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    Demo is available. Get downloading if you want to try it out. I checked through the first dungeon and I think all bugs are gone! I have also added to the length.

    Please provide feedback here. If you think I should do X, tell me about why and how that affects Z.

    Thanks guys!
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    posted a message on minecraft
    Quote from fizzyt174

    i want to downlod it my mom and dad wont buy it!

    Tough toenails then. You can't download it without buying it. If you do, then you are stealing it.
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    posted a message on [AC]The legend of Zelda: Title pending
    The village looks really nice! The texture pack makes a huge difference.
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    Quote from sageofshadow

    Hey I was thinking, wouldn't it be a good idea to add readable books to this so people don't have to place walls of signs?

    What are you trying to accomplish? Reading a book filled with some lore? Reading a book that triggers an event? Reading a book and learning about a password/other valuable info? It is possible through scripting, but it won't be in the same form as the readable books mod. It would show up as chat text, which doesn't really have a book feel to it. But I think it would work if you were to trigger the book to bring up an overlay and then have whatever you wanted to write there. The only problem is that you would only have one page.

    EDIT: Although after thinking about this you could also incorporate timers to change the overlay so that more than one page would be readable. Seems easier/better to just incorporate that mod into AC I think, as I don't think the tools currently available would help depending on your specific situation.
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    posted a message on I need your ideas! (Map in progress)
    Have you considered using AdventureCraft? It is the best way to make an exploration based map that allows you to have triggered events/etc. It also comes with building tools that are very helpful and may save you some time.

    EDIT: Nevermind. You should specify in the OP that you will be using AC for your map.
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    This is possible through scripting. Sorry, I had to say it, :tongue.gif:

    Well, you can't remove mob drops yet, but you can certainly add them now. And you can have a "5 rupees" item that adds 5 rupees to your wallet. Both with scripting.

    I guess I really will have to learn how to use scripting for my map. I have been trying to find scripts that others have posted but it looks like I'm going to have to try and pave the way for something like that and post it. I think I'll just have Mob drops have the same textures as the currency and have the same name in the lang file. This way you could still have the money system without having to alter drops. Making bones into a "5 rupees" item etc. and also having a "5 rupees" item would be the easiest way to do this I guess.

    The amount of scripting you've done for your map is astounding. So many things are possible that I didn't think were. Maybe there should be a "Is it possible through scripting? And if so, how?" thread! That would be a ton of work though and I wouldn't be offended if you didn't want to do it :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from Kossnet

    Yes, but you missed the point of his post. Of course he can retexture whatever and use it as currency, anyone can do that. But the problem is that hostile mobs don't drop any minerals! Of course you could make the mob drops be retextured as money but that would be confusing, and there are so many kinds of mob drops that it would be hard to juggle and make a currency exchange system (because whatever a zombie drops is gonna be different from what a spider drops) It would be a better idea to create a common currency and possibly control how much each mob drops or something.

    Isn't this where Cyborg comes in and says "This is already possible through scripting"?

    I'm being sarcastic. Now onward to being serious!

    Having different levels of currency would be nice. For example, a "1 rupee", a "5 rupee" etc. Wallets are already possible through scripting I think, but having various amounts of "money" would be very helpful. Having the ability to control mob drops would be a nice addition. I think these things have been mentioned on the AC wiki, but I'll go check to be sure.
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    Quote from Slyvr89

    You would think that someone with as little posts as you would know to reply with more douche-y comments and be a rude **** to others.

    Since you can't use good manners, I'll just make it easy and tell you.

    Thanks for the answer so that I don't have to go searching around for it.

    See Kossnet's response. Also, I've been looking through these forums since before you were born. I haven't been posting anything because the only things I have had to contribute are "OMG awesome job man!" or "I'm downloading this cause it looks amazing".

    The only reason I have created an account and started posting is because I wanted to have my AC map out in the open and I needed a great place to spread the word.

