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    Well I can't imagine a Minecraft game without a Portal Gun or a Gravity Gun installed. I gotta say many people may like this because they play Half-Life series and other people may like this for messing out w/ the gravity. For once a mod made me play another game (Half-Life).

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    Well the Nether Reactor generates a structure of glowing obsidian :obsidian: that keeps growing and growing it also contains many items like melon seeds, cacti, (I think gold nuggets) and other rare items that I don't know about. This is not recomended to be placed near your base, house or residence in your MC:PE world as the structure it self (as mention before) keeps growing and growing that your house, base or residence will be either destroyed or covered with the materials of this structure. Keep in mind that zombie pigman (on PE) do not drop any items (for now). :SSSS:
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    Woah nice programing. I wonder if you can put it for Ubuntu Operating System? I need it for some custom skins. If not ill just install it for my other OS... WINDOWS
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