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    posted a message on So what do you guys think about the new 1.14 textures?

    Seems like a mixed bag. Most of the texture changes are pretty nice but some of them look worse than their originals, like netherrack which looks too blurry, prismarine bricks which don't have as much detail and glowstone, which is honestly kind've an eyesore.

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    posted a message on PVP is boring and kind of pointless

    I don't understand why people want PvP to be this complicated and intricate game mechanic. Minecraft isn't a PvP oriented game and like what Mastermined said, the game's NPCs are pretty dumb and easy to beat, making "special abilities" kinda useless for single player. If you ask me, swords, bows, shields and potions are really all we need.

    Besides, there are already many server plugins and mods that add things like spells and special abilities in the game to spice up the PvP.

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    posted a message on What is the stupidest thing you've done on your survival world?

    I was bored in the End so I looked at an enderman to get him to chase me. I looked around a bit while I was running away from him, causing a horde of them to run after me. They eventually chased me to the edge of the island and pushed me off. I still had my valuables in my inventory at the time.

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    posted a message on What's your biggest Minecraft pet-peeve?
    Quote from C1ff»

    When someone disses on an update without trying to be optimistic about it. Especially if they dis on the whole update just because of one feature they don't like. (E.G. The 1.9 update was the worst! The combat was terrible, and for that I'm just going to say the End Additions and Elytra were bad too!)

    Now, that doesn't mean that there are additions to the game that are actually terrible, like 1.8 using up extra RAM, which doesn't benefit anybody. But when you go out of your way to say that something is hated by all and has no good things, like Glazed Terracotta, 1.9 Combat or Hunger, expect me to fight you. (Believe it or not, I'm not super good at 1.9 Combat either, but I support it because it has the advantage of making players use more strategy in making combat easier or avoiding combat at all.)

    This one gets my blood boiling. A worse alternative to this is when someone dislikes an update because it didn't add a feature that they wanted, so they just hate on the cool new features that were added instead as some form of knee-jerk reaction. Bonus points if they generalise the whole update or describe it in a fashion that makes it seem lame to justify their biased opinion. I see it all too often when a new update comes out.

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    posted a message on What about making the heart bar on the screen when at 2.5 hearts or less when you are wielding a Totem of Undying?

    I'm not sure what you're suggesting, exactly.

    I think he's talking about the animation that plays when a Totem of Undying revives you. He's saying that the animation should be replaced with a health bar indication.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 :Is Mojang just gonna Hide Behind The New Updates And Features
    Quote from RedGuyYT»

    I think that Mojang is Hiding Behind The new Update and Forgot the Promise Update That is gonna bring the 1.7 PVP because after Minecon 2016 We Didin't Heard anything about this ... I am So Happy to See Your Opinion :D

    They never promised that. It took Mojang over a year to develop 1.9. It was due to this update that 2015 was the first year in which we didn't get a major Minecraft update. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't throw all of that time and effort away just to revert back to the previous PvP system because parts of the community haven't grown accustomed to it yet.
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    posted a message on Just curious: how quickly do people give up on an unsatisfactory world?

    The only times I'll immediately quit and delete a new world is if I spawn in an annoying biome, like a jungle or an ice plains (especially ice plains, since those tend to be huge and take a while to escape from). If it's something typical like a plains, forest or savanna, I'll just explore for a bit before I find a site that looks good to settle in.

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    posted a message on Why Everyone in youtube hates minecraft story mode??
    Quote from Sloop»

    By that logic, Minecraft, everything on Steam, everything on Xbox Live Arcade, and everything on the Playstation Store is DLC. Also, mods, maps, and texture packs are all technically DLC. The sterile definition of something is not synonymous with the public's feelings toward it. That's why nobody is allowed to use swastikas anymore without the Nazi empire coming to mind.

    What right do you have to complain about graphics? Minecraft itself is as abstract as you can get. Also, when I saw the trailer to Story mode I thought of this not this .

    I freakin' loved that slamacow video.

    Why are people comparing MCSM's trailer to THAT?

    If anything, they should have hired Slamacow or Element Animations to animate their crap.

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    posted a message on Is it more or does 1.9 seems like a little too much...
    Quote from TNT123BOOM»

    1.5: really loved this update as for the redstone :D

    1.6: -.- you're kidding right?

    1.7: great update :D

    1.8: Sucks completely sucks, i hated this update that why i stick to 1.7 till 1.9 release..

    as for 1.9? Yup i am for it,i have this feeling of this update it will be a massive update that would really change minecraft to the better

    we missed similar updates... 1.5 only added redstone (but i loved this update) 1.6.. Horses.. only -.-, 1.7 added blocks and.. some world stuff nothing new, 1.8 added tons and tons of lag spikes and useless stuff

    as for 1.9? i think it would be awesome (unless something happened that will also turn it into 1.8...)

    it will NOT ruin any minigame it will just make them more intense...

    and dual wielding is (a lot said what is that before me, won't explain that again..)

    1.5 (Started on this version)

    1.6 There was more added to this update than horses people, stop fabricating it.

    1.7 Agreed

    1.8 They fixed the lag ages ago. If you're having lag issues with it now, it's your computer's fault. Also, decorative features automatically = useless features aparently. (According to some)

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    Guys, this "Shulker" mob looks pretty awesome. I guess...

    You could say...

    That I'm...

    Really FEELIN' this update.


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