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    I am looking for 1 or 2 serious adults to help me in creative to build a minecraft server. I have a vent channel we can use. I want to make a whitelist survival server. I also am interested in having someone who can help me with mods and what not. I want to create quests and monster challenges. If you are interested please respond with a personal message and i will get back with you.
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    I Have been learning on the internet for days now, how to run my own server. I was successful Running the server with the regular server client from the Mojang website. I wanted to add mods so i figured i would get mods to make the server how i wanted it, and learned that bukkit was the way to go. I have got the server up and running but when i try to connect with my real ip and with the local host command i get this error. java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information: I am not sure why i cannot connect and so far nothing i have researched in the last 5 hours has fixed this. I could really use some help if anyone has some answers. Ty all so much. BTW I have tested my port forwarding and its set and working fine. I even check the server file and edited it with my ip and and made a few trues false and vice versa!

    I would really appreciate the help!
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