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Hello! My name is Valdemar! And I like to playe these games: Roblox, TF2, And of course Minecraft! I joined these forums a long time ago. Not on this account but on an account created on 2012/06/16. I won't be naming the account ever since I will get spammed. Anyway. I like Minecraft Creepypastas and playing Bedwars! Not so much bedwars anymore, but Creepypastas! I wish I could have had any creepy experience with any Minecraft world I have created. But sadly I haven't. When I first joined Minecraft,(2012, 1.0) It was the first time I heard about Herobrine. I got soo scared of him beacuse I was 7-8 years old. I remeber I "DISCOVERD" Minecraft from my big brother. Who let me play on his x-box togheter with my twinbrother. Anyway, That was most of the things that I wanted to say about my self. Idk feel free to explore this account Ig. Also! I use xbox 360. And I still play on it. (I don't have any new version)


I love my cats! I have 3 cats, Assar, Morris, Cat. Yes, On of my cat's name is just: "Cat" Because his other name was so bad that we didn't mind changing the name. He doesn't either.

I love when It's 2-3 AM and It's raining outside when I'm playing Minecraft/Roblox. I just get Nostalgia!

Location Sweden, Örebro

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