    Sorry if it seemed personal. I just can't handle PDI and call it out when I see it. This isn't a place for members to rely solely on others for information they desire. That is like asking all of us to do your research for your thesis.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [AC] The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Gate | Back Under Construction! | Bukkit Server
    Quote from desimater123

    when are you going to release the demo again

    It was planned for yesterday (Monday) but I was still spending time with family. It will have my full attention this week though and I should have the demo available soon. I guess it depends on the results of the Poll that I'm posting at the top of this thread.

    I started work on Inglip Mountain and the Inglip mines on Saturday. If included in the demo the demo won't be available for another week or so.
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    Quote from Slyvr89

    Does it work with multiplayer? I'm currently working on a big Adventure focused server with no block placement, only item usage...this mod would be absolutely perfect for it.

    You would think that someone with as many posts as you have would know to read through the thread and do some research and pay attention to what others have said before posting a question like that.

    Since you can't use the search function, I'll just make it easy and tell you.

    No. It will not work with multiplayer, nor are there plans to have multiplayer support.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [AC] The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Gate | Back Under Construction! | Bukkit Server
    I will also be posting the development blog soon, as well as showcasing some YouTube videos and pictures. Be sure to check the Wiki page, as it will contain the most up to date information/lore/etc.

    Also, I would like to assure everyone that the demo that was released a few days ago has been overhauled and received numerous fixes and additional content. I am still developing a feature list, and will edit the OP to include this information when it becomes available.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]
    Quote from CyborgDragon

    Why, why, why do people ask this? The search function works now. Search for the words "update" and "version" and see what comes up. Cryect won't update until MCP is updated, so don't bother asking, please. You aren't helpless, you have arms, or some means to use the computer, meaning you can easily use the search function.

    I lol'd. Besides that though, it will be nice to see the mapping feature that 1.6.X will bring. Being able to manually make the maps, specify how large they will be and having the ability to put them into a store block to trade just seems pretty awesome.

    Besides, if you already have AC then you shouldn't NEED it to be updated yet anyway.

    EDIT: One of the dungeons in my AC WIP is a "mine" themed one, so 1.6 I think will be a good thing. Give Cryect some time though.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [AC] The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Gate | Back Under Construction! | Bukkit Server
    Team Members

    I've included a short paragraph from each team member, for those of you who are interested.


    "Hi, I'm the original developer for the map and the one that started this huge Adventurecraft project. I've been recruiting team members for a development team that will create this, and other, maps."


    "Hello everyone, my name is Seagoingmanatee and I have always been a fan of the map so I was happy to join the development team when tKm asked me to. I specialize in scripting and I have also been talking to tKm a little bit about minigame design. I look forward to the great things that will come out of this development team, and you
    should look forward to the next content update for the map, as well as future content that we will release."


    "Hey, I'm CDi-Fails, a storyline designer with a bit of skill in graphic design, and I'm part of the 'LoZ: The Shadow Gate' development team. I have created several textures for the map, and I am mainly responsible for story that is unraveled throughout the game."


    "Hey I'm Laony aka Chris. I'm a map developer and story designer. I'm responsible for several dungeons and story elements in "The Shadow Gate". I also took part in the conceptualization process by designing new dungeons and quests. I joined the dev team 'cause I was amazed of the lovely detail tKm gave his works."


    (Not available yet)


    "Hello everyone, I am Arkia one of the new members of the Shadow Gate development team. I mainly do scripting for the map, item scripting at the moment but eventually mobs and other things. Hopefully I will be able to bring interesting and unique features to the map with scripting that will help make it stand out from all the other maps being made."


    (Not available yet)


    (Not available yet)
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [AC] The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Gate | Back Under Construction! | Bukkit Server

    5/16/2013 - New Dev Vlog posted!

    5/15/2013 - We are currently seeking new builders for an AC2 version of the map! Watch the video for more information.

    NanoEdge is currently seeking builders for Legend of Zelda | The Shadow Gate!
    We are also seeking one additional programmer to help with our JavaScript.

    Email us at [email protected] to express your interest. We will have a short screening process and have you show us work that you have done in the past. You also have the option to show us your building skills on the server if you don't have anything that you would like to show.

