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    I'm a foreigner, so I hope I won't confuse you...much. Sorry in advance if I'll do.

    Providing you have proper ports on both your PC and TV, yes, you can play on a big screen. HDMI port will work for sure. 99.9% of PCs and Flat TVs have at least one. And you'll need a proper HDMI cable cable.
    The thing looks like this:

    As for controller, unfortunately I don't have any experience with it myself as I've been playing all of my life on PC with keyboard and mouse.
    And I know it may be far more familiar for you to play with the controller, but I still suggest to try keyboard and mouse (not a laptop's touchpad, but a proper mouse), espacially in context of aiming, since 1.8+ mobs on Java and espacially Skeletons may frustrate you a lot. Maybe you'll like it better. Or maybe not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    I was kinda surprised to see a user not so young on this forum. A pleasantly surprised, that is.
    Hope you'll enjoy Java Edition as much as PS one.

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    Even though I like the upcoming 1.13 textures (most of them anyway), these are sooo much better!

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    Try to shoot them!

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    I guess, I should post my few creations as well.
    So, here we are:
    ♦ Jetpack...kinda;
    ♦ Laser gun with similar colour scheme + laser shot;
    And they've been made long ago, that's why they kinda suck, but I thought I should post them anyway.
    Originaly the gun shoots red laser bullets, but everything is re-colourable!
    //I'm kinda thinking about redoing the jetpack as wings BTW.
    Also, I've made glass bottle and a clouple of filled versions. Not really fancy one, but still.
    Full RAR
    Folder for individual download

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