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    Hey. My name is Valeriy Kim and I am making this texture pack for you guys.


    What is this pack?

    This is a resource pack and it is called Tale of Jobutara Kingdoms - Yonder Witch. ver. SUN. It features almost complete remake of original textures and main idea of it - is to revamp minecraft experience and give new emotions and joi for experienced minecraft players

    This pack is not about just remaking textures how I want, main objective was and is to bring superb fresh and beautiful experience for well-known Minecraft gameplay. Also I made everything to provide building abilities without mods as max as possible. Almost every block have its usage, there are no blocks with just texture, I hope this would provide complete freedom not only for big creations but also for small and minimalistic ones. Every UI box is completely revamped. It's a little awkward for me to compliment my own stuff, so I hope screenshots and some footage that I'll uploaed little later will speak for themselves.

    But also this pack is themed. So there is some "lore" or "setting"...

    Jobutara World

    Action take place in Betto - lands, where some time ago Great Jobutara Kingdoms were. But almost nothing remains of the old greatness. People settled across the lands, friends and families rallied, forming villages and small towns. There are no more great Jobutarian champions, heroic academies have long disappeared with the kingdoms. Small evil grew stronger without control and supervision. The night has become home to many who have turned to dark side. Among the countless monsters, there was one special personality. Witch. Yonder Witch. She turned to the old and strange magic of distortion. After decades of study, in the depths of spaces and dimensions, she found a Source. The Source that feeds this world. As the witch was fed universal energy, the world was distorted. New species appeared, more and more resembling the appearance of a witch. Everywhere, people saw her eyes watching something. Some tribes converted to the service of the Witch. They organize unpunished raids and robberies. Things in the Betto Lands are getting darker every day. The lands need new champions ready to fight back in the name of Jobutara.



    - 100% GUI revamp;

    - Different village races and unique villager roles

    - Fresh colorful fantasy environment (hardly modified colormaps)

    - Paintings from my professional portfolio and some unreleased things :-|

    - Custom effects(fire; particles etc)

    - Everything is painted; every pixel is unique and done from zero so no repeats from any resource pack or elsewhere

    - Creepers (you will understand when meet them once)

    - Super unique mobs

    - Part of my soul and 1500+ hours of work

    - Hot witch

    - Herobrine removed

    Release Info

    MOON version of this pack would be available on Minecraft Marketplace in a week-month. And I need to wait some time after that moment. I'll leave a link once it would be on market. For this moment it is on 100% finished state and is on testing.

    also MOON ver. fully supports all type of controllers including ps4; touch; nintendo; xbox

    I got tons of knowledge when I was porting this pack to MPCE so I cant just not use all this to improve main SUN(java) version. So I will need ~1 month to polish things, I'm currently working on it. I would be happy to finish things earlier, but I can only work on my free time.

    Sun version

    It would work without Optifine and with. But you have to be noticed that birch colormap settings would be reseted without Optifine. Also I have some problems with this mod and I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.

    (Grass colorig on 4st screenshot is messed up and it is done totally by Optifine, I hope to solve that thing.)

    This pack would look great with shaders and without them, I was creating this resource pack without shaders from start, so things look very nice.

    One more moment

    It would work without Optifine and with. But you have to be noticed that birch colormap settings would be reseted without Optifine. Also I have some problems with
    I have started this resource pack because one guy told me that I can make something for Minecraft Marketplace. I had some experience in past, I have started my career as pixel-artist from Minecraft. And that was like maybe 2 years ago. I spend tons of time and almost finished it for Java, but there were new updates and I had to port it on Bedrock version. Some things got completely broken. Environment is one of the key fearues of this thing, and it was broken due to some technical things of MPCE. I got into "depression" feeling for some time and put pack for some other times when I'll be ready. And I got back to work on it this May. I finished Java version (I thought so haha) and spend almost 3 months to port it to Bedrock. Now MOON version looks great and I love it. There were hard moments, entertaining ones. I want to say thanks to Pathway Studios that supported me and Zoya for helping me not to go to pieces on this "run". I spent more than 1.5K hours and it is monstrous amount of work. I almost never shown to public what I was working on until last month. I hope you would not be upset or angry with me because I cant share SUN version right now, I hope you would enjoy and wait for it launch with me.

    Also I didnt mention who am I. My name is Valeriy Kim and I am professional pixel-artist with almost 8 or 9 years(lol) experience. You can check my portfolio here. I work in game-dev. Currently I am in Starr Mazer:DSP and Kingdom of the Night. Also I am from Russia. My english is far from perfect, I hope things are understandable, sorry if I make too much mistakes haha!

    Feel free to ask or discuss anything, I would love it.

    Thank you guys.
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    Hi guys.

    I did installed optifine few days ago and seems like it breaks some default options which is biome blend. Maybe I did not find something that can do default colod blending. Maybe you know guys. What do you think?

    Upper one is clean minecraft.

    Bottom one is optifine.

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    I have a problem guys, maybe you know how to deal with that. Animated textures seems to work in a wrong way.

    Lantern texure originally was 16x48 which is 3 frames of animation. So I have 32x96 cuz my pack is 32x32 but this is how it works:

    how to deal with that? Same with campfire.


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