    Work has resumed for this custom map! More information will be coming soon.



    [center]To download this map, visit our website by clicking the image below.

    To donate and support the map developers (allowing us to host pictures, and eventually our own server and website for future projects) click the image below.


    [center]This map uses

    If you don't know how to install an Adventurecraft map, just go download Adventurecraft and you can download this map IN THE MOD.













    So, I've been playing through Skyward Sword and I've found some new things to add. I'm basing some of the additions off of Skyward Sword's style, but it should feel distinctly different. The minecart concept in that game is interesting, but I'm going for something that I think is a cooler way to do things.
    I'm also going to avoid padding the playtime with 9000+ fetch quests, as I'm growing tired of them in Skyward Sword. Nintendo, you spent 5 years making fetch quests and recycling content? Lies.
    I expect to resume work once I've finished Skyward Sword, and possibly sooner. Out of the criticisms I think I'm going to avoid telling and focusing on doing/showing, as I think that is a better way to tell the story.
    All in all, my playthrough of the latest entry in the Zelda series only serves to make this map better.

    10/31/11 - The website is now live! All downloads will be handled through our website. We will be registering a domain name soon if everything goes well. To visit it, you can click this link or you can click the "download" link below, OR you can click on any team member's banner.

    10/29/11 - Good news everyone! We will no longer be using this forum thread to host download links. Instead of using adcraft.co, we will simply be using our own site.

    The website will be used to distribute all of our various content, including the upcoming Zelda Development Kit for Adventurecraft. I will announce when the site is live, but it will host exclusive videos, screenshots, and all current and future versions of this map.

    10/28/11 - As I spend some time assembling the intro for the map, I had an idea.

    You know how in some maps, when you are teleported to a new area, sometimes that area doesn't load very quickly?

    Well, my aim to fix this issue is simply to mask it. Since the newest version of the map is so large we will be using gates occasionally and loading screens to make sure that the player doesn't get bored walking 300000 hours just to get from one end of the map to the other.

    Here is a video demonstrating the feature.

    10/17/11 - A new HyruleCraft video update! This map uses a few .schematics from HyruleCraft, so I'm obligated to let you know just how awesome that project is. Go show this video and project some love!

    10/15/11 - Two new GUI elements that I'm certain you guys will love! Check out these!

    AND I'm working on the OoT styled HUD. What are your thoughts on it?

    10/05/11 - Currently speaking with a very talented Minecrafter regarding the opening scene for this map. Nightphoenix16 has created this insanely detailed version of Hyrule in Minecraft. So far, this along with Yarothb's Adventurecraft version, is the best Hyrule port I've seen. Check it out over at Planet Minecraft!


    For an indepth tour of his masterpiece WIP, watch this super-neato video.

    9/19/11 - Uploading a minor update to the map (still Chapter 1) but figured I should attempt to fix a few things and enhance the experience a bit.

    • The HUD is enabled and disabled when overlays are applied, allowing you to pay more attention to dialogue and text instead of having that pesky UI in the way.
    • The white screen issue SHOULD be fixed, but you ought to test it out and let me know.
    • The puzzle where you walk through spikes to shoot a switch has been fixed.
    • Official 16x support as been added! This selection is set by default.
    • Trimmed the download size by about 10mb.

    You can download the fixed version in the download section.

    9/13/11 - Poll Results: It looks like I...

    Will NOT remove the Zelda theme
    Will create a UE3 version in the future
    Will finish this map more quickly since 93% of people answered that they LOVED the map.

    8/24/11 - I've placed a poll on the thread topic to determine the fate of this Adventurecraft map. You NEED to vote! Go vote! If you don't I won't have any idea what to do...

    8/21/11 - Here are a few more screenshots from Inglip.

    The area gets more and more detail the longer I stay there terraforming! Let me know what you guys think of the new area!

    8/17/11 - Added a slew of Let's Play videos to the thread. If I missed you, just let me know and I'll add yours to the list.

