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    Here's the algorithm in case anybody is interested.

    1. Add a tag to any players with any axe

    Repeating always active

    tag @a[nbt={SelectedItem:{id:"minecraft:diamond_axe",Count:1b}}] add hasAxe

    2.Add another tag to any players that have chopped down a log

    execute as @a[tag=hasAxe] run tag @s[scores={spruce=1..}] add spruceChop

    3.As a player with #Chop tag, add a tag to any nearby log

    execute as @a[tag=spruceChop,tag=hasAxe] at @s run execute as @e[type=item,nbt={Item:{id:"minecraft:spruce_log",Count:1b}}] run tag @s add spruceWood

    4.As a log with the specific tag, test if the block above it is a log of the same kind and if true, setblock air destroy it.

    execute as @e[tag=spruceWood] at @s if block ~ ~3 ~ spruce_log run setblock ~ ~3 ~ air destroy

    5.Repeat till it reach the desired amount, with each y coordinates being increased by 1

    6.Remove the hasAxe tag

    7.Reset the woodchopping score

    8.Remove the tag from the log,


    If anybody wanna optimize this, then feel free to do so. I really wanted to make the system more optimized.

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    posted a message on Timber in Minecraft 1.13.1

    After about an hour or so tweaking and optimizing, I've finally made what I'll call as Timber in minecraft 1.13.1.

    In this command block system, you'll be able to chop down an entire tree with an axe, and is highly compatible. It works with any kind of axe, enchanted or not, with any tree no matter what kinds. It also doesn't have any requirement for leaves, so you can still chop down dead tree.


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    posted a message on What would fix the combat in minecraft Java?

    As few others have said, the new cooldown mechanic of PvE was a very strategic mechanic, as it allow someone with a wooden sword to actually defend themselves against those with diamond armor. Pre 1.9 combat was pretty simplistic and lame as you don't need any timing at all. Now, you must time your attack. But the sweeping makes it so you can't really fight near friendly units. Sweeping should be a right-click feature with a cooldown between each sweep. Each Sweeping Edge level could also increase the radius of your sweeping so it becomes a much more efficient crowd control.

    That being said, sweeping edge are prone to making an OP sword. You could have a diamond sword with Sharpness V and Sweeping Edge III, and you could eliminate group of mobs very easily and effectively. They should nerf the damage bonus of sweeping edge. The formula of the sweeping damage is currently like this: 1 + Attack_Damage * (Sweeping_Edge_Level / (Sweeping_Edge_Level + 1)), rounded down. Here the Attack_Damage is the sword's damage after applying Sharpness, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods.

    I suggest that the attack_damage shouldn't take sharpness, smite or BoA into account. Sweeping just shouldn't be affected by any of those three enchants, as even a regular sweeping if combined with high enough of those enchants can easily decimate any mobs. While you may be able to keep more mobs at bay, they'll be alive for longer giving them a bit of chance. Now, some issues is for the mobs which might not be relevant here.

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    Teleporters would be an interesting use for the chaostone, and like fishg said, teleporter would be game-changing and I also prefer if it can only be found far away from the end gateway portal. Personally, I'd say that the chaostone should be rare, spawning in a veins of 3-6 and only drop 1 ore which you must smelt. Therefore, you must travel very far to make the best out of it. The basestone should only spawn 800 blocks away from the end gateway portal and the basestones would be disconnected from the many island, forcing you to build a bridge over to it. The actual basestones is reasonably common, but finding one with any chaostone isn't easy.


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    posted a message on Story of Modded Griefer

    If anyone want come up with an idea, then post it in the thread that I had already linked to. This is for my own convenience and so that I easily write them down.

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    posted a message on Story of Modded Griefer

    Disclaimer:I never mod anything. In fact, I never did any of these cool things. All I did was type it in while coming up with them. It only for coolness sake. Apologize if you are actually hoping for download links. Although I do want to mod it. I do want to do it in a server but I can't. Apologize once again.

    Anyways, this thread is derived from my other thread here. Oh, and it is made in a classroom situation. Imagining the whole class with your teachers playing minecraft can be cool. It's definitely possible although not very likely in some school(although in U.S it might, I didn't live there). But I used classroom because it is easier for me that way.

