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    Dear future visitors
    With the Minecraft Forum going read-only soon, I want to at least leave a link off-site so that you can find your way to more current discussions. I'll try to edit links into this post as long as I'm able, though eventually you'll need to check the mirrors if you want up-to-date information.


    Source code


    Mirrors of this list

    CraftGuide: Quick access to a list of every crafting recipe in the game!

    Quick links

    It was created as a result of how useful Risugami's RecipeBook is, but how quickly it became a hassle to navigate once you have a hundred pages at the time. RecipeBook has improved greatly since then, though. (In my opinion, the single greatest change was the addition of the scroll wheel as a way to navigate quickly)

    To create your own, just place a crafting table in the centre of a crafting grid, put a piece of paper in each corner, and fill in the edges with four books. There is also a keybind to open it without needing an item (defaults to G), which works even if you are playing on a server that doesn't have it installed.

    Other useful features include small recipes as well as shapeless recipes having a visually distinct bsckground. Additionally, you can click on an item in a recipe to filter the displayed recipes so that only ones that require or produce that item will be shown (In this case, books). Use the clear button to go back to seeing them all.

    One of the more recent features is a searchable list of items, to quickly filter out unrelated recipes.

    Just right click while holding it, to see every crafting recipe in the game.

    To navigate the list, you have a few options:
    -The scroll bar: Just click on the slider, and drag it up or down to quickly scroll through the list.
    -The up/down buttons: Quickly navigate one or ten pages at a time with the buttons above and below the scroll bar.
    -Keyboard shortcuts: Arrow keys, page up, page down, home, and end can all be used if you prefer a keyboard over a mouse. Up/Down arrow keys scroll one line at a time, Left/Right and Page up/Page down go by pages, and Home/End can be used to immediately jump to the start or end of the list.
    -Mouse wheel: If you have one, just spin it to immediately scroll the list! Number of lines scrolled can be configured to suit your preferences.
    -Shift: Holding shift while scrolling will multiply the movement by ten!

    At the end of the list, you will also find furnace recipes! Only ones that work in a regular furnace, though, and not any special furnace types added by a mod that specifically have their own separate set of recipes, unfortunately.

    Some items show a * over the top right corner. That means that it will accept any variation of that item (for example, wool colour or tool damage). Others, with a small F in the top left, represent things in the Forge ore dictionary, which allows mods to use items like copper and tin in their crafting recipes, and have the recipes accept similar resources from *other* mods. A more technical description is that items that show the * accept anything with a specific item ID, even if the data values are different, while ones that show an F accept any specific items that different mods have declared interchangable (each of which may or may not accept any data value).

    At the bottom left corner, there is a small triangle. Clicking and dragging it will allow you to resize the entire GUI. This is especially useful if you have a lot of space around the edges, allowing you to see often four or more columns of recipes at once.

    Future plans:
    Right now, I'm working on a fairly significant rewrite, to make it easier to set the appearance of things (anyone wanting to re-skin CraftGuide will be extremely happy), and more distant plans include adding an in-game settings menu so that anything in CraftGuide.cfg can be easily changed, without needing a text editor, or having to restart Minecraft to see the effects. Also, at some point I should really add a way to create a custom list of recipes, such as things that you often use, as a quick reference.


    1. If you don't have it yet, install either Minecraft Forge, or LiteLoader. I haven't tested it with every version, but it probably works for most of the recent ones. As of 1.6.1, CraftGuide only requires FML, which is included in Forge and also available as a standalone download.
    2. Download a CraftGuide version for whichever loader you chose.
    3. Place the downloaded .zip or .litemod file into .minecraft/mods/

    Current version: (No relation to the Minecraft version)

    General Download Pages:

    Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4, and 1.10.2 (and maybe miscellaneous versions in between):

    • There are currently no alternate download links. Try one of the General Download Pages listed above.