    8/12/11 - New teaser from da_bazz! You can find it here!

    8/12/11 - New revision, v01.4.2

    Also, check out some testimonials!

    BadgerButcher said

    "Unlike Zelda Adventures where it feels like you are just farming dungeons, this is like going around solve problems for both you and other persons. It gives the game a meaning and not just a dungeon game with a little bit of zelda theme. Also there is nothing else to do in zelda adventures than completing dungeons. Here i can decied to ignore the world problem to save some love or robbing others house to buy a bunch of arrows to use on seagoingmanatee "

    Mudkippower1 said

    "I Just Tried This Map And I It's My Favorite Adventurecraft Map. TKM You Are Awesome! "

    slasher27100 said

    "I have to say I just completed the newest version and I was kinda hoping that chapter two would have been finished but I guess I was just hoping too much there. By the way great textures and music. I also like that there is dialog boxes so you can read at your own pace. I like this map and can't wait till its finished. Keep up the great work! "

    davidprime15 said

    "Wow, its finally here!
    It was really cool, the texture make it looks awesome, and the new quests and designs made it more fresh and original."

    Desiracy said

    "wow! just started playing the new version and may I say its completely different now, the music for the areas has changed to (although this music is just as good if not better). So far im really enjoying it.
    Also I like that u added the map to adventurecraft to now,(even tho i know its just gonna be the demo of it). "

    8/11/11 - For those of you using the ingame map download option, that copy is bugged. Arrow based puzzles WILL NOT WORK unless you update the map to the new version. You can find the new version here at LoZ TSG v01.4.1

    8/11/11 - The release is finally here! v01.4, which features a completely overhauled first chapter, is out now. The new download link can be found below.

    The map will inform you when this "demo" is over. The next full version will be available on the 22nd of August, and I'm working on it right now.

    If you have suggestions/feedback/bug reports, just post them and I'll fix them.

    NOTE: There is a known issue with dying in the dungeon sometimes, with the chat spamming "k is not defined". You can prevent this by not falling into the spikes in the level. We are working on fixing this issue, but until we can figure out why it is happening you guys may have to deal with it.

    I personally have not encountered the bug, but a beta tester has, so be on the lookout.

    8/5/11 - There are three things left to fix before beta round three, which should be the final round of beta before release. I've done a ton of self testing and not all of the features I wanted to include are going to make it and I'm not happy about that, BUT the last release was so long ago that I felt a new release would be necessary.

    ThymeCypher has been working on the total GUI overhaul which would include minimaps, forced inventory, equipping items without using the hotbar, and (this shouldn't matter for you guys but I'm pretty stoked about it) SCRIPT OBFUSICATION. In order to protect the authors of the scripts used to make this map even better, the scripts will be obfusicated to ensure that others cannot simply copy and paste, or even edit the script pack.

    The script pack tracks certain map elements, and the script pack won't work on any other map without some major editing and work. There are other methods in place to ensure that I can prove if someone is using the script pack for their map, but I will not list them here.

    This isn't saying that you can't use the scripts I use in your map. A bunch of them are from other authors that have posted to the wiki OR from authors that distribute their scripts to certain people only. If the script is posted on the wiki, you can use it, but it will be nearly impossible to import the script pack into your map.

    The planned release date for v01.4 is August 11th, or this thursday. Only three things are left to fix for now.

    8/3/11 - I made a vanilla minecraft texture pack! You can download it by visiting this thread.
    tKm's Zeldacraft HD

    ZeldaCraft HD demonstration video

    Also, I have a banner for the texture pack if you would rather use that.


    8/2/11 - Arrow based puzzles! I created a script that allows for arrow based puzzles. You can see it in action (as well as some deku scrubs and a sneak peek at the Undergrowth) in the video below.

    8/2/11 - DEKU SCRUB!!!! Arkia has been hard at work making this custom mob for the map, and it is ready to go!

    Check it out.

    8/1/11 - Originally planned for beta testing to occur tonight, but I'm nearly finished.

