grant them a portion of his knowledge and thoughts.

During his journey, as he passed through a region of space within the inner band of the Red Rings Galaxy, he had a chance encounter with one of the Demons of Silizachki, minor chaos-entities that served as the hands of the Traitor God Silizachki, who had been trapped within the super-massive black hole at the center of the galaxy and forced to serve as its overseer. The exchange between the demon and Andire was brief but hostile, and the injuries Andire sustained during their battle would necessitate the installation of his cybernetics and damaged his memories of the exact events that transpired within it. On the other hand, he successfully managed to defeat the demon, and sealed its essence within a mechanical core that he would integrate into his cybernetics, granting him the chaos-based abilities that the demon had attempted to use to destroy him.

He would gain a moderate understanding of these new abilities around the close of his journey, relatively shortly before his encounter with the Xzenians. The final race he met, his encounter with them would prove to carry the most significance. A race of dragons, they shared an element with the Adricans that Andire hadn't seen in any other race- their god interacted more or less directly with them. However, while the god of the Adricans, Kaelix, served a primarily beneficial role- supplying the vast magic energies that sustained the Adricans and their society as he rested within the core of their world- the god of the Xzenians, Xzen, ruled over them with an iron fist. The Xzenians had been split into twelve separate clans, one for each of the base elements of magic, and Xzen had lifted up three- the clans based in the planar elements Body, Mind, and Spirit- as his enforcers, offering them superior living conditions in exchange for assisting him in subjugating the other nine clans.

Disturbed by what he witnessed, Andire convened with the clans in secret, avoiding the watchful eye of Xzen and the members of the Ruling Three as he did so. Among them, he found one whose spirit had not yet been broken, the leader of the Primal Clan, Lord Zelek Maletoth. Discussing with him in secret, they determined a plan of attack; the dragons, while powerful in terms of raw physical and magical strength, were incapable of more intricate forms of magic, and their bodies were too large to effectively equip with technology. Andire would serve an instrumental role in their uprising, assisting them not only in creating new forms that could use magic and technology far more efficiently, but in defeating Xzen, who would be impervious to normal means of attack; Andire's chaos, however, would be instrumental in taking him down, as he had determined through a mixture of deduction based on the nature of the abilities, and a strangely acute gut feeling. Word spread between the clans of their plan, and through a bit of speechcraft- and an impressive display of his abilities- the members of the other nine clans agreed to follow through, the spark of rebellion set in motion.

The next morning, Xzen and the Ruling Three Clans awoke not to subservient dragons, but an army of humans donning makeshift power armor and magitech weapons. Xzen watched the humans callously as they fought against his loyal dragons, but as he began to realize the ruling clans were being overpowered, his disregard turned to rage, focused on the one who had disrupted the system he had held power over for so long. Rising from the throne upon which he sat, Xzen assaulted Andire, aiming to inflict more pain than actual damage- to make him suffer before he was killed. Before he could strike the alien invader, however, he found himself on the receiving end of a powerful burst of raw chaos energy, ripping into his torso; mortified, he glanced down at his chest in time to witness tendrils of chaos burst forth from within him, wrapping themselves tightly around the struggling god's limbs. Effectively encasing Xzen, the tendrils shone with energy as they dug into his normally indestructible flesh, sinking into his skin before rapidly shredding him apart, leaving nothing but a murky cloud of the slain god's essence.

Andire, through his chaos-powers, absorbed Xzen's spirit, encasing the Tyrant God within his cybernetics.

With Xzen slain, and the human Xzenians having defeated their draconic brethren, Andire concluded that his work was finished. Taking pity on the humans, their former society left in ruins, Andire entrusted Lord Zelek Maletoth with the technology he had built for him and a few pieces of equipment he could spare, commending the Clan Lord's leadership in the battle and suggesting he unite the Xzenians to lead them properly. With that, he left that world behind.

Over the course of the next six millennia, the spark of rebellion Andire lit within the now-human Xzenians would eventually grow into a raging inferno in the form of the West Band Empire, which continues to be led by Zelek Maletoth, now Emperor instead of Lord, who had become immortal by turning himself into a Lich.

Andire would then travel east towards central space, where he would disappear without a trace. Those who travel the multiverse occasionally claim they have made encounters or sightings of the blue-skinned cyborg, but no confirmation on their identity has ever been made.

General Information
Age: 1536
Height: 7 ft 6 in [approx 2.29 m]
Weight: 185 lb [approx 83.9 kg]
Weapon(s) of choice: Jury-rigged Laser Shotgun, Arm-Mounted Ion Projection Blade
Location Fenrar, the Endless Forest

Profile Information

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