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If you are ever wondering when I'm on during the day (Probably not, as I have no friends), I am on almost all the time.

One other thing you should know about me. I have to be the biggest fan of the Elder Scrolls series in the world, specifically III, or Morrowind. I have invested over 2000 hours into that game, doing God knows what. In all of the others, I have invested at least 1200 each. I know every word of lore like the back of my hand. It's sad, I know, but everyone has to love something right? Another thing about me, I usually try to be funny, but then fail and cry for a few hours. I also don't have one of those Canadian accents everyone is talking about. One last thing you should know about me, I'm colorblind and cannot see about half of the color spectrum. You think your vision is bad, try my eyes on for a day.I know that sounded really creepy. By the way if you can read this... cool. That means you have about 20/20 vision if you didn't have to lean in really close to see this. Good job.

Yes, my MC name is sovietsniper29, don't ask, no, I'm not communist. Or Russian. Or from the past.
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