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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack (UPDATED 1JUL13)

    I'm honestly extremely surprised that Misa is still around lmao

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    posted a message on Annoying instruction upper right. How get rid of it?

    Just collect the wood and you should be good

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    Developer Application

    Age (must be 16 or older)(please be truthful about your age, if me or a developer suspects you are younger, you will be questioned) - [/i]

    Minecraft Username -[/i]
    Skype // landon.oblivion[/i]
    Discord // valadax#3047[/i]

    TimeZone - Central Time Zone[/i]

    Why do you want to be apart of our team? - [/i]

    I've been looking for extra work for a good amount of time. Finding the right server has been an issue, but I'm always happy to help work for new RP servers! Started playing LoTC back in Aegis and started working for them around Asulon. Ever since then, I've always had a warm space in my heart for them. This seems like a potential good release and would be awesome to be able to contribute.

    On a scale of 0-10, 0 being very immature and 10 being very mature, how mature do you think you are and why? -[/i]
    Without sounding narcissistic ([i]hopefully[/i]) I'd like to say a 10. I've got an extensive background when it comes to working for professional MineCraft networks, so immaturity definitely won't be an issue.

    What is abuse of power in your own words?-[/i]
    Taking on a persona that you're superior due to having the ability to do stuff others can't.[/i]

    Previous experience? To which server(s)?- [/i]
    I've been doing plugin development for 5+ years. I've worked for networks like Lord of the Craft, Dungeon Realms, ProMC, Arkham Network, Tales of Latherial, Tales Of Mel-Lenixa and several small others. I've also got 8+ years of AAA C# development working with Artix Entertainment, Bonozo Apps and a few others smaller-end companies. I also have a large portfolio for my freelance work such as Conflux Games. (Proof can be provided.)[/i]

    How many hours a day AND week are you able to commit to this project? - Full time if needed.[/i]

    What skills would you say you have ? (Leadership wise) -[/i]
    Like I've said before, I have an extensive background. I've managed large projects and have turned it into a living. I've been able to manage 50+ man teams (in the AAA game development industry (company includes Artix Entertainment)). [/i]

    Additional Information?[/i]
    I wanted to keep the application short and sweet, since I assume the real interview will take place after, but here's the jiffy![/i]
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    posted a message on Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♛ Creating Vibrant, Fun & Unique Theme Park Server ♛Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Recruiting Builder and 2 Admins.

    Name & Alias: Landon - Valadax

    Position Applying for: Developer

    Years of Experience in this field: 5+ Years

    Previous Work Places: Arkham Network, Minecade (or Dungeon Realms), ProMC, Isle of Thalin, Minescape, and quiet a few others. You're more than welcome to check out my portfolio (with proof) over Skype!

    Skype: landon.oblivion

    Email: [email protected]

    Timezone: CST

    Other: I love Minecraft both as a game and an industry. I've been developers servers (mostly freelance) for a little over 5 years. I also do indie game development and worked professionally at a AAA company (Artix Entertainment) as their lead C# developer for Adventure Quest 3D. I have an extensive work experience that expands even outside of Minecraft. Professionalism is my thing. I really believe that I could bring something to your team!


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    Name (What you'd like us to call you): Landon or Valadax is perfectly fine.
    Age: 19
    Timezone: Central
    Do you have Skype and/or Discord: Skype, yes. Discord, no. (Skype: landon.oblivion)
    Any experience as server staff: I have 4 years of experience in developing servers. Some such as Dungeon Realms, Minecade, Arkham Network, Lord of the Craft, Isle of Thalin, ProMC, and a few others. Will be more than happy to link you my portfolio through Skype with proof!
    Any experience with plugins, programming, etc. If possible, tell us what servers you've helped with before: 6 years experience in Indie Game Development and worked for a AAA game development company (Artix Entertainment) for 7-8 months as a lead C# developer. I was also a plugin developer for Dungeon Realms (now Minecade), plugin developer for the Arkham Network under Minescape, lead plugin developer for Isle of Thalin and quiet a few others.
    Any experience with Roleplay: I was there during the beginning of LoTC and have worked as a plugin developer for a ton of fantasy role-play servers! Also have a ton of experience with table top games like Pathfinder and D&D.
    How many hours per day can you help us: As many as needed! :)
    Do you have a YouTube Channel? If so, link us to it:
    Do you understand this is one of the most important jobs: Absolutely. I take plugin development very seriously, minor project or large.
    What is your personality: I'm a pretty up going person and can talk your head off. I love Minecraft as a game and an industry. I spend a lot of my time with a cup of coffee, programming and listening to atmospheric music.
    How mature are you on a scale of 1-10: 10 when needed, but around a 7 on most occasions.
    Anything Else: Not particularly! Just needed a project where I can really put my creativity to use!

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