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    TragicNeko. i think you should make the weapon's name purple-colored, not light blue, because purple-colored marks the item as 'unique'

    or 'powerful'. The color examples of the items are:

    PURPLE = similar to enchanted golden apple

    LIGHT BLUE= enchanted items

    WHITE = Normal items

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    I have an idea:

    So, i just read the lore recently and found out that The Prime Wight is the most powerful being in Betweenlands. So, you should make the battle extremely hard and challenging (But not annoying like have high knockback and summon too much minions). His abilities could be summoning skeletal warrior and skeletal mages, fouls the air around the battlefield, casts poison nova and have multiple phases. After you defeat him, you can harness the true powers of the Prime Wight and return back in time, where Betweenlands are still beautiful and majestic.

    You and your team should make more powerful bosses and mobs other than the Prime Wight. Maybe a Will-O-Wisp boss, Basilisk boss, medusa, Wyvern, Lizardman tribe, Gnoll tribe, Rust Hydra (A Hydra boss that reduces your defense significantly) and more.

    I know this mod needs time to grow, so i don't expect my idea to be in the mod right now. But i will wait, until this mod becomes more amazing.

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    Xolova, i have to say this mod is amazing!

    But, i think you can improve it a little bit more by adding more abilities to the bosses or mobs. For example, Gyro should throw rockets or confetti bombs and Visualent could focus a beam that damages you.

    Other than that, this mod is simply mindblowing! I hope you can make this mod bigger and better ;-)

    By the way, i have a skill idea, here it is!


    Level up by killing mobs in general

    On level 5 you get increased damage by 10%

    On level 20, you can shoot certain areas of mobs to get critical hit

    On level 30, you get increased damage by 30%

    On level 40, you can snipe more efficiently by reducing recoil

    On level 75, you can Assasinate mobs, giving you a 5% chance to get strength 4 for 2 seconds

    On level 90, you can pierce enemy special immunity or defense to melee attack


    Level up by exploring around the world and randomly get an adventure point

    On level 5 you can move faster on land and sea

    On level 10 you breathe longer underwater

    On level 20 you no longer take fall damage from height up to 10 blocks

    On level 40 you are more resistant to damage

    On level 50 you get night vision below height 55

    On level 75 you no longer have to walk up 1block and get increased mining speed and strength

    On level 90 you no longer take fire and drowning damage

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    Not that I'm supporting the lucky block add-ons (I despise them myself), but he is in the process of moving. He had to record many videos at one time to allow him to do that. You can tell he's exhausted on some of them too. I say this to say, if Pat ever did do a follow up review on this, I'd want it to not be rushed, and the Lucky Block add ons are easy to showcase in a short amount of time. Though I'll tell you this though... If the next mod pack is just a bunch of craziness with add-on lucky blocks and ORESPAWN... Then we have a problem. It'd be a shame too, I was personally hoping he'd use nevermine in a series like crafting dead, or have it as the centerpiece for the next... IDEA! Someone create a lucky block mod with NEVERMINE as the main attraction! That'll get him to review it!

    I actually like lucky blocks and pandora box. But the ORESPAWN mod and it's fans are making me disgusted. They say everytime : Please put orespawn in your modded survival or please review it!

    I don't degrade other people work. What i do is provide constructive criticsm.
    But these fanboys or fangirls are so angry when orespawn isn't in their modded survival, because they are blinded by orespawn!
    I was once these guys myself, but after playing with it i realize how easily you defeat the boss and surviving mobzilla, because i just play for 2 hours and get full ultimate armor, big bertha, 20 notch apples, and kill mobzilla! Because once you get all the armor you basically invincible until the armor breaks, which in really slow time. Orespawn is also too unbalaced, and the bosses are too annoying and lacks ability. Most dimensions are not that unique. Even the queen, is too easy for me . After seeing all these i quit playing orespawn and play with EI. I believe orespawn fans will see the same thing as me after so long playing it.
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    Quote from TEM187»
    The Bar basically is what everyone already said. I think, however, the bar is basically the amount of power you have over tyhat faction. Once one faction has a full bar, you can challenge the leader of faction to gain complete authority of that faction if you defeat said leader. You can continue to defeat all factions until you have every faction taken completely over. Another idea would that each bar represents the amount of 'progression' you've done in that specific dungeon by defeating monsters and eventually have enough of 'progression' to entter that boss's chamber.

    I completely agree with you. But probably fight mobs from the opposite factions to raise your reputation in that faction. Also, i agree that you can gain the authority of the faction. But, whats the point of ruling the faction? To begin war with the opposing faction?
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