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    Hello! If you're reading this that means you may be interested in the "ManHunt" Java Edition Server I have begun hosting. This server is about a week old atm, and there are currently only myself (UtterlyMilked - IGN) and one other. I have regularly streamed the server since opening it but we are interested in getting more active players. The server is intended to be a Community Server with many PvP events for members to participate in, there are rules to prevent and crack down on griefing. If you are interested in applying we will have discord and you will need to just have a short QnA with me in order to learn more about you. We are intending for people to either stream they're activity on the server or make condensed videos. If you are wanting a link to the discord/ want to chat with me just reply to this message, thanks!

    Criteria and Additional Info*

    - Mature Nature.

    - Discord Required.

    - Any type of player! We want the server to draw in PvE and PvP players alike.

    - This is a server inspired by Hermitcraft and SMP Live.

    - It's recommended for members to upload their progress to YouTube or stream on any platform.

    - The server has a wide variety of data packs.

    Interested in Joining? Leave your discord information along with some general info about yourself, I'll reply shortly!


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