    "But tKm! You've said that about 500 times now? Is this time for real?"

    Well in order to avoid me going through and adding more features, I'm posting a list of things that need to be finished or have already been completed so you can see just how close the next version is to being finished.

    Alright, so here is a list of things that need to be done before I can release v.01.4, as well as things that are already done and have been added to v.01.4

    Green text has been completed, Yellow text is in progress, Red text hasn't been started.

    -High Resolution OoT styled texture pack, featuring 128x,64x,32x, and 16x versions
    -In-game texture swapping options (you can switch the textures the game uses while in the pause room)
    -Ability to return to the pause room by pressing the "p" key on your keyboard. By pressing "p" again, you return to where you were before you paused the game.
    -Ocarina is now fuctional, allowing you to play two different songs. One takes you to the first dungeon, the other takes you to the shrine.
    -PIMS (forcing items to one of two different slots, makes the map more Zelda-like) is finished and added
    -New Inventory screen has been created, which also shows how many pieces of heart you have.
    -Brightwood Meadows has 2 more structures, which allow for another more complicated side quest and a small minigame.
    -Shrine has been expanded, with an emphasis on training you in combat.
    -Pause Room now has a "basic puzzle mechanics room", which shows you how to solve basic puzzles and shows newcomers how Adventurecraft maps work
    -Field quest before the first dungeon has been added
    -Dungeon door sounds have been added, using pistons, and make familiar opening and closing sounds

    In Progress
    -IDS, mostly finished, but adding in yes and no choices via keypresses
    -Bow and Arrow based puzzles
    -the Undergrowth Temple, puzzles and rooms are mostly finished.
    -Scripted miniboss mob and scripted boss mob
    -Deku Scrub custom mob
    -Beta Tests

    Not Started

    Now this doesn't show the 40+ hours that have been spent on other updates (Stone Tower and the Desert field quests and dungeons are around 75% completed) and other work that we have done, but this is all the work that has been done that is dedicated to v.01.4. I'll try to finish the last few things asap but it shouldn't be much longer at all. The nice thing about listing these things is that I have a set list to stick with so I don't just randomly decide to add something else before releasing a new update.

    Thanks for your patience.

    7/30/11 - So after many hours of work, I'm deciding to have only 2 available packs for now. If I ever added a third style it would be similar to alttp textures.

    Here is a new video showcasing the new texture pack. Be aware that 128x is completely optional, and a 16x pack will be included.

    7/29/11 - I've discovered that AC will allow up to 128x textures, so I've been scouring the forums for some themed texture packs.

    The first one is a high res OoT one, similar to what you have already seen if you have played the map.

    The second one is from Ironsentron, a talented texture pack creator. It is Wind Waker themed, and you can find his thread here.

    The third one (my favorite) is a high res TP style texture pack. I have yet to create this one, as I'm basically starting from scratch here.

    7/29/11 - I've added terms and conditions to downloading the map. You may not use an adf.ly blocking gateway, or an adblocking service to download the map. You MUST view the ad to download it. I rely on adf.ly to ensure that the content I host can remain free, and by using any form of adblocking you are just spitting in our faces.

    7/25/11 - New screenshots have been added! Check out the new screenshots in the screenshots section below.

    7/21/11 - CDi-Fails made a new banner! This one is for public use, come show your support and VOTE.


    7/19/11 - I'll be making videos for EVERY feature and script and posting them right by the item so that you can SEE the item/script in action instead of just reading about how it works.

    Videos are now included showcasing the scripts. I will try to make videos for everything so you can see everything in action.

    7/18/11 - New photos! Check my blog at http://loz-theshadow...pment-team.html for the official team member announcement, as well as to get a sneak peek at the desert area and Ikana Canyon!

    7/17/11 - Laony and I are now both co-authors of the map! Now updates should occur more frequently, map quality should be EVEN HIGHER, and, well, Laony does really awesome work. The map is coming along quite nicely.

