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    🍺 |ThePub|

    The Pub is looking for new staff members to kick off our brand new season. We are an active server so we expect the same from our staff. We need active staff members who can play for 3+ hours per day. Also, we require that all staff members must be above 14 years old in order to maintain a level of maturity. We are hiring in all positions. To apply please fill out the form below. (Our Regular forums are down for maintenance). Don't hesitate to DM me with any questions.

    - Botpod | Staff Manager
    Server IP: Play.ThePubmc.net
    Personal Discord: BOT#1945
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    Hello All, My name is BotPod. I am Director of staff for an up and coming network called Kingerce. We already have factions in the making as well as an RPG server. We are anticipating a KitPvp server as well as other fun servers! I am requesting staff for the entire network as well as just for specific servers. You must have a microphone and you must have discord. Add me on discord at #Andy23#1945. All help is needed with new ideas and building. Developers and people with plugin knowledge are requested. Must be active! Thank you.

    Please just fill out our Google form https://forms.gle/3FQCdcsNqicNrzbn7

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    Application Format:

    How long can you be on a day?:
    What languages do you speak?:
    Are you be able to record videos?:
    Do you have a working microphone?:
    What role are you aiming for?
    To apply, contact us:
    If your application is denied it is most likely because of the fact that either it was too short, or that it was lacking effort.
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