    Other downloads

    Minecraft 1.7.10:
    Minecraft 1.7.2:
    Minecraft 1.6.4:
    Minecraft 1.6.2:
    Minecraft 1.5.2:
    Minecraft 1.5.1:
    Minecraft 1.5.0:
    Minecraft 1.4.6 (and 1.4.7):
    Minecraft 1.4.5:
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    Minecraft 1.4.4:
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide AdF.ly
    Minecraft 1.4.2:
    Minecraft 1.3.2:
    • CraftGuide; Forge version: AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide 1.5.2; Forge version: AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide 1.5.1; Forge version: AdF.ly
    • CraftGuide 1.5.1; Modloader version: AdF.ly

    Mod packs and distribution:
    Yes. You may include any version of CraftGuide in any modpack.

    Videos (and other things):
    Yes. You may use CraftGuide in any videos, blog posts, screenshots, podcasts, school courses, university courses, political speeches, religious speeches, novel-length works of fiction, novel-length works of non-fiction, animated feature-length movies, and anything I failed to list earlier that you create or assist in the creation of.

    Things for Minecraft 1.2.5 and older

    Installation (CraftGuide 1.5.0):
    1. If you don't have it yet, install Minecraft Forge. I have only tested with and, but I suspect it will work for everything later than *.*.*.127.
    2. Download CraftGuide
    3. Place the downloaded .zip file into .minecraft/mods/
    4. Optional: Download an Extra or two! You'll probably want CraftGuide Inventory Search, if you'll be playing SMP with mods, or just don't care to craft an item and carry it with you everywhere.
    Installation (CraftGuide 1.4.4 and older):
    1. If you don't have it yet, install Risugami's ModLoader
    2. Download CraftGuide
    3. Place the downloaded .zip file into .minecraft/mods/ -or- copy the contents of the .zip file into your minecraft.jar
    4. Optional: Download an Extra or two! You'll probably want QuickGuide, if you'll be playing SMP with mods, or just don't care to craft an item and carry it with you everywhere.
    Previous versions:
    Minecraft 1.2.5:
    • 1.5.0 AdF.ly/DropBox
    Minecraft 1.2.4 and 1.2.5:
    • 1.4.4: AdF.ly/DropBox
    Minecraft 1.2.3:
    • 1.4.4: AdF.ly/DropBox
    • 1.4.3: AdF.ly/DropBox
    Minecraft 1.1.0:
    • 1.4.3: AdF.ly/DropBox, Direct Link
    • 1.4.2: AdF.ly/DropBox, Direct Link
    • 1.4.1: AdF.ly/DropBox, Direct Link
    • 1.4.0: AdF.ly/DropBox, Direct Link
    Minecraft 1.0.0:
    Minecraft Beta 1.8.1:
    • 1.2.2: AdF.ly/DropBox, Direct Link
    • 1.2.1: AdF.ly/DropBox, Direct Link
    • 1.2.0: AdF.ly/DropBox, Direct Link
    • 1.1.0: AdF.ly/DropBox, Direct Link
    • 1.00 AdF.ly/DropBox, Direct Link
    Here are some optional mods that enhance the abilities of CraftGuide. Note that you already need a compatible version of CraftGuide for them to do anything (except crash, for some of them), these just add to it.

    CraftGuide Inventory Search:
    This works like QuickGuide, except it has the added feature that, if you have an inventory open with your cursor over an item, pressing the CraftGuide key will open CraftGuide, automatically filtering to that item.

    QuickGuide (Only for CraftGuide 1.4.4 and earlier):
    Adds a configurable key to open the crafting guide screen without needing a special item. Works in SMP. This provides an early SMP option (no server mod required!), as well as giving you a choice of how you use it, wither as an actual item, or merely a quick reference that you don't have to change windows to a web browser to use. (Note: In SMP, it shows every recipe from mods that YOU have installed, not what the server has)

    Adds every potion brewing recipe it can find (anything that can be reached from water, with any combination of ingredients). Warning: VERY thorough, it adds nearly 1000 recipes on it's own, with only the ingredients found in unmodded Minecraft!

    CraftHide (Has no effect on CraftGuide 1.5.0):
    With this, you can exclude all recipes containing (a) specific item ID(s).
    Note: For more advanced users, as you will have to add 256 (or 2048) to item IDs, because Minecraft bumps them all up to make room for block items. First try +256, it should be the one that most people need.

    For other modders:
    I'm starting to work on an API (probably misunderstanding the definition of "API", though). It isn't anywhere close to complete, so I might end up renaming anything at any time.

