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Hi hello, my name is V3getar1anCarr0t. I have been playing Minecraft since the 1.8 release, though for my first year or two playing the game, I was entirely on the pocket edition version α0.9 (2014). It wasn't until after 1.9 (2015) had been released that I began playing the Java Edition. I seem to have never gotten around to making a forums account until now (2024), but here we are, and I'm doing it.

I tend to build, mostly, but I dabble in all sorts of way to play the game, I particularly like mining.


Within building, I like medieval, fantasy, and steampunk styles. I also am not shy of terraforming, thought I usually end up leaving default terrain as-is. I do some Mining here and there, mostly to get the thousands of stone blocks I need for my projects, and of course end up spending hundreds of hours underground. I don't do a lot of caving, but instead tend to carve geometric shapes in the ground.

Living in Oregon has built in me endless appreciation for natural beauty, but I hardly ever take actual inspiration from the scenery. Probably because I'm so floored by what I'm seeing, I forget to take notes.

Location Oregon, USA

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