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    posted a message on 1.10.2 Minecraft Currency Mod (The first open source mod for minecraft, maybe?)

    Minecraft Currency Mod (mccurrency)

    Version 1.2 Open Source

    This mod is still incomplete and needs lots of work. I, do not have that much time and I don't want this idea to be wasted. So I am making this mod open source in order to make the mod workable by anyone and anytime.

    If you are a modder and intrested please visit https://github.com/utkumaden/mccurrency for the source code so you can compile or work on the mod

    This mod is not released yet but here are the available items (may not be functional) items as of yet.

    Coins and Paperback Money: A range of unique currency that are physical. Must be printed using a printing press.

    Debit Card: Electronic money. Can be used to make payments with a POS device. Can debited or withdrawn using an ATM machine. Calling your dad might not work... (Earthbound reference)

    Portable POS Device: Because you never know when you find a customer on the road.

    POS Device: A block which can be used to make payments.

    ATM Machine: You can use your Debit card with it to make withdrawals and debits to and from the card.

    Change Machine: Can break down physical currency to less valuable currency of the same worth.

    Printing Press: The only way of acquiring money. You have to use valuable items in order to get money. A prevention measure for inflation.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Currency Mod 1.8.1-Alpha (UPDATE)(Not necessarily updated)
    Quote from choijason»

    Is this still being updated?

    Pls this is the only respectable currecny mod for 1.8

    Unfortunately I cannot continue the mod. I lack the modding knowledge to continue. I know c#, a very java like language but it really does not translate to my modding skills. You know what, i will continue this mod. I was discouraged because i had been loosing lots of stuff. But will do it this time...

    I am looking for people who can help me further develop the mod. If you are interested, please contact me.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Currency Mod 1.8.1-Alpha (UPDATE)(Not necessarily updated)

    I am looking for a real programmer to give this mod to. If you are intested please reply below.

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    posted a message on [DEAD] the MYSTERIOUS mod!
    Quote from medsal15»

    Not stupid... I like this idea

    About platinum: It needs: ore(s?) + item (ingot) + block (3x3) + tools (powerful as diamond ones?) + OreDictionary + money nuggets OR it's better than diamonds and needs diamond tools to be mined.

    I didn't say it is stupid. I meant it could be improved on. I just don't like the fact it totally replaces diamonds.
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    posted a message on [DEAD] the MYSTERIOUS mod!
    It would be a great idea if it didn't totally remove diamonds. Platinuim is a valuable metal, but there won't be many ways you can use it. Maybe make it an expansion for Thermal expansion. Platinuim Energy Condiuts would be cool. Just an idea, you don't have to do it. I am looking foward to this actually.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Currency Mod 1.8.1-Alpha (UPDATE)(Not necessarily updated)

    Minecraft Currency Mod
    A mod That Adds Minebucks to the game.

    Yes! Now minecraft has a mod that has currency. But sadly it isn't complete :(

    ► Bank Notes: You need money, you have money. There are 6 bank notes (1,5, 10, 20, 50, 100, minebucks). Unfortunetly they are not craftable :(

    ► Coin: No currency is complete without coins. Even bitcoin is a coin("Expect some more puns in this thread").

    ► Printing Press: Just for decoration at the moment. In the future it will print money with minerals. So no inflation. So your money wont turn into this : :cobblestone: (Craftable Block)

    ► ATM : Just for decoration at the moment. In the future it willgive you credit cards. This will also be how you transfer money to your card. (Craftable Block)

    ►Credit Cards: I know, it is named credit card but it is more like a wallet. The only different feature is it will be able to make payments using POS devices.

    Printing Press
    Credit Card
    Fifty Minebucks
    Five Minebucks
    Hundred Minebucks
    One Minebuck
    Ten Minebucks
    Twenty Minebucks
    Wad Of cash

    Special Thanks to MrCrayfish for the modding tutorials.


    ► Make sure you have Forge installed
    ► Run the bat file
    Mac OS:
    I don't know.
    I don't know this one either
    Why are you using solaris?