    For now, though:
    Reflection API:
    If you don't want to include any files at all, you can use reflection to do some simple tasks.
    Right now, "net.minecraft.src.CraftGuide.ReflectionAPI" has a static method "public static void addFilter(Object callback)" that can be used to register an object that gets a chance to decide if each recipe should be discarded. To do so, it must have a method "public Boolean allowRecipe(ItemStack[] recipeItems)" or "public Boolean allowRecipe(ItemStack craftingType, ItemStack[] recipeItems)"

    More capabilities will be added as requested or whenever I feel like it.

    Regular API:
    Turns out the old one was broken. So, a heavily altered (and working) API: download (1.3.0 and up), download (1.4.0 and up), download (1.4.3 and up) (only change was removing some imports that shouldn't have been there in the first place), download (1.4.4 and up)

    Well, you'll need to use reflection to inform CraftGuide that your mod provides and/or filters recipes, though the API includes a class you can extend that does it for you.

    Using the provided class, you just extend it, implementing IRecipeProvider, IRecipeFilter, and/or IRecipeFilter2, and create an instance of your class. The base class will automatically register itself with CraftGuide (if it exists, otherwise silently do nothing), and will be called at the appropriate time(s) based on what interfaces it implements.

    One working example would be BrewGuide, which uses the API to add all brewing recipes (that it can find) to CraftGuide. You can get it's source here.


