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    Honestly, I've given up trying to wish for developments. I'm fine just letting Mojang do what they will. They have a plan, at least (so we hope). Maybe it's because I haven't been playing as much as I once was, maybe it's because I've gotten older, I don't know. What I do know is that I am, as I type, playing in a three-year-old singleplayer world in β1.7.3 and am content.

    I am a builder. Most of what I do in singleplayer survival has building at the core. If I gather materials, it's to have more to build with. If I explore, it's to find somewhere to build. If I boot up the game, it's to build.

    The size of the block selection in β1.7.3 isn't even close to that of modern Minecraft, but that's exactly what I want. I'm trying to prove to myself that what I've always believed is correct: that I don't need hundreds of options and slight variations in colour to stir up creativity in building. With a few dozen blocks I can do anything. That is how I play Minecraft.

    Mojang has given us the players hundreds of blocks to build with in the last seven years, I get overwhelmed by that sometimes. I don't think that's inherently a bad thing, but I don't find it tasteful to my palate.

    Where is Minecraft's development going? I think Mojang is continuing to build their brand empire, and so will support that with each and every update. I think they now see Minecraft as a rough blend of form (new biomes, new mobs, new blocks) and function (new redstone mechanics, new commands, new game mechanics/systems. These two hardly actually exist in the same objects and additions, but they have both been clumped together under one roof.

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