    Self-Gravity Manipulation

    A nice day indeed. Our teacher give out the command that we must do. Some of us went fishing and some went mining. A good friend of mine decided it was time to trade in all the crops he has gathered with the village that was located few days ago. Unfortunately it was a very long journey, and because of so, he mounted on his brown horse and rode away. It was busy in a town like this. Everyone got their own house. The house are all free standing stone house although some of them modified the house to their liking. All except me, since I was the one who actually host the server(good luck to them) I actually build my house. It was a treehouse with a ladder and stairway leading high into the air. While our town is located near the ocean and a jungle, it was located in the plains biome. Snow has been located within 1000 blocks away from the town, so this must be a good seed. My teacher is constantly surveying the town for future griefing. Our teacher would usually shrug of any act of crime in minecraft as it was actually helpful. It encourage people to work hard and get smarter to prevent their property from being griefed. Beside that, everyone has commited a crime except me, and they all get away albeit with their name recorded(ingame). All crime have been recorded. Killing aren't counted however as it was too easy to kill anyone accidentally.

    The worst griefing ever done is done by a friend of mine. While not very bright in class, he suddenly come up with a brilliant idea to cause mayhem. He heard that miners would often send their gathered ores up into the base using minecart. However, via invisibility potion, he managed to sneak in and steal the loots. Normally another person would grab it and store it but he redirected the track so it went to a different spot. He only grabbed the very valuable and left the iron behind. Then he would send it back up so the guardian can grab the excess and send it back down. It was the most brilliant idea and it had such a big impact too. However I decided it was time for I to do something bad. Of course, there's no air vent as there was before, nor was there a back door. All house are fortified with a lava moat and a wall. Iron golems patrol the area and there was no redstone based trap except in player base. All the vault are reinforced with bedrock and lava. No way to get in or so that what everyone thinks. If you make the wrong step, then chance are you will be shoot by arrows that come out of nowhere, although dispenser are usually installed so it seems logical.

    So, it was recess. I stayed back pretending to program some new security. This time though... the opposite. First, I'm coding my mod. 2 week ago, I had heard that the vault contain many diamonds and emeralds. It even contained several enchanted golden apple and even had an elytra. I can't miss this. Excited at the prospect of an elytra, I programmed a mod. This mod allows me to manipulate gravity. I can push or pull mobs, blocks, items, and even players. All in a targeted area. I uses an item so it doesn't look like I'm hacking by them. The item isn't in creative inventory and only achievable via command. I also sabotaged the security system. All traps in the vault are disabled. Iron golems were set to lose their AI and that locked door is unlocked automatically. And today is my day as my mod is almost complete. Time for action! I drank an invisibility potion to cloak myself and started to sneak towards the bank. I quickly pulled an ender pearl and teleported to the vault section door. I looked behind and found out that no one has seen me for unknown reason. Coincidentally, another friend of mine is attacking the bank. He launch many tnt through a tnt cannon as an attempt to destroy the bank. While it was reinforced from damage, constant blast is bothering the guards. They decided to protest and fire back with their arrows. The tnt cannon is a special one. It is designed to fire up to 4 tnt at the same time. Dangerous, and technologically advanced. Anyways, with this as a distraction, I opened the door and locked it from the inside. I began to sneak in.

    I reached the vault. Was this a griefer day? I swear another friend of mine is trying to burrow underneath. He get pass all the defense successfully, although it was disabled. Anyways, it was meant to only be accessible by spectator player however I used by Gravity Glove to push the blocks away. I entered in and collected some diamonds and emeralds. All golden apples are stolen. The valuable elytra is also worth grabbing. Suddenly, that friend of mine burrowed up and found the hole. I was cloaked albeit with few minutes left. I sneaked away and drank another one. He was surprised as to how the wall ended up like this. He decided to entered in anyways and grabbed some diamonds. He was confused when he found out that the elytra was missing. I decided this would be my opportunity. I slowly approached him. I equipped my armor. It was enchanted. Shocked that there was another criminal, he was even more surprised when he found out it was me. Not believing it could be me, he went to my chair and looked at my screen. He went back and asked me what was I doing. I told him that I was trying to get the elytra. I explained everything. He was impressed by my act. I asked him to join my teams. A team of modded griefer. He agreed since the leader was hardcore enough to make a mod and even sabotage the security system. So, we went back the epic way. Instead of sneaking, we used my gravity power to disturb blocks.