    • Bugfixes
    • Theme cycle button
    • Itemlist NBT support
    • A Bugfix
    • Now also has LiteLoader version
    • Improved BuildCraft, IC², and Extended Workbench compatibility
    • Better support for .lang files
    • Config page!
    • Texturepacks have more control over item appearance (default icon tinted blue directly rather than in code)
    • A bugfix or two, as usual
    • Updated compatibility with IC2 and GregTech
    • Added more GregTech machines
    • Fixed more bugs
    • Uses that item name thingy so that it won't be lost when updating to Minecraft 1.7
    • Bugfixes. Lots of bugfixes.
    • Buildcraft assembly table and refinery recipes
    • GregTech lathe and plate cutter recipes
    • Extra config options: default keybind and theme debug output
    • Did I mention bugfixes?
    • There are probably still bugs that need to be fixed, though.
    • Bugfixes
    • Minecraft 1.6.2
    • Bugfixes
    • Extended Workbench recipes
    • GregTech plasma generator
    • IC2 Massfab amplifier value in tooltips
    • Variable row heights (having a few taller than average recipes won't affect ALL of the rows)
    • Fixed some bugs (and procrastinated a lot)
    • Lots of bugfixes
    • Lots of GregTech machines
    • Removed Depreciated APIs
    • More GregTech machines
    • Performance enhancement with GregTech and text searching
    • Bugfixes
    • A little more network code for BWR.
    • Show furnace, IC2 generator, and IC2 storage/power values for appropriate items in tooltips
    • Include recipes for the serverside BTW mod "Better With Renewables". Only shows if a config option is set or if a message from BWR is detected on connect.
    • Fix: Shows IC2 shapeless recipes (were overlooked originally)
    • Added GregTech Implosion Compressor recipes.
    • GregTech fusion reactor recipes show initial startup EU cost
    • GregTech blast furnace recipes show required temperature
    • Added IC2 and GregTech recipes
    • Two new slot implementations in the API. One adds additional probability information (may be useful for Railcraft, Factorization, and Thermal Expansion recipes, among others), and one for IC2 EU
    • Bugfixes and polish
    • Fixed a bad crash.
    • Internal reorganization, now it is set up to make both the FML and modloader versions at the same time
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.4.4
    • BTW recipe support added to main build (previously was a separate build, posted elsewhere)
    • Various bugfixes (appeared in through
    • Finally added toggles for whether it searched for items in the input, output, and/or machines of a recipe.
    • Added to the API, just a little bit.
    • Texturepacks can override/add themes
    • Cleaned up existing themes, removing the test ones.
    • Added a "dark" theme. Currently the only way to use it is to edit .minecraft/config/CraftGuide/themes/currentTheme.txt, and change the text from base_texpack to dark. It is checked every time you open CraftGuide, so you don't need to restart Minecraft.
    • Added a lot more options to themes, they can specify quite a bit more now.
    • Added a fourth number to the version. This automatically increments whenever I create a non-test-build build of CraftGuide (such as for minor bugfixes)
    • Text searches: On the item list, after you have typed a few letters, press enter or click the extra entry that appears to search for text rather than any specific item
    • Added color to the resize handle, hopefully making it easier to notice (since it seems that some people never realized it was there, and it's a fairly significant part of what makes CraftGuide unique compared to other recipe viewers)
    • First official version to include the finished new API. The old API still mostly works, and so does the WIP API, so that mods that interacted with CraftGuide continue to work unmodified.
    • New theme system, making it easier to change how CraftGuide looks without replacing the images in the .zip. At the moment, it isn't quite used for everything, yet, but that will change over time.
    • Option to disable the keybind
    • Moved the config file, the themes/skins, and CraftGuide.log. Now all of them are placed in .minecraft/config/CraftGuide/, so that they don't clutter the rest of the minecraft directory.
    • A lot of changes to the WIP API, finally most of it has an effect
    • Fixed a few bugs
    • Quick port to Minecraft 1.3.2
    • Better visual feedback for type selection
    • BrewGuide and QuickGuide functionality included in main mod.
    • Removed RP2 Alloy furnace support (temporarily, until I can test it against a 1.3.2 RP2)
    • Various bugfixes (Tooltip sometimes drawing behind other things, sometimes being too wide, items that draw as ERR or have no text for data -1 try data 0, perhaps others)
    • Removed fake key repeat, now uses LWJGL's
    • Option to always show ID and data values for items
    • Support for the newer forge ore dictionary format
    • Moved everything to a new package (Left the old API behind, plus some code to let it continue working even though I'm going to be making significant changes to the new one)
    • API change: Added javadoc
    • API change: Added two new classes, allowing larger (or smaller) recipes (yay, 4x4 crafting grid support!), and a way to force CraftGuide to reload all recipes, if your mod adds, removes, or alters them during the game.
    • Include Forge metadata-sensitive smelting recipes when present
    • Some other small changes
    • Fixed two more bugs
    • Various bug fixes/stability improvements
    • A clear button to quickly clear the item list search
    • various small changes/fixes
    • experimental feature: RP2 alloy furnace recipes.
    • Item list for quickly setting the filter
    • Text search for item list
    • Some button tooltips
    • Doesn't crash when given a recipe using an item that doesn't exist
    • The entire GUI can be resized by dragging the lower right corner.
    • Default scroll wheel rate is now one page rather than one row
    • Default item ID changed
    • Changing the item ID actually works (oops!)
    • Changed the API. The reflection API is still the same, however
    • Recipes are now associated with an item type that is used to craft it
    • Can show/hide recipes by associated crafting type
    • The left side is finally getting some use, with buttons to change between various views.
    • Lots of internal changes.
    • Shows the filter item, when there is one
    • Filtering works a bit better (Technical: Properly treats damage -1 as a wildcard value)
    • Shows a * over any place an item will accept any damage value
    • API work
    • Bugfix: output quantities weren't showing.
    • Filtering
    • Different backgrounds for small (2x2 or less) and shapeless recipes
    • Recipe under the mouse visually changes to a different background
    • Remembers where you were when you closed the book
    • Furnace recipes
    • Row number indicator
    • Massive internal changes to make later ones easier
    • Initial release

    Upcoming changes:

    • Advanced filtering
    • Saving favourites for quick viewing
    • Perhaps a close button?

    -still in progress

    • Major rewrite of internal stuff.

    If you want to make a custom version of CraftGuide, use bits of its code, or just see how it works, you can find the source code on Github.
    If you want to use some (or all) of it in your own project, you are free to do so, though it would be nice if you mentioned CraftGuide in a text file or somewhere else where someone can find it.

    You can find the current source of the CraftGuide API on Github. It can be used to add, remove, or alter the recipes displayed by CraftGuide (not actually affecting crafting, just what is shown in the CraftGuide GUI).