    7/14/11 - After countless hours of work on this AC map, I've realized that I cannot do this alone (well, I could, but updates would be FOREVER away)

    So, I am now accepting applications for a few different positions to assist in map development. I'll be assembling a team of experienced mappers to tackle this project (as well as any future project from (proposed name for map development team) tKm Digital Media.

    Application format will be located in the post directly below this one (the one that has been "reserved" for a long time). Check there for the positions available, and PM me if you are interested. I'll then give you a task and you'll need to complete it for your application.

    7/8/11 - In preparation for v 0.2, I'll be releasing v 0.1.4. I have a few reasons for doing this, but the biggest reason that I'm doing this is that I've had a consistent amount of downloads per day. This means that around 100-200 people download the map every 36 hours, which I would think that most of these people (if not all) are downloading this for the first time.

    I want to ensure that players have the best experience possible, and this will include some bug fixes, conversation overhauls, music changes, sound additions, skin changes, and content additions. The next release will include the first area only again (if you've already gotten v0.1.4, you won't be missing out on a ton of stuff if you don't get this next version) BUT the area has been streamlined, the overworld minimap will (most likely) be included, the "pause menu" will be more complete, and the dungeons difficulty will be decreased slightly but length and style of the puzzles will be altered to compensate for this.

    Beta Testers, I'll need you to try this update out before releasing it. I'll be sending you a PM regarding this the moment it is ready.

    tKm, Arkia, Seagoingmanatee, CyborgDragon, CDi-Fails, TheEpicPerson, Quarg.

    v.01.4.3, released on 9/18/2011 -The HUD is enabled and disabled when overlays are applied, allowing you to pay more attention to dialogue and text instead of having that pesky UI in the way. The white screen issue SHOULD be fixed, but you ought to test it out and let me know. The puzzle where you walk through spikes to shoot a switch has been fixed. Official 16x support as been added! This selection is set by default. Trimmed the download size by about 10mb.

    v.01.4, released on 8/11/2011 -contains a complete overhaul for chapter 1, adds in 32x/64x/128x textures with the ability to swap them in game. Added Deku Scrubs. Compiled Scripts. Overhauled the GUI. Removed old dungeon minimap. Completely changed the first dungeon. Added the base elements of IDS. Added hurt sounds. Added sword swinging sounds. Added a better version of a custom drop system. Resolved performance issues that players with slower PCs would encounter. Added areas to explore (through the use of /noclip and /fly) for players to walk through to preview new areas after they finish the demo. Added the game to the Adventurecraft in-game map downloader.

    v.01.3, released on 6/12/2011 -contains the final round of bug fixes (drops are fixed) enemies are different now (they make cool new sounds and different enemies are in place). I added a dungeon minimap, a two story house, and a few other things.

    v.01.2, released on 6/10/2011 -contains bug fixes (not getting stuck in waterfall), added more textures (tables and chairs), added more spawn points and sign directions in preparation for the minimap. Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the room with 4 bridges. Changed some dialog. Instead of going to get the Shards of Shadow, players will now acquire the 3 Elemental Stones, then the 6 Shards of Shadow.

    v.01.1, released on 6/09/2011 -First official release, features numerous fixes/improvements
    Bug fixes. All known/reported bugs (chests not working, jump puzzles, mini bosses, etc.) have been fixed.
    Content adjustment. 90% of Chapter 1 has been included.

    v.01, released on 6/01/2011 - second demo version, features numerous fixes/improvements including:
    Bug fixes. More specifically the jumping puzzle, trigger fixes, Mini-boss fix, and a Key/Respawn fix
    Content adjustment. More specifically, the removal of Brightwood Meadows and the addition of 1 large room and 1 small room in the Undergrowth.

    Initial demo, released on 5/24/2011 - original release, includes Brightwood Meadows and the Undergrowth.

    This document is Copyright © 2011 and is the intellectual
    property of NanoEdge Entertainment. You are not allowed to host this content
    anywhere or for any reason.
    You are not allowed to use any of this map's resources textures,
    JavaScript pack, scenario, schematics,
    custom enemies, or NPC skins (referred to as "ASSETS").

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