    When we reached the last layer of the wall, I splashed an invisibility potion so we are invisible. We unequipped ourselves. I pushed the wall out and none of the guards notice. We went out and with my newly gained gravity powers, I switched the mode. I decided to pull arrows to really mess up their aim. Since the strength was adjustable, I make it weak enough so the arrows won't make it towards me but I can still slow them down nonetheless. It was confusing as heck. My friend had ender pearled to the attacker. He prompted that other friend of mine to join our team. He told my other friend all about the team and how I did the most successful crime ever(in minecraft). The prospect of gaining modded weapons must be irresistible. He joined our team easily. So, I teleported up there and began helping. We set up a plans. Person A(the one who originally attacked the bank) would push the button that launch the tnt while Person B(the one who mine) would reload the tnt. It was twice as quick. They tried to fire back but I used by mod to push the arrows away from us. I even grabbed another one and set it so it push tnt instead. It kept going this way till the next day.

    The next day, our teacher reported of a "major" crime. There has been a report that this was a group effort, and was the biggest crime ever. Estimated damage is quite severe. The bank was heavily damaged. Security system is down during that time and three people struck at once, one of which never struck before. It was me. Although caught, it was a successful minecraft crime. I stole the elytra, gained many diamonds and all enchanted gapples were mine. I even get a team going. They seem worried though that they would be dealing with modders after this. I suggested better guards. They should have considerably stronger armor and weapons, and even a special items. I programmed them all the healing machine. Basically, everyone who is a guard has increased regeneration rate.

    It was a mayhem so I decided to wait a while. In our secret base, I give out the modded gravity glove for our personal needs. I asked them to save it however till the perfect time but they were disobedient. I simply watched from behind. Little did they know I was pre-programming some mod to assist our life.

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    posted a message on If you could have one superpower, what would it be.

    When making a superpower, there's a few guideline that you must follow before posting. This is so that we all can have interesting power yet not overpowered.

    1. You must put in your uses for the power that you wanted. Let's say you want power X, then what would it be used for? This ensure that everyone will have a useful power, and even then the uses must be useful and practical enough to the point where it is actually life-changing.

    2. You must put in a drawback to your power. It must be weak enough so your power is actually reliable however it must be strong enough so you can't abuse your power.

    3. Optionally, try to come up with an original(or close to original) and interesting power.

    4. One person=one superpower

    5. You cannot choose the power to absorp other superpower nor can you choose to have all superpower. Randomization is okay however.

    6. Optionally, you are allowed to make an animation demonstrating your power. While some is surely obvious other might not be.

    So with that out of the way, this is my desired power. I'll be adding more superpower as you and I come up with them. But for now this is all I have for now.

    1. Self-Gravity Manipulation(Me);allow me to manipulate my own gravity. Fantastic as you can increase your own gravity so everyone literally gravitate to you. However I pull everything in a targeted area, so as I was gravitating that cute girl across the school field I might accidentally gravitate a tree towards me if I wasn't paying attention.
    2. Flight(Mancu32);allow the user to fly. Great for travelling around and can be used to solve a wide variety of troubles. Hopefully Mancu is aware of that plane that was about to hit him.
    3. Hypnosis(Blootz);allow the user to control the minds of other. You can get away from homework and watch T.V all day long. Blootz lose some of his memory, so with enough bad luck he might forget... how to breath. Hopefully that won't happens.
    4. Seduction?(MinecraftSiegeEngineer);allow user to seduce others. If you are searching for a girlfriend(boyfriend in case of girl) then this is the best power. Keep in mind that your partner isn't really interested with you. You forced him/her so its kinda a forced relationship.

    Congrats! So far 3 other people(which exclude me of course) have posted their own power.

    So, yeah. Let see what you guys can come up with!

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    posted a message on Dark Lair (Or Giant Cave)

    Who cares what the exact name is? The point is that the idea needs to be fixed so elytras still feel worthwhile getting.

    True. This would make elytra useless and worthless.

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    posted a message on We need cooler, more interesting animations.

    Animation would make for a more aesthetically pleasing world. It doesn't make sense that swimming has no animation but I'm afraid it might lag the game with a large amount of them going. Only a select few should have animation to avoid this problem.

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    posted a message on Improved Minecarts (w/ Pictures)

    I definitely agree with this suggestion, as minecart is a very bad method of transportation currently. Lots of resource required for a very slow transport method. Redstone minecart would allow for new redstone mechanism. Very detailed as always! One thing though. Chunk loading can cause slight lag especially in server, but what would happen if a minecart is loading a chunk that isn't loaded by any players, but then an admin change the gamerule so minecart no longer generate chunks? Would that chunk become unloaded?

    Other than that I agree with this improvement. And as an idea here a death message shall you ever get killed by a minecart.

    <playername> happily stand still when a minecart is about to run into him/her.

    If a player is killed by minecart but is knocked into the track by other mobs/player:

    A minecart stole the death of <playernamewhodied> from <playernamewhokilled/mobname>

    For example:

    A minecart stole the death of Vagarock from BountyHunter928.

    Also you forget about spawner minecart.

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    posted a message on Different Chicken Breeds

    Small yet highly aesthetic feature that could prove useful for mapmakers. Plus I would definitely love a variety of them. I personally agree that all mobs should have a bit more variety to them. This would enhance the atmospheric feeling of the game.

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    posted a message on Ducks in minecraft

    So a retextured chicken with different name that can fly a short distance temporarily that drop duck meat? How much does the duck meat restore anyways? Raw and cooked that what i wanted to know for so long.

    As a select few of other have said, we don't need this redundant and useless mob that isn't even that atmospheric. In the very least.. we should have it so the duck has unique mechanic or uses. For example: Duck should migrate from area to area. Every time it reach a certain day(like 20 days) it should migrate to another area that is at least 2000 blocks away. They should load a limited amount of chunk, and then stay in their destination. They migrate by flying.

    They should drop Duck Beak, which can be used to brew a potion of Boosting, which allows you to move faster the lower your health are. Initially you move at 105% speed, but at max speed you move at 160% speed. Stronger than speed, at the cost of lower health.

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    posted a message on Add the rotating function of rails to detector rails

    A small idea... but has a major impact on the game. I felt like this is the kind of things that should be added into the game, and I definitely think that activator rail should also be rotatable, as it would be useful to have that tnt minecart activate around a corner. Actually, I wouldn't mind if all rail are rotatable.

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    posted a message on Dark Lair (Or Giant Cave)

    I felt like this would be a rather overpowered. You can go mining in a cave, stumble upon a giant cave and fight a fast moving bat with low hp and low attack power. And I'm guessing that you can shoot it with a fully charged bow 4 times before rushing it and hitting it with an iron sword once. Then be sure to bring 10 raw beef and feed it till its tame.

    Once its tamed you can fly around with no issues as long as its night. Still pretty op if you ask me. It certainly give you a significant advantage during nighttime even though you didn't quite work hard enough for that. It would also make elytra almost useful.

    And btw... its phantom membrane, not phantom hide. What the heck is phantom hide anyways? Is that a new item in this suggestion? Anyway I'm leaving a link for future reference.


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    posted a message on AoA--25 New Dimensions• 330 Mobs• 27 Bosses• Skills• Quests• 600+Items [LARGE Bugfix Update, May 2018]

    You know, in 1.12.2 version, there's seem to be a limit on how many health a mob can have, in this case it would be 1024. I think you should remove this limit and any other limit because its annoying having the balance the whole mod within that limit. Besides that, the staves should have more strategic uses, as currently they don't really do anything outstandingly useful save for some like the Kaiyu staff and Rejuvenation Staff. Adding a lore or bestiary can be great addition to the mod, and you should add in AoA advancement as well. Also, how the progression so far? Have you started it yet, and if so, how many files have you updated so far?

    I'm excited for this update that for sure. When the biggest mod in minecraft history been updated to the latest stable minecraft version, then all smaller mod still in 1.7.10 will start to follow up and update to the new version as well, seeing that since such a large mod can be updated, then a smaller mod can do it as well. This would be a motivation for other mod creator to update their mod.

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