    A JAR containing just the API (source and non-obfuscated binaries) is also available: CraftGuide_API.jar

    If you need help using it, or have ideas on how to improve the API, please send me a PM or some other form of communication.

    Direct links:
    If you don't want to use an AdF.ly link, you can get some versions directly (bit.ly'd for statistics only):

    No loader:

    • Link Removed (Link Removed)


    • CraftGuide for Minecraft 1.7.2 (Link Removed)


    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • CraftGuide for Minecraft 1.7.2 (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed


    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed (Link Removed)
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed
    • Link Removed

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    1.9.4 was surprisingly fast, compared to 1.8.9.

    Then, astoundingly, 1.10.2 only had a few changes in the deobfuscation, so I tried the 1.9.4 build in a Minecraft 1.10.2 modpack, and it worked as-is!

    Though I discovered an infinite loop bug in my brewing recipe discovery algorithm, so it took a while before I could look over it to be sure it was compatible. That's fixed, now.

    perhaps make branches on github for post 1.10 versions that you can release as beta builds, one release each, while the main repository and releases stay on 1.10. Then when you're finally ready to move on, you can push the changes from the 1.10 (main) branch to the other branches, as well as also having later versions out that people can search for bugs and list them as issues that would either be fixed in the main branch already or that would need to be fixed for those specific versions. This would both allow players with newer modpacks/servers to use your mod and cut down on some of the time that you'd need to have a version out before you find bugs.

    Sorry if that sounded slightly incoherent, it's been a long day already.

    I'll have to look into how complex the changes are, and whether I can create a utility function to abstract the differences, but I've heard that there was a change from null ItemStacks to ItemStack.EMPTY or something of the sort, which would make merging changes (or even just updating a snapshot multiple times) a massive hassle. No idea how much complexity will come with advancements and recipe JSONs, though, so it might be plausible to make an abstraction for 1.11 but impossible to add 1.12, or it could be trivial to keep that in a backwards-compatible manner.
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    All I wanted was a textbox full of BBcode to type things into and then HTTP POST back to the server when finished (sorry, old habits from past forum use), but the only post editor I can find is the inline one.

    Perhaps as a side effect of a browser addon, perhaps just an error somewhere, I could not switch to BBcode mode until I deleted all embedded YouTube videos (an error showed up in the JS console, and nothing happened to the page). After that, every time I type a few characters, I see it trying to re-load every embedded image in the post, even though they aren't being displayed! It's making editing a massively laggy mess.

    I can't even find a fallback editor, because when I disable javascript and reload the page, no edit button seems to appear at all!

    So, for the most user-friendly editing experience, it turns out I have to copy the entire post into notepad of all things, edit there, then paste the whole massive chunk of BBcode back in place. Is this really the intended user experience for a forum?

    (I'm starting to feel like an old fart, yelling at clouds and yava-scripts, and shouting at the youngsters to get off my lawn when it comes to web pages, despite being relatively young physically...)

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    New beta release! Find it on CurseForge or my work-in-progress download page.

    Finally sat down with the mod long enough to implement the spinner. Because the reaction last time I posted a gif of it suggested that it was unintuitive compared to other modern spinners (current circular spinners always seem to have a disappearing animation), but the suggested resolution would not fit with what the spinner represented (crafting a chest, where the player would never remove the blocks one-by-one after placing them. They would either pick up the crafted item, or double-click a stack, either of which would remove them all simultaneously), I made an altered version that includes the output slot. Here's a gif although the timing is different in-game at the moment (focusing on just getting it done, I used 10 ticks for all frames):

    When I started writing this post, it wasn't quite aligned properly, but here's a screenshot of what it looked like:

    Notable changes to the theme .xml format: I didn't realize it before, but all image coordinates assumed the image was 256x256 pixels. This has been corrected, finally, for images loaded as a file. I added an animation tag. Values can now support optional units. The units are unfortunately not documented anywhere yet, but for example frame durations support seconds (default if no suffix present), milliseconds, and ticks (including shorthands s, ms, and t, and both plural and non-plural forms).

    If no major bugs turn up during the next week, I'll finally start moving on past 1.7.10!

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    With how little I've accomplished lately, I'm thinking I might skip polishing the 1.7.10 version (or at least prioritize one or two things and leave the rest for later).