    Some people thought the install.bat was a virus. It is not. It just moves the .jar file to appdata. Here is the code:

    @echo off

    echo Welcome to Minecraft Currency Mod Installer!

    choice /t 10 /d y /m "Is your .minecraft folder at %appdata%?"
    if ERRORLEVEL 2 goto custom

    echo Your File is at %appdata%!
    copy mccurrency-1.8.1-Alpha.jar %appdata%\.minecraft\mods
    goto end

    echo Please Follow normal installation instructions
    goto end


    Also that I reply farm.I do not. I am honest, not a selfish b******.

    I will try to update this mod. School has finished and I have a lot of time to work on this mod. Hope it will be as bug free as possible.


    Lost all assets, but had a backup of the original ones. They suddenly disappeared. They aren't in my recyle bin either. This could be the start of something bad... I have to remake the pos textures and model. I was working on GUI when this happened. It isn't present in older versions of the file(says windows). At least I have a gui for the printing press, but it isn't working yet. I don't even have the GUI pop up when you right click it. I am wondering how I could pull the pos and
    atm off. They are the more complicated ones. I would be very happy if an actual dev helped me out. Here is the printing press gui if you are wondering:

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    posted a message on Train Station For Small Bukkit Servers
    Train Station For Bukkit Servers
    :Diamond: Pretty Compact
    :Diamond: Great for Your Creative maps too

    http://www.mediafire...hefvdz656065qi6 is the download link

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    posted a message on What happened during your first encounter with a spider jockey?
    I was playing on a server. A group with diamond armor burned my trees burned my house, and
    exploded tnt at my house. I tried to fight back( fist vs. diamond?). No use. Then the night I was in my mushroom farm. From the explosion it was badly damaged , water flowing into it. and then there was this freaky skeleton shooting me on a spider. I quickly typed "HELP! A SKELETON RIDING ON A SPIDER ATTACKING ME!" I had heard about them but I did't know they're name. Then I saw it drown and the chat filled with;
    "Can I see it?"
    "Oh where is it?"
    "Cool! You saw a Spider Jockey"
    And my only answer was, "It drowned sorry guys."
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    posted a message on Free Recording Software Needed
    I need a freeware that can record a long time without pause. Please leave suggestions in the comments below.
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    posted a message on R3D CRAFT - Play Minecraft in High Definition (04.04.17)
    I love it. I use the 128p version

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    posted a message on Use your username as a world seed and see where you spawn!
    I spawned in a huge ocean biome. ANd it was underwater. LOLx2
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Ironclad49er's Mods
    Why does the dynamic elevators mod's stationary elevator block send you down to the lowest floor when the lowest floor is one block above you.
    I have another thing, why does the elevator floor editor (eg B1 1 2 3) reset after getting to another floor
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    posted a message on SurviBuild A survival or a Building Map
    I apologies for mac users. I will find an installer today or so.
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    posted a message on SurviBuild A survival or a Building Map
    This is a new type of survival island. I call it SurviBuild. This map gives you two features,one is a survival island. If you swim east, you encounter land. Its still a survival map because most of the map is Icy plains. The island is about a 250 Chunks ( Eye Measurement ). Have luck on the island.
    if you just like building go to the icy plain, they are usually flat.

    I was just using the newest snapshot and a Bonus chest. There is useful stuff in it.
    Sorry I cannot put pictures because imgur is busy in these days.

    Here is the download:
    http://www.mediafire...atccyhvk3uhpa9v Media fire
    Here is the MAC installtion video on youtube. Credits to iTechPOd
    ( This was requested from the first person who replied)

    Here is the Windows installation Credits to Tyker132

    Anyone know how to put videos directly not like the links? I will appreciate if you reply me a how to
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    posted a message on 12w24a seed!
    If you walk twards the dessert there is a hole in the ice. This leads to a cave
    The Tree:

    The Hole:

    And the cave :) :

    Oh and check this out:

    Good for Miner Bros.
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