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    IGN: ValexNN
    Skype name if you have: kononiah555
    Age: Almost 12
    Previous PvP experience? (Servers, clans etc.): I am a bit above avridge.
    Have you ever used a hacked client?: I logged into minecraft back in 2011, and my brother had installed a Hack Cliant.
    If you were ever caught using a hacked client, what would you do to keep yourself from getting banned?: I wouldn't/never be in that situwation.
    Anything else to add?: As you can see, my spelling sucks.

    I currenty do not have a Microphone, but in a few weeks, I will.

    I have a pretty normal computer, so I might lag a bit.

    And I can be Back-up PvPer, Miner, Scout or Builder.

    ***Optional*** Do you have any sort of proof of your pvp skills? i.e. Youtube channel.

    I have no proof, I can record, but it will be laggy.


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