    I finally got around to working on a separate download page. It's not fully functional (it's missing the actual download part, for example), and it doesn't have proper downloads set up yet, but it currently has the functionality to read a version list and changelogs. You can see it here.

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    While updates to MC 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12 are still future plans, I just pushed an update to CurseForge with some more recent minor improvements: You can add liquids to an item search, and the item list text search is now on a separate thread, so that typing multiple characters is far more responsive.

    That build is still marked alpha, though, so it won't appear on Curse or in the Curse Twitch client.


    For mod developers, I wrote up some examples using the newer API I've been working on.

    Shaped/Shapeless grid inputs

    Fluid inputs, item outputs with probabilities

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    Coming soon for 1.11?

    Might be a while there. College didn't really leave enough uninterrupted time for me to really finish the 1.7.10 version to my satisfaction, and I've made enough gradual improvements there that I still want one final well-polished 1.7.10 release before making a mad rush through all of the Minecraft versions that have emerged since. Plus, the modpacks that I really want to finish playing are still for 1.7.10, and using the mod has been my primary motivation for improving it.

    In more general news, I recently got some work done on it, notably including a major optimization (really, a performance fix, things were already far too slow) when putting together the recipe list, and created a nicer API alternative (no manual coordinates; method calls declaring data rather than manually creating arrays; support for automatic shaped and shapeless item grids). Also, because it has been too long already, I put a build of it on CurseForge although since it's marked as alpha I don't think it will appear on curse, and might not appear in the curse launcher.
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    Quote from hhggtg3279»

    This mod is dead

    Not entirely. I've just been horribly distracted from all things Minecraft (due to, at varying times, college, Reddit, YouTube, and a SS13 enhancement that is similarly receiving too little effort at the moment), and unfortunately have multiple half-built features that I'll either need to finish or disable prior to having a satisfactory and long-overdue 1.7 release. And I'll want to port everything to the partially-updated 1.8 branch once I have done so, then it'll be relatively straightforward to take everything to further MC versions afterwards.

    At this point, I'll probably just do the multithreading (because loading recipes during first open and to a lesser but more impactful extent text search with each character typed cause problematic freezing in large modpacks) then make a release with whatever else I've already pushed to GitHub, give it a few weeks to see if any major bugs have crept in, then move to 1.8+ as soon as possible, as there have been multiple people putting effort into that on GitHub already, and I'd like to merge their work if it's functional and would cut down on development time there.

    Unless I really make progress in the next few weeks (and ideally only after releasing everything else), HTML exporting will probably either be dropped entirely, or deferred to 1.8+.
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    Because it's been annoying me, and should be relatively easy to implement, I'm adding an option to have recipe generation and searching run in a separate thread, so that it doesn't freeze the UI for large modpacks. As I expect other people would be similarly annoyed, I intend to put an alpha or beta release on CurseForge as soon as I'm fairly confident that it won't crash excessively and have a satisfactory progress indicator.

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    Quote from xXNightm4reXx»

    Will there ever be a 1.8 version...or has development halted?

    As I can't find another mod like this, I'd really love to continue using it in future versions

    Quote from Kobivan»

    It will be on version 1.8.9?

    My current intent is to finish the 1.7.10 version, make a single 1.8.9 version, then look into 1.9.

    How fast any of that happens will depend on how much time I spend working on it per day, and what features I choose to keep or defer. For example, I have frequently wished for a back button on filters, especially if it also returned scrollbar position. My text entry field is horribly lacking, missing ctrl-left, -right, and -backspace support. And I still have vague ideas about some sort of HTML export which would be very convenient to have available to 1.7 modpacks.

    Furthermore, I'll probably want to expand the API taking advantage of the MC version break (although carefully maintaining backwards compatibility if possible, I'd want to deprecate stuff for at least half a year of stable CraftGuide before dropping it at a later MC version bump). Main thoughts being an "item grid" to vastly simplify crafting table recipes, and have that do backgrounds slightly differently so that texture pack makers (if any still bother with CraftGuide skinning) have more control over the appearance of such things.

    So, if you want anything specific in the last 1.7 release, now